October 1, 1960 - October 1, 2001

Nigeria at 41: Things are getting better, says Obasanjo

TOP STORY: MARTINS OLOJA and CLIFFORD NDUJIHE, (Guardian) - PRESIDENT Olusegun Obasanjo early this morning took a view of the nation's 41 years of independence and declared. Things are looking up.

GHALI UMAR NA'ABBA, (Guardian) - WATCHING the people of the United States sift through the rubble of the fallen World Trade Centre building in New York, something struck out. In their worst moment of grief, Americans were driven to clutch their flag, recite their national anthem, and in every way hug those symbols of their nationhood.


Nigeria at 41: What is there to celebrate?
CHIKE E. OKAFOR, (Nigeriaworld) - I am still waiting for someone to call me and tell me that Nigeria is one nation and not just a cheap rhetoric of one nation proclaimed by those who do not understand or believe in it. They just shout one nation because it sounds good and makes a good sound bite. more >>
The blonde called Nigeria
RUDOLF OKONKWO, Lynn, MA, USA (Nigeriaworld) - This is the text of the speech I delivered to Nigerian community in Indianapolis to mark Nigeria’s 41st Independence Anniversary on Saturday, October 6, 2001. more >>

Nigeria: The way forward
FRANCIS GINAH, (Nigeriaworld) - We have come here supposedly to celebrate the independence of Nigeria. In reality and I stand corrected if I am wrong, very few us Nigerians here truly appreciate and value the independence of Nigeria. The physical manifestations of independence are not real. more >>

Optimism as Nigerians in South Central Pennsylvania celebrate Nigerian Independence
ALFRED O. UZOKWE, (Nigeriaworld) - Nigerians in South central Pennsylvania capped off activities commemorating Nigeria's independence anniversary with her 8th annual dinner banquet on Saturday, October 13, 2001.

Aminu, Akande differ on state of the nation at independence event in Maryland
LAOLU AKANDE, New York (Nigeriaworld) - Nigerian Ambassador to the United States, Professor Jubril Aminu and APP chieftain and Billionaire businessman Chief Harry Akande disagreed sharply on the state of the nation at a function in Maryland last week to mark Nigeria's 41st Independence Day.

Nigeria: The nation state and patriotism
ROTIMI SANKORE, (Nigeriaworld) - When the leadership of a country begins to mumble consistently about low key celebrations for independence day, it is more often than not, a sign that there is nothing to celebrate and that the state may be loosing confidence in itself. more >>
As Nigeria turns 41, a time for deep reflections
ALFRED UZOKWE, Harrisburg, PA, USA (Nigeriaworld) - There are so many things we could start doing to move Nigeria forward without waiting for the government to start; I have only enumerated a few hoping that well-meaning Nigerians would answer the clarion call. more >>

A reflection for Independence day
ANN CHARLES, Washington (Nigeriaworld) - I weep when I think of the desolation. The disrupted futures. The lost hope. When are we going to highlight and discuss these problems. ...When are we going to discuss teaching Nigerians to put “criminal intelligence” to good use? more >>

Nigerians in the US declare September 30th, a day for fasting & praying. Pass this on to your friends, relatives, co-workers. - Tonye David-West, Jr. more >>

Nigeria Lives by the Grace of God: So, what about more prayers?
UCHENNA ODOGWO, USA (Nigeriaworld) - It is not enough to wish Nigeria well, and we all should. There must be concerted effort made towards eliminating and reducing avenues of temptation. We do so by creating opportunities and empowering Nigerians to take care of themselves and their families. more >>