HEADLINE | Posted: Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Estranged UK-based Nigerian threatens to expose ex-wife over sold property

The contentious house in Canada

By Emma Nnadozie, Crime Editor

n estranged Nigerian based in United Kingdom, Ozee Ndukwe is threatening to expose his former wife, Esohe Adams, for withholding the proceeds of his mansion which she allegedly sold in Canada and using the name of one of the top leaders in one of the leading political parties in Nigeria, to threaten him.

Ozee Ndukwe said in a statement sent to Vanguard from his base in United Kingdom that his plight in the hands of Esohe Elizabeth Adams, started after he noticed that she withheld proceeds of the sale of his house which he bought in Ontario Canada. According to him, they were married in Canada where they resided for 9 years and the marriage was blessed with 2 children who died at birth due to complications.

"In 2004 precisely, I bought a 3 bedded home where Eso moved in with me. Her younger sister subsequently came to live with us. Esohe was not employed and all bills were paid solely by me during the entire time we lived together. When I met Esohe, I had not solidified my stay in Canada in terms of Nationality. She, however, had her immigrant status on hold and, this prevented us facilitating legal marriage until that was cleared although we lived as man and wife.

"I left for the UK in 2008; leaving her and her sister at my housebut still paid all bills, mortgage and upkeeps which I have proof of. Shortly after I left, there was a fire incident which was taken care of by my insurance as expected.

Esohe later convinced me to issue a power of attorney allowing her make direct decisions rather than have to wait for me to do so, in the event of any issue where she didn't have full rights to the property. I considered the difference in time and obliged her request without a doubt or much thought as this was my wife I thought but unknown to me that, this was the beginning of my troubles.

"In 2010, her mother, Mrs Adams, a politician with the APC, instructed my wife, Esohe to return to Nigeria to work closely with a governor in one of the states in the South South as Esohe was not working.I even had the chance of meeting with the Governor during one of their trips to the UK and was introduced formerly as her husband.

While this was going on, there were a lot of rumour over the way she conducts herself publicly especially from her close friends but I ignored that.

"That, not withstanding, she became rude, wild and boastful to me and even cut off contact with me making all manner of excuses and all ways left to discuss the issue of selling off my house and returning the bride price as custom demands was to no avail. Esohe refused taking my calls. She will cut me off or promise to call back but never did over the course of 2 years. Efforts to reach her mother also failed as I was snubbed by her and their entire family.

"Later, I heard that she had given birth to twin girls to a famous media personality(names withheld) in Nigeria and I made further attempts to reach her through her sister who also later cut all ties with me after ensuring and buying time to cease communication. Esohe finally contacted my sister recently who up to May 2018 has been a caretaker of an apartment she bought in Boston (address withheld) to make arrangements to collect her apartment keys and document in her care. My family met and insisted that we will not be greedy or partake in evil to withhold what she left in trust. So, all her vital document and key were handed to her in the presence of her sister.

"My house in Canada was put up for sale early this year and sold in May 2018. Esohe instructed the realtor to cease communication with me and till now has refused to show bill of sale when asked by my sister in Boston. She got upset and resulted to threats to me that she is a property of the State and a phone call to the FBI is all she needs to say I am threatening her life. She also warned that I should be mindful of what I say or she will use her connection with the ex-Governor to deal with me.

"All I demand from her is to refund the money realised from my property which she sold off since May 2018 and to return the bride prize I paid on her head in spite of the sacrilegious fact that she had given birth to twin girls for another man without doing so. As an Igbo man, those kids she has are mine as she still has my bride prize. She claims that she has some influencial people behind her and I have no other option than to go public as a Nigerian because I cannot be intimidated, "Ndukwe stated.

When Crime Alert called Esohe Adams to get her side of the story, she promised to get back to our reporter but failed. Efforts made to also speak with the famous media personality she was with and gave birth to the female twins also failed as a close relations to the man simply quipped, when confronted with the issue at stake, "It is true that my brother went out with Ms. Esohe but he was deceived as she did not disclose her true marital status.

Once my brother established the truth, he did not hesitate in telling her to leave his home in Lagos to go and sort her issues out with her ex. My brother's stand is that Esohe should simply return the proceeds of her husband's house which she sold. Until she does that, we will not have anything to do with her because what she did is sacrilegious and our family cannot be a partaker in that."

Source: Vanguard Newspapers