Thursday, December 22, 2022
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Arizona, USA

"To live in an open democratic society has a price tag. If you love your freedom, you will not underestimate the alluring values of democracy." -Yahaya Balogun

onsequently, in 1941, US President Theodore Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill displayed a friendship that saved the World. How an American President's leadership Unites its Allies against enemies is incredible. In December 1941, Winston Churchill bunked at the White House, spending Christmas with the Roosevelts and planning the next stage of World War II against Adolf Hitler. Winston Churchill of Great Britain's visit to the United States of America was to speak with Americans via the US Congress. Britain and its new Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, stood alone as the last bastion of victory against the Nazis and their domination of Europe.

The purpose of Winston Churchill's historic visit was to inform the Americans of the carnage and the evil of Adolf Hitler. Great Britain's leader, Winston Churchill, through the resilient power of the people, assured the world of the imminent defeat of the evil man of the century--Adolf Hitler. Coincidentally, today, December 21, 2022, exactly 81 years after, the indomitable Ukrainian President Zelenzky made another historic to Washington to seek help and unity from one of its allies--the United States of America. President Zelensky's example of leadership is extraordinary and courageous!

Meanwhile, what American people are to the United States of America is what Ukrainian people are to Ukraine. That is called PATRIOTISM and unconditional love for a country. Once a man tastes freedom, no matter the mighty power of his enemies, his life will remain resilient and unburdened by these unwanted forces. When a genuinely democratic nation takes care of its citizens, the free citizens are willingly ready to take arms against the invaders who are against their country.

Patriotically, this writer can't imagine himself staying disgruntled at home while foreign invaders are incurring the territorial integrity of his adopted America--a country that significantly takes care of all his well-being and all that belongs to him. This author will be enthusiastically ready to go to war with American enemies, not minding the patriotic consequences. In the long run, history will adorn and spice up his patriotism for a country he dearly loves.

With treasure, this writer loves the patriotic zeal of the former President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, and the current President, Volodymyr Zelenskyy. They are the true sons of the Ukrainian homeland and sovereignty. Putin is a cowardly little man with an insecure persona. Putin's 'golliathian' power is an earthly one destined to belong to the dark and ugly history. It's becoming a reckoning day for Moscow as the Ukrainian army repelled and disgraced the runaway and a once-upon-a-time hyped-strong army worldwide. The Russian military has recorded terrible collateral damage in terms of human waste at the hands of a determined, resilient, and patriotic Ukrainian Army.

Despite the propaganda news, misinformation, and disinformation in Russian news media, Putin's allies in the United States and the Ukrainian citizens are waking up to Putin's evil army regime. Putin's citizens will soon rise against him to destroy his growing wings and weakling power. Putin, the former KGB, pretends as if he doesn't understand or know that power is transient, and yet he greedily abhors the enthralling power of democracy. Simply put, Putin fears a democratic world and the ultimate power of his disgruntled populace. Unfortunately for Putin but good for the world, Putin will soon belong to the remnants dustbin of history.

Consequently, the collateral damage Ukrainians have incurred, in the short run, in the ongoing war will be less than the consequences Putin and Kremlin will incur in the long run. Ukraine is simply the alluring hub of freedom, openness, and democratic values. The Ukrainian side of democratization is of great tide and importance. Putin fears democracy with terrific hysteria. The resilient power of the Ukrainian young and old, men and women, able and disabled people are incredibly unbelievable in the anal history of a resilient and determined nation. The ongoing war against Ukraine by Russia is a lesson for every rational mind that power is transient, and no one should underestimate the resilient power of unity, courage, and determination.