HEADLINE | Posted: Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Livestock sector can turn Nigeria’s economy around – Fulani cow herders

By Kayode Oyero

One of the umbrella bodies for herders in Nigeria, the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN), says the livestock sector can turn around the economy of Nigeria if well-tapped.

MACBAN President, Baba Othman-Ngelzarma, stated this on Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily programme on Wednesday, hours after President Bola Tinubu announced the creation of a new ministry for livestock development.

The Miyetti Allah boss said the potential of livestock has not been tapped like Nigeria’s neighbours but with the ministry, the country would unleash the economic gems of the sector, with more jobs created.

Citing Lagos which consumes about 6,000 cows daily, and 1.8 million herds of cattle annually the MACBAN leader said the sector has enormous potential that the new ministry would tap into. “It will go a long way in tapping the enormous potential of the livestock sector,” he said.

“If tapped, can turn around the economy of the country. If the government can organise, and develop the livestock sector of the economy, it is enough to turn around the economy in a way that the economy can even depend on livestock,” Othman-Ngelzarma said.

He expressed hope that the newly created ministry would ensure transformation in the “production, processing, transportation, management and in addition to the security dimension” of livestock in the country.

‘Our Hope Is Renewed’

The MACBAN boss commended the President “for establishing this ministry at the right time when we need it more than any other time”.

“This is what we have been agitating for and today, we have it. We are so excited and very happy. Our hope has been renewed under the Renewed Hope Agenda of Mr President,” he said.



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