HEADLINE | Posted: Saturday, July 6, 2019

American based Nigerian author advocates reading culture among Nigerians

By Okechukwu Keshi Ukegbu

n American based Nigerian author, Okey Nwachuku, has advocated the promotion of reading culture among Nigerians.

Nwachuku, the author of "Talon of the Python" said that efforts should be stepped up by governments, corporate institutions and well-weaning individuals in Nigeria to promote reading culture, especially among the youths. He decried the low reading culture among Nigerians, adding that a robust reading culture uplifts a country to an enviable height.

"Low reading culture is an ugly trend and does a country no good. A robust reading culture has numerous positive effects.

"One of it is that the crime among our youths would be reduced if the reading culture is robust," he said. He continued" This is because through reading, one is able to develop his mental capacity and this will equip him with the right mindset on issues. Robust reading culture influences our social lives positively".

On his book "Talon of the Python", Nwachuku said that the book serves the "historic context" function of literature. "The book fills the gap between the past, present and future generations.