HEADLINE | Posted: Tuesday, November 14, 2023

‘Vanity upon vanity,’ Reactions as Pastor Tobi shows off fleet of cars on birthday [Video]

eactions have trailed the display of a fleet of cars by UK-based Nigerian Pastor Tobi Adegboyega on his birthday.

The controversial UK-based Nigerian pastor celebrated his birthday on November 11 with many of his fans and followers taking to social media to celebrate him, including socialite Cubana Chief Priest.

In the video, the Pastor could be seen holding a luxury car rally involving many expensive sports cars, especially Ferraris, cruising the streets with people looking on in awe and making videos of the procession.

Sharing a video of the rally, Cubana Chief Priest captioned that he and Pastor Tobi’s heaven was here on earth while advising people not to hate on them but join them so they could show them the way.

Meanwhile, netizens have since weighed in on the trending video, expressing surprise amid different opinions.

@ZeleGabbi wrote on X: Did you say a pastor?

Well am not surprised.

His in one of the most lucrative business in the world.

@digitalcookerr commented: One day the truth about this man will be revealed. Time will tell!

@aai_austin wrote: People who are on a heavenly race got all of these? ??????

@O_Dapodavid wrote: Poor man pikin go say vanity upon vanity

@Slickedon_: But why is this boss suddenly making too much noise

I know he used to make noise before but now it’s like he’s trying extra hard to be trending with “super cars”

@Cabo_paul: Stop putting the title pastor he is not a pastor ??his name is Mr. Tobi

@MrKojoBasil: All I see is vanities upon vanities