The Day the Dark side triumphed in Nigeria

Soyinka rejects fatwa, asks Obasanjo to defend constitution

LAOLU AKANDE and KELVIN EBIRI, (Guardian) - HORRIFIED by the blood-curling turn of events in the country in the past few days, Nobel laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka, has called for the immediate prosecution of the Deputy Governor of Zamfara State, Alhaji Aliyu Shinkafi, over his issuance of Fatwa, a (death sentence) on a reporter. more >>
Wole Soyinka on Aliyu Shinkafi's Fatwamania

WOLE SOYINKA, (Nigeriaworld) - Deputy Governor Shinkafi's call for the death of a Nigerian citizen, under a so-called fatwa, makes him a common criminal who should be hauled up before the courts and charged with incitment to murder. more >>
Chinua Achebe attacks 'tragic' Nigeria

STAFF, (BBC) - After 30 years of writing stories set in and around Nigeria, prominent Ibo writer Chinua Achebe has spoken of his disillusionment with the country. Speaking to the BBC he said: ''Nigeria has been more disappointing than I had hoped or expected.'' In a damning attack on the current government, the doyen of African literature added, ''it is tragic because we have such potential''. more >>
Nigeria burns for Islam -Wall Street Journal
Femi Kuti supports Miss World rioters

CORRESPONDENT, (Reuters) - The Nigerian Afro-beat star Femi Kuti said he was disgusted by the pageant. ''Nigeria has bigger problems than bringing Miss World to Nigeria,'' he told the BBC World Service's Newshour programme. ''We have no light, no water, millions of children walk around the streets homeless, their parents can't feed them. What is the benefit to the people of Africa? I'm not surprised if the people revolt. They have my total support.'' more >>
Opposition rewarded: Miss World leaves Nigeria, moved to London
Muslim worshippers stampeded, riot after prayers in Abuja, Friday
ThisDay Editor arrested as protests spread
Nigeria riots, barbarism spread to Abuja
What we feel about Nigeria � Beauty queens
Protest or Pretext?: 100 die in riots - Red Cross
Protest or Pretext?: Muslim fanatics in Kaduna kill at least 50
Nigeria Miss World rioting spreads
Nigerian Miss World cancelled, moved to London
Miss World contestants relive experience, say Nigeria is safe
Miss World 2002 - Aruba Baby! Caribbean queen is hot stuff
Nigeria: Big is beautiful?
Nigerian moslems protest Miss World contest, torch Thisday office
ThisDay: An apology to all muslims...
At least 105 dead in Kaduna riots -- Red Cross
Miss World riots 'leave 100 dead'
Pageant highlights Nigeria's ugly side
Fatwaing towards a UN referendum
JUDE UZONWANNE, (Nigeriaworld) - Instead of pacifying Islamists as Ambassador Lyman recommends, the greatest historic aid the Bush Administration can provide her peoples is to help manage Nigeria's transition into a number of successor states along the lines of the Czechoslovakia model. more >>
Miss World contest, the aftermath and Nigeria
OLAJIDE S. ONASANYA, London, UK (Nigeriaworld) - To the President of Nigeria and his team, all that flying around in the name of improving the Nigerian image has yielded no visible returns as the whole world both the ones visited and not visited by your honourable selves has seen Nigeria for what we really are. more >>
Fulani terror, the Kaduna massacres and the Obasanjo government
FEMI AWONIYI, Speyer, Germany (Nigeriaworld) - Wouldn't it have been more plausible to interrogate the Emir of Zaria, who has been implicated in every violent religious-ethnic disturbances in the area since 1966, or Wada Nas and Buhari (never mind his latest press statement), who, going by their antecedents, must have been behind the killing orgy? more >>
Why is almajiri aggression unsolvable?
ABDULRAZAQUE BELLO-BARKINDO, (Nigeriaworld) - ...the north is not just a product of some colonial do-gooder. It is real. It is an essential part of Nigeria that people who try to better can only succeed if they took a few home truths. The entire country, not just the north, must improve its attitude to the rest. We have been through so much together, and still remain together. more >>
Dear Moslems!
TONYE DAVID-WEST, Jr., USA (Nigeriaworld) - If, you, the northern Nigerian Muslims, want to disabuse others of the perception they have of you of thriving in violence, you will have to begin by addressing your own reactions to events. You tell us that Islam is a great and peaceful religion, if so, you must uphold these attributes with your actions, words and deeds. more >>
Code of violence
SAMUEL ONIPEDE, Charlotte, NC, USA (Nigeriaworld) - The administration will also do right by beginning a thorough home cleansing exercise. These entire agents provocateur better be rounded up and dealt with accordingly. Starting from Zamfara's Yarima and his cohorts by making them face charges and trials for treasons, economic and social sabotage and conspiracies to commit murder.... more >>
Miss World: A disaster waiting to happen
TUNDE OYEDOYIN, London, UK (Nigeriaworld) - Even before Friday's cancellation of the Miss World beauty pageant, some dodgy and shady business dealings that would almost culminate in a legal tussle to prevent the contest going ahead was just around the corner. more >>
Who will pray for this Country? (Poem)
OLIVER MBAMARA, New York, USA (Nigeriaworld) - So now I wonder, If leaders and clerics, Discard their roles, And choose to join, The murderous crowd, Who will pray for this country? more >>
It is time to obey God
N. H. IBANGA, (Nigeriaworld) - To the Muslim North, do not let the oil of the Niger Delta becloud your judgment. You will take as much of the money from that oil to the spiritual world as your fellow Northerner, Sani Abacha did. If the oil of the Niger Delta is the reason for your piety to ''keep Nigeria one'', that dog will not hunt anymore. more >>
The British experiment called Nigeria
Dr. NEKAN ADESANYA, (Nigeriaworld) - It is obvious that the colonial experiment called Nigeria, has failed miserably, we as a people need to take our future in our hands, and determine things from now on. The threat of guns is no longer an issue. We should emulate the USA, by doing boldly what they did over 200 yr. ago, breakaway! more >>
Enough is enough!
OLATUNDE OPALEYE, New York, USA (Nigeriaworld) - Enough is enough for the way the federal government has been handling with kids glove issues involving the nothern fanatics. I see no logic in the arrest of the writer Isioma Daniel, and Simon Kolawole the editor of the alleged offending publication without the arrest of the deputy governor who issued a death sentence on the writer.... more >>
Nigeria is a bus without a specified destination
DEBO AWOSIKA-OLUMO, USA (Nigeriaworld) - I will not be surprised, to find out that the mayhem was instigated by those trying to divert the attention of the whole country from the bribery and corruption that is permeating the current National Assembly and all spheres of government. more >>
To Save Our South
RUDOLF OKONKWO, Lynn, MA, USA (Nigeriaworld) - If you want an immediate change in Nigeria, your help is needed. We need 5,000 men and women of goodwill who will volunteer little time and little resources to make a change. If you think you are one of such, lets come together and do something. more >>
Miss World and Islam: ''Fatwa'' and Isioma Daniel a Nigerian ''Fatwa''
ANNIE BRISIBE, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada (Nigeriaworld) - Isioma Daniel, the ThisDay reporter is the ''sacrificial lamb'' for Islamic radicalism and government irresponsibility. What in the world would make the Nigerian government sit back and watch a bunch of ''small minds'' insult and openly rip the Nigerian constitution? more >>
Nigeria: The Unruly Nation
ABEL ALALADE, New York, NY, USA (Nigeriaworld) - The solution to the problem of religious intolerance and hate crimes in Nigeria is for the Obasanjo government to take very drastic and decisively punitive action by carrying out sweeping arrests of those Imams who preach hate and violence, and incite their followers to take up arms against other Nigerians. more >>
Of abdicators, murderers, blackmailers and rat chasers
KENNEDY EMETULU, London, UK (Nigeriaworld) - Anyone listening to Gana and his boss accuse the international press of conspiracy would know it is typical of an abdicating administration, lost in the fog of its self-inflicted helplessness.... international press...does not have anything to gain by Nigeria not hosting the over-hyped Miss World affair. more >>
Nigeria: The trouble that will not go away
SOWORE OMOYELE, New York, USA (Nigeriaworld) - The eruption of emotion as displayed by Ambassador Omotayo in his write up speaks deeply of how our opinion matters to him and his masters even though they feign ignorance about what we say. It is the negligence of sound advice that this website offers that will be the nemesis of this regime. more >>
We suffer for lack of knowledge
DELE EDOBOR, New Cross, London, UK (Nigeriaworld) - ...blasphemy...not enough to start killing one another if one is really genuine in his/her religious practice. What any genuinely religious person should do is to pray for a "sinful" person for knowledge as he/she may have written in ignorance. Religion shouldn't practice violence but peace. more >>
We, the Senseless Southerners
RUDOLF OKONKWO, Lynn, MA, USA (Nigeriaworld) - If you are a Southerner reading this, I want you to know that your politics do not make sense. You and your Jesus Christ! You and your Amadioha. You and your Sango. You and all the gods of your land. If you are a Northern Muslim reading this, I want you to stop. Now! more >>
What is left of Nigeria?
LAOLU AKANDE, New York, NY, USA (Nigeriaworld) - But then this matter goes beyond Obasanjo, and for that reason I would not blame him alone. I would blame every southern politician and leader who has failed to confront this Northern hegemonic dragon that is sure to bring Nigeria to certain ruination at this rate. more >>
Nigeria: Lamenting a tragic nation
DAVID ASONYE IHENACHO, New York, USA (Nigeriaworld) - There is absolutely no doubt that the Northern Islamic fanatics had multiple victories these past few days. They had succeeded in killing many innocent citizens, which made them happy. But more than that, they had gotten the president to once more appease them and to assure them that their murderous strategy worked. more >>
ThisDay and the Kaduna riots: Symptom of a simmering Nigerian tragedy
REMI OYEYEMI, USA (Nigeriaworld) - Nigeria as a nation is an aberration. We really do not belong together. But, it appears that what is fashionable today is Pan-Nigerianism, even if it has no philosophical or primordial basis for attachment. more >>
Is Nigeria cursed?
ALFRED OBIORA UZOKWE, Harrisburg, PA, USA (Nigeriaworld) - Nigeria's problems are man-made; the people who live in it are bad; those in leadership positions are terrible. Other countries experience the travails we have but their sense of patriotism, honor, duty and country, transcend their selfish interests. more >>
ThisDay, Miss World and Kaduna mayhem
STEVE U. NWABUZOR, Ph.D., Michigan, USA (Nigeriaworld) - Without a doubt, the stimulus for co-existing with these aberrant practitioners of Islam in our plural society is being paralyzed with the constant religious intolerance unleashed in the land. Continuously, peaceful and law-abiding Nigerians are subjected to the specter of seeing brutes and monsters draped in Islamic toga as fellow citizens. more >>
We suffer for lack of knowledge
DELE EDOBOR, New Cross, London, UK (Nigeriaworld) - ...blasphemy...not enough to start killing one another if one is really genuine in his/her religious practice. What any genuinely religious person should do is to pray for a "sinful" person for knowledge as he/she may have written in ignorance. Religion shouldn't practice violence but peace. more >>
Islamic fanaticism must be curbed
ADEBISI OBAFEMI, Ashburton, New Zealand (Nigeriaworld) - Nigeria Muslims and Moslems all over the world are indeed very happy with the way the faithfuls killed over 215 souls in Kaduna in the past few days. If you don't believe this assertion then you need to read an article on Nigeriaworld credited to Abdulrazaque Bello-Barkindo. more >>
Beauty and the Beast
CHRIS ONUORAH, USA (Nigeriaworld) - The Kaduna riots have very serious implications for Nigeria. It confirms the fear that this country is in serious trouble. It confirms the fact that the Islamic north, having lost grip on political power and perhaps the military, would do everything to regain both. more >>
Extremism and Irresponsibility versus Isioma Daniel
SAMUEL ONIPEDE, (Nigeriaworld) - If they choose to remain the way of Sudan and Somali, why can't the rest of us have the choice to go the way we choose to? Why should we have to continue to endure these senseless and disgraceful acts of barbarism and crudity? Isioma Daniel's article just happened to be the most needed excuse. more >>
On the Scapegoating of ThisDay
JOHN DAVID, (Nigeriaworld) - The Pope, the priests and pastors are pilloried and savaged daily by Moslem writers. Mr Abdulrazaque asserts unabashed that the Moslem writers are always very ''careful and sensitive.'' This is really a sleight of hand manner of blaming the Christians yet again! more >>
ThisDay, Miss World paegent, prophet Mohammed and Muslim youths
MIKE C. ANEKWE, Lagos, Nigeria (Nigeriaworld) - I think the first step should have been lodging a formal complaint with the publisher and demanding for a retraction of the offending portion of the article..... Then, legal redress would have been sought if the paper is defiant and stood by their story. more >>
Tragic Nigeria
TUNDE ABOYADE-COLE, (Nigeriaworld) - Given the fact that ThisDay has so devotedly served the diabolical plan of the Fulani and the Hausa parasitic elites to demonize Obasanjo and deepen the division in the South in their bid to recapture ''their birth right'', it would have been expected that their reaction to the paper's publication would have been reasonable.... more >>
Mr President, the Sharia cat is out of the bag
HENRY EZEKWELU, (Nigeriaworld) - Mr President, do you plan for the Sharia cat to stifle free speech? Sir, when will you really, really wake up? Are you going to allow the Sharia cat to stifle our ability to freely express our views as citizens of this nation? How do you expect foreign nations to take us seriously? more >>
The Fire Thisday
ABDULRAZAQUE BELLO-BARKINDO, (Nigeriaworld) - Over time, Moslem writers have in the main, at least in Nigerian newspapers been very careful in the way they represent Christianity in their writings. It could be attributed to the place that Jesus occupies in the Quoran. But writers like Isioma have, through their exuberance caused untold hardship to innocent citizens by their expressions and jaundiced analogies. more >>