HEADLINE | Posted: Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Lagos police refuse to address alleged murder of popular Nollywood actor, six other kidnappers

By Justina Otio

The Lagos State Police Command has refused to disclose the identities of the nine suspected kidnappers who invaded the state on July 4.

Naija News reports that there have been claims that Nollywood ‘actor/producer’, Henry Odenigbo was also involved in the kidnapping saga and lost his life during the ambush.

According to the police, seven alleged kidnappers who invaded the state were killed, and two escaped with bullet injuries.

The syndicate were said to have targeted residents or business persons in the Ladipo area of the state before the ambush.

The said Nollywood ‘actor/producer’ is alleged to have been among the syndicate.

However, when The Whistler reached out to the Lagos Police Command on Tuesday, they refused to give out the identities of the slain suspected kidnappers.

Its spokesperson, Ben Hundeyin, also declined any future plan to make public, the profile of the slain kidnappers. “I am not speaking about it… I decline to address any allegations,” he said.

The aforementioned publication also contacted the president of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN), Emeka Ejezie on the matter.

He said he had only gotten wind of the circulated information on Tuesday evening and had plans to investigate the situation.

In addition, Ejezie said, “I am going to the national secretariat to check whether we have such people as members of the guild.”

Checks on the Instagram page of the said actor showed that he operates a movie production company called Ason-Rich, and is a member of the Association of Movie Practitioners (AMPRAC).

His sparse following Instagram page features movie content shared either daily or in close succession since he actively commenced movie-related content in December 2022.

While his last post on Instagram was shared on June 28, the same content was also shared via his Facebook page on June 29.



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