Concerned individuals write president Clinton: Your visit and repression in Nigeria

 Friday, August 25, 2000



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Press Release

President William Jefferson Clinton
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Dear President Clinton:


In August 2000 you will be visiting Nigeria, one of the most economically and strategically important countries in Africa. Nigeria exports fifty percent of the oil extracted from the Niger Delta to the United States of America, amounting to one-twelfth of the US oil consumption. No doubt the two countries are important to each other, and you intend to raise issues of trade and debt relief with the Nigerian government.

We were informed that your administration intends to use this visit to seal an agreement of military cooperation between the United States and Nigeria. We are however concerned and would like to alert you that a major thrust of this agreement will be the training of the Nigerian military for operations in the Niger Delta. These operations intended to violently suppress the stout resolve of the people to control their God-given natural resources. We are further concerned that there are no guarantees that US military aid will not inadvertently be used to fuel the already volatile situation in the Niger Delta. We would like to believe that the policy of the US government in Nigeria is not one of ensuring the unhindered flow of oil to the US at any cost to the local population.

We appeal to you to use the opportunity of your visit to Nigeria to condemn the activities of the Nigerian armed forces in the Niger Delta; in particular the destruction of Odi community in Bayelsa State. Your silence on this issue will only be sending a dangerous signal approving the Gestapo policies of General Obasanjo's government in the Niger-Delta. As you wine and dine with your host General Obasanjo, he continues to supervise the murderous activities of Nigerian security forces in the Niger-Delta. This is intended to subdue the peaceful demands of the people for a better environment and self-determination.

We commend your strenuous personal effort in seeking a peaceful resolution of the Arab-Israeli conflict. We appeal to you to show the same vigor and dynamism in addressing the Niger Delta crisis. Far from what the official Nigerian script to you may be; the stark reality is that you are visiting a nation on the path of an impending violent internal implosion -- one that will negatively impact the entire African continent. However, this dark scenario can be averted by the convocation of a conference of freely elected representatives of the different ethnic nationalities. This is to engage in dialogue, and agree on the modalities of continued co-existence within Nigeria. The current political atmosphere as currently being fostered by your host is the signpost for the eventual violent disintegration of Nigeria.

Following the footsteps of President Carter, and even your own special envoys, including Rev. Jesse Jackson; we urge you to use the opportunity of your visit to Nigeria, to visit and sit with the Niger Delta people in order to have a deeper understanding of the issues that drive the people in their quest for change. This will be consistent with your administration's avowed commitment to putting people above special interests.

The integrity of your administration is at stake on this issue, as Americans and the world will be watching this test of the level of commitment of your administration to human rights and democracy. We ask you not to miss this historic opportunity to influence positive democratic change in Nigeria and to avert the possible breakdown of civil society as a result of current inequities.

Yours truly,


Agbere Community Association of Great Britain and Ireland
Bayelsa Center USA
Bonny Indigenous Group (BIG), Niger Delta
Canadian Voice of Women Youth Circle
Christians in Action, Kirksville, MO, USA
Civil Liberties Organisation (CLO) Rivers/Bayelsa States Branch
Civil Liberties Organisation (CLO) South-South Zone, Niger Delta
Coalition of Petroleum Producing States of Nigeria (COPPSON), Inc.
Communities for a Better Environment
Community Initiative Project, Ghana
Delta State Peoples Forum
Egi Ethnic Coalition,
Emu Community Association of Great Britain
Global Youth Connect
Ibom Peoples Congress
Ijaw Association of Greater Kansas City
Ijaw Council for Human Rights
Ijaw National Congress USA
Ijaw Peoples Association of Great Britain and Ireland
Ijaw Relief Foundation UK
Ijaw Youth Council
Ilaje Youth Movement
Isoko Ethnic Minority Rights & Environmental Protection Council
Kansas, Kansas City-Yenegoa Sister Cities Committee, USA
Mangrove Action Project
Minority Rights Protection Council, Nigeria
Missouri, Kansas City-Port Harcourt Sister Cities Committee, USA
Movement for Reparations to Ogbia (MORETO), Niger Delta
National Union of Ogoni Students (INT'L), USA
Niger Delta Peace and Development Coalition
Niger Delta Peace Project
Niger Delta Women for Justice
Nigerian Institute of Human Rights
Nova Southeastern University - School of Social and Systemic Studies
Odoni Development Association UK
Oilwatch International, Quito, Ecuador
Our Niger Delta
Pan African Youth Movement (PAYM)
PEACE Incorporated
Print World, 81/3, North Malaka, Allahabad, India
Rivers/Bayelsa Union of South Florida
SAMFU Foundation
Society for Awareness and Growth in Etche (SAGE)
Third World Social Services
Urhobo Ethnic Minority Rights Protection Council, Niger Delta
Women in Nigeria (WIN), Rivers/Bayelsa States Branch
Youth Organization of Bhutan, USA


Rev. Fr. Ahamefula Nnorom, Ph.D.
Abio-Tona Sokari, Kansas, USA
Adam Burke, New York, USA
Adolf Awuku Bekoe,Accra,Ghana
Akpoyemi Biu, Niger Delta, Nigeria.
Alex Sampou, UK.
Alfredo Quarto, Port Angeles, WA, USA
Allen Spiff, MI.,USA
Amanda Bunyard, Kirksville, MO, USA
Amanda J. Wyatt, Oklahoma, USA
Amel Gorani, Stockholm, Sweden
Amoni Otorukiri Hart, USA
Andrew Edevbie, Detroit, Michigan, USA
Andy Caffrey, Redway, CA, USA
Angela Matthews, Belfast Northern Ireland
Anita Sarah Jackson, Washington D.C., USA,
Ankhesen Auset Ph.D., Ann Arbor MI, USA
Ann Avouris, New York, USA
Anna Peterson, Pittsfield, Maine
Anna Phelan, Houston, USA
Annie Brisibe Coady, Canada
Anslem D. John-Miller, Chicago, U.S.A.
Apollos N. Bulo, USA
Arlene Brennan, New York, USA
Austin Iroegbu, Niger Delta, Nigeria
Avery Ouellette, Washington, DC
Azita Ranjbar, Virginia, USA
Azubuike Akaba, Oakland, California
Beena Youdeowei, USA
Benaebi Oguoko, UK
Benaebi Okoro, Lagos
Bert Didier, Bordeaux, France
Bill Wetzel, Little Silver, USA
Blesson Oborokumo, USA
Boston Agowei Edogi , Phoenix , Arizona , USA
Bridget Umujakporu, Warri, Nigeria
Brioni Brammall, Canberra, Australia
Brock Ramsay
Bronwyn Clarke, Canberra, Australia
Brooklyn, New York, USA
Candy L. Fish, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
Catherine Hyde, Yale University, USA
Cecilia Cortesi
Chandola Nidhi, Lucknow, INDIA
Chantal Paydar, Somerville, USA
Charles E. Seiyefa Porbeni, Port-Harcourt, Nigeria
Che Ibegwura, Niger Delta, Nigeria
Cheryl Windham, Anchorage, Alaska, USA
Chief Allen Kigigha, USA
Chief E.B. Ajise, Niger Delta, Nigeria
Chilos Godsent, Port Harcourt, Nigeria
Christine Azagba, UK
Chujor Owate Fargo, ND, USA
Claudia Madrigal, Los Angeles, CA
Clement T. Bedford, KS, USA
Corie Herman, New York, NY
Cynthia Robinson, Washington, DC, USA
Dana Heitmeyer, Washington DC, USA
Dana Smith, Ph.D., Kirksville, MO USA
Dapo Saheed,Lagos Nigeria
Dave Verbitsky, New Jersey, USA
David Iyegha, Montgomery, USA
David Izon, Louisiana, USA
David Langkamp, St. Louis, MO, USA
David Miel, Minneapollis, MN USA
David Raine, Nashville, USA
Dele Jibril, UK
Dennis Ekardefini Edougha, Munich-Germany
Devra Coren, Ann Arbor MI, USA
Diepiriye Douglas, Brooklyn, USA
Dieter Gaffrey, Goettingen, Germany
Dimeari Von Kemedi, Niger Delta, Nigeria
Dokubo Goodhead, Seattle, Washington, USA
Domotimi Amos, Lagos, Nigeria
Don & Linda McNary, Minneapolis, USA
Dr Edwin Sawacha, UK
Dr E. A. Akpofure, Port Harcourt, Nigeria
Dr Mike Perks, Dublin, Ireland
Dr. Agyeman Onwona-Siaw, Gifu, Japan
Dr. Ebiamadon Andi Brisibe, Nagoya, Japan
Dr. Ed Ovundah Okene
Dr. Omunigho Ogbakpah, NY, USA
Dr. Viviane Lerner, Hilo, USA
Duke Onefeli, UK
Ebenezer Mayaki
Ebi Idolo,Toronto,Canada.
Ebipamone N. Nanakumo, New York, USA
Ebitonghabofa Biu, Germany
Ebiye Zuokumor London
Echaria Agba, USA
Eddy Kaka, Chicago, IL
Edgar Daniels, Berlin, Germany.
Edwin Love, Portland, USA
Emanuele Cuccillato, Firenze, Italia
Emem Okon, Niger Delta, Nigeria
Emilian Kavalski, Bulgaria
Emily Davis, Bangor, ME USA
Erica M.L.Roberts,Stanley Bridge, Prince Edward Island, Canada
Erika M. Serran, New Haven, USA
Erin Brindle, Baltimore, MD, USA
Esther Chege, Nairobi, Kenya
Eunice Agba, London
Felix Tuodolo, Port Harcourt, Nigeria
Fernando Janer, New York, USA
Florence A. Porbeni, BC, Canada
Frances Kreimer, Philadelphia, USA
Francis Chike Okwuone, Greater Kansas City, USA
Francis Kabiowei Udisi; New York, USA
Francis Porbeni, Raleigh, USA
Frank Osuowareowei Ogeh, Ontario, Canada.
Fred Joyce, Kamloops, B.C. Canada.
Fred Martn, Doylestown, Pa. USA
Fred Nyananyo,GA,USA
Gavin Clarke, Canberra, Australia
George Toboulayefa, UK
Gilbert Kabowei, Niger Delta
Gillian Edgelow, Washington DC, USA
Graham Hamby, Bellingham, Wa, US
Gretchen Elder, Arkansas, USA
Guido Lanzoni, Parma, Italy
Guido Lanzoni, Parma, Italy
Hari P. Acharya, USA
Harry Suku
Helena Motlagh, Cartersville, GA USA
Henry Bessman, Lagos, Nigeria
Henry Suowari, UK
Hermon J. Alamene (Irving, TX)
Holo Taiwo, Nigeria
HRM King Joshua Igbugburu X, Bayelsa, Nigeria
Indra Dahal Gaylegphug,Bhutan
Israel Pyakane Nwidor, Chicago, USA
Ivonne Yanez, Ecuador
Izielen Agbon, Dallas, USA.
J.D. Schmid, Cass Lake, MN, USA
Jaime Pereira, Reading, PA, USA
Jamina Oomen, Graduate Student, Stony Brook, NY, USA
Janet L. Shaffer, USA
Janet L. Shaffer, USA
Janine Thompson, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Jason Halperin, New York, USA
Jason Roberts, PEI, Canada
Jason West, Arkansas, USA
Jeffrey Buchner, Toronto, ON, Canada
Jenkins Ebiware,MI,USA
Jennifer Kloes, New York, USA
Jennifer Pere, Niger Delta, Nigeria
Jeremy haupt, Kirksville, Missouri, USA
Jessica Beaton, New York, USA
Jessica Coven, New York, USA
Jessica Lyon, Ithaca, USA
jessica mador, new york
Joel Bisina, Lagos, Nigeria
John Arama, UK
John Davidson Miller, New York, USA
John Miller, New York, USA
Johnson Opigo, Lagos, Nigeria
Jolie M. Carey, Washington, DC
Joseph Evah, Lagos Nigeria
Judah Hughes, Shelburne, MA
Judith Forbes, Minneapolis, MN USA
Julia H. Shea
Julie Roberts, Calgary, Canada
Kabo Botlhole, Gaborone, Botswana
Kalada Jeni, Niger Delta, Nigeria
Kambui Lutalo, Detroit MI, USA
Karim Dibba, Serekunda, The Gambia
Kate Hamill, Lansing NY, USA
Kate Sinnett, Columbia, MO, USA
Kate Washburn, San Francisco, USA
Kathambi Kinoti, Nairobi, Kenya
Katie Bell, Washington, USA
Kelly Tuffo, San Jose, USA
Kenneth King, Youngstown, Ohio USA
Kenny Boyce, Kirksville, MO, USA
Kerri Bowes, Kirksville, MO, USA
Kitri Miller, New York, USA
Kojo Torunarigha, UK
Kristi Rudelius-Palmer, USA
Kristiana Clemens, Toronto, Canada
Laurie Davidson, New York, USA
Lawrence Dorgu, UK
Lettie Thompson, New Mexico, USA
Lily Wang, San Francisco, USA
M. L. Efere, Lagos, Nigeria
Mabvuto Zebbies Mumba Zambia
Maceo Bishop, NY
Marcello Isaac, San Franciso, US
Margaret Byrd, Oklahoma, USA
Marguerite B. Graham, Bethel, ME USE
Maria Eugenia Miranda, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Marianne Muchura, Nairobi, Kenya
Martin Piskoric, Croatia
Maurizio De Zordo-Florence, Italy
Melissa Lohman, Brooklyn, NY
Melody Shickley, New York, USA
Mercy Fajarina, Jakarta, Indonesia
Michaela Marksova-Tominova, Prague, Czech Republic
Michele Luc, New York, USA
Mondy Gold, New York, USA
Monica Andelehe, London
Morgan Peckosh, Kirksville, MO, USA
Moye Oye; WV, USA.
Mrs. Jereoma Thomas, Port Harcourt, Nigeria
Narad K. Dahal, Bhutan ( Exile: Jhapa, Nepal )
Natalia Biletska, Kharkiv, Ukraine
Natalie G. McCormack, USA
Nazrul Islam, Bangladesh
Nellie Kamau, Nairobi, Kenya
Nelson Azibaolanari, Niger Delta, Nigeria
Neva Welton, USA
Nimal Martinus, Colombo Sri Lanka
Norm Dixon, Sydney, Australia
Nwinnen Taoh, Fargo, ND USA
Obinna Onwumere New York, USA
Ogoba Ebidi Dickson,Sarpsborg-Norway.
Oki Edu, California, USA
Okubotein Porbeni, Plainfield. IL, USA
Orevaoghene C.Obaro,Stavanger-Norway
Paris P. Odede, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Pat Williams, North York, On. Canada
Patrick Dounebi Udisi, ODI, Bayelsa, Nigeria.
Patrick Ekade, Niger Delta, Nigeria
Patrick Naagbanton, Nigeria
Patterson Ogun, Port Harcourt, Nigeria
Paul Ekadi, Dallas, USA
Paul Obaro Akporowho, Niger Delta, Nigeria
Pere W. Gold, USA
Pereagbe Gold, Nigeria
Peter Miller, Winnipeg, Canada
Phil Moheno, San Diego, USA
Philip Thigo, Nairobi, Kenya
Precious Efere, Lagos, Nigeria
Prekme O. Porbeni, BC Canada
Preye Ekperi, UK
Prince Pedro Ogobri, Virginia, USA
Priye S. Torulagha, Orlando, Florida
Prosper Ayawei, Port Harcourt, Nigeria
Racheal Maldonado, USA
Rachel Bishop-Cook
Rachel Glick, Goshen, Indiana, USA
Rachel Gouin, Ottawa, Canada
Rachelle Taylor, Austin, USA
Raj S. Chandola, Lucknow, INDIA
Ramon Balestino, Wahington, DC
RE Auset-kmt, Detroit MI, USA
Rev Princess Elizabeth Ogbon, Gaithersburg, MD, USA
Rick Roberts ,Kensington, PEI Canada
Rocio Silverio, New York, USA
Rona Rathod, San Francisco, USA
Ronnie Siakor, Liberia
Rowland Ekperi, UK
Sam Zebo Porbeni, Atlanta, GA, USA
Sarah Gilstrap, Eugene OR, USA
Sarika Seki Hussey, Hanoi, Vietnam
Sasha Yagudayeva, New York, USA
Satan Acharya, Kathmandu, Nepal
Sheila Atsu, London
Silvia Maria Pasquali, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Steven Peterson, Pittsfield Maine
Styvn Obodoekwe, Niger Delta, Nigeria
Sue Martn, Doylestown, Pa. USA
Sue Scott, Sun City, CA USA
Sunny Engi, USA
Susan Berry, Toronto, Canada
Suzanne Chappelow, Lee's Summit MO, USA
Sylvanus Waibogha, West Virginia, USA
Tamara Harris, Washington,DC
Tamsen Bhachech, Boston, MA
Tariq Jawaid Alam, Karachi, Pakistan
Ted Leeming, Glasgow, UK
Temple S. Olungwe, Baltimore,MD, USA
Terry Hendrickson Florida USA
Terry M. Bagia, Buffalo, New York, USA
ThankGod Ebi Okiyefa, Chino Hills, California, USA
Theresa Eloho, CT, USA
Timi Okoinyan - Miami, Florida, USA
Tom Mbeke-Ekanem, USA
Tomuebi Seigha, Lagos, Nigeria
Tracey Ryan, Canberra, Australia
Uchegbu Karl Chinedu, Port Harcourt, Nigeria
Valantine Atsu, London
Victor Grange, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Victoria Ekperi, UK
Victoria nahas, chicago, IL. USA
Victoria Osamedike, UK
Victoria Shen, Toronto, Canada
Vincent Battilan, California, USA
Wayne Baker, San Rafael, USA
Welson Ekperi, Bayelsa State, Nigeria
Yuri Niyazov, New York, USA

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