HEADLINE | Posted: Thursday, November 16, 2023

Pastor Adeboye’s claim of ‘suspending’ winter in U.S. sparks reactions

By Rachel Okporu Fadoju

The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, is currently trending on X, over claims of temporarily suspending winter in Colorado, United States of America.

Naija News reports that Adeboye, while addressing his congregation in the video making the rounds online, said he suspended winter during his visit to Colorado because he doesn’t like cold weather.

He said, “Years ago, I was invited to Colorado in America, in January. I don’t like cold weather at all. So, I said to my father, I’m going to Colorado; while I’m there, suspend winter.

“Throughout the days I was there, people were wearing tee-shirts in January. He pushed away the winter, brought in summer. I boarded the plane at 5 p.m. to travel back to Nigeria. Two hours after I left, all the snows that have been hanging in the air began to fall.”

This sparked mixed reactions from netizens with many people berating those doubting Adeboye.

@samklef wrote: “OJA ti burst o! Which Colorado? Ye! Dem don catch Baba Adeboye red handed for This one no be only me go hear am. When u think you have heard it all.”

@A__yabo wrote: “I’m not a Christian but I believe Pastore adeboye 100%, people like that don’t lie to their members. It’s sad how some Christians don’t respect their pastors, switching the winter season for summer is nothing big for God as he’s the creator of everything. Pastor Adeboye, pastor oyedepo and apostle Suleman won’t lie. As you see me, I believe apostle suleman when he said he walked into the toilet in Germany and came out in a toilet in France. If you don’t believe them, don’t come and say it in my presence bcox i will knock sense into you.”

@jharmo wrote: “If there is something Nigerians will eventually get right is getting rid of religious bigotry as there seems to be gradual progress in that direction. Pastor Adeboye and his AND GOD SAID YES colleagues have been uttering things like this for so long without any form of criticism, but why now?”

@Capt_Danky wrote: “God called Pastor Adeboye. But here are humans questioning the integrity of whom God called. I guess those of you dragging him know better than God.”

@Nnamdi_ndee wrote: “Elijah rebuked King Ahab; Nathan knocked King David; even Oyedepo corrects wrong Politicians, but our dear Pastor Adeboye has never corrected Tinubu & co. All he does is eat with them & accept their church donations”

@mistaremi wrote: “It’s really concerning to see how some people on this X App disrespect men of God like Pastor Adeboye, Apostle Suleman and co…”

@iKaptainKush wrote: “Pastor Adeboye suspended winter, but can’t pray for the Naira to stop crashing. Baba how far now?”

@dottyeah wrote: “Most of you bashing pastor Adeboye I don’t blame you because you’ve never experienced that level of relationship with God, that’s why you think it’s a joke. To add to your misery, this is one of the smallest things God has done for him, is it the one God expanded a narrow road when he was about having a head on collision with a trailer, or praying and a building in the USA was shaking like an earthquake, led by a stray Dog etc, the testimonies are unending. You better Pray for grace rather than mock a man with grace.”