HEADLINE | Posted: Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Toyin Abraham speaks on involvement in purported arrest of X user’s mother

By Rachel Okporu Fadoju

Nollywood actress, Toyin Abraham, has debunked claims of arresting the mother of an X user, a report which has generated buzz on social media.

Naija News reports that the X user had claimed that Toyin arrested his mother and illegally detained her at Panti police station over an allegation of bullying her; however, there was nowhere online he attacked the movie star.

In a post via her X handle, Toyin clarified that she never arrested his mother but only made a report of cybercrime as a citizen because she would not tolerate the insult on her kids.

She wrote, “You can abuse and call me names; it’s fine, and as I said, I will accept and take it cos I’m in the public eyes, but cursing kids and lying is what I won’t accept, and lastly, I never and will never arrest anyone’s mother. I made a report on cybercrime as a citizen.

“I made my report at cybercrime cos the threat to life and curse and threat on my family were beyond what I can take, as for me, abuse me, insult me please, say anything to me, please.

The X user countered the movie star, saying, “It’s one thing to make a tweet, and you arrest me. It’s another thing to arrest me for not even making a single comment, @toyin_abraham1. You picked my mom up from her shop to Panti police station for something I didn’t even do. God will judge you.”

Responding, Toyin wrote, “Lying in my head comfortably now, the world won’t see this if I react how, they will say something else. I never arrested your mum. Your friend Ayo was arrested for bullying and cursing and defaming my family, and mum went there saying she won’t leave without him.”



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