Saturday, November 4, 2023
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Arizona, USA

"The buck stops on my desk." - President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

"To live in an open democratic society has a price tag. If you love your freedom, you will not underestimate the alluring values of democracy."

Without moral burdens or contradictions, I am passionately in love with fallible but humbled human beings, not pretentious and opportunistic humans milking away the blissful ignoramuses in our troubled environment. Be a good person; this incurable optimist and writer would be passionate about you and muse your good behavior. Collectively, we owe it to Nigeria not to give up on her. Nigeria's potential for development is comparable to that of other developed nations. This vast potential is waiting to be tapped or harnessed to take the country to new heights of progress and prosperity.

With no equivocation, President Tinubu seems determined to get the ball rolling to reorder Nigeria. PBAT seems a divine President chosen to build Nigeria from the ground up. Despite mundane and naughty distractions, PBAT is determined and focused on reordering Nigeria. ?l?run a fun ?e! (God shall give him the divine chance to succeed!

Meanwhile, President Tinubu's handlers are hitting the ground running. If PBAT's handlers fail, we will hold Mr. President accountable because he bears the constitutional burden and responsibility for the failure and success of his handlers. ?ba t j?, t l r j, ati y t j? ti l k rj, gbogbo w?n y w nn tn, ?gb?n tn w?n y yt s ara w?n. (A king who rules with tranquility among his people, and the one who leads with dysfunctionality shall be judged by history--the two Kings have different histories with posterity).

I love Gov. Nyesome Wike--the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory. He is a brash, hardworking, audacious, and unmitigated leader. He is kindhearted to goodhearted humans. Gov. Wike has no iota of the time to be politically correct, with pretense and moral frivolity. The enticing Kl and Orgb chewing Minister says it plain and remains true to his moral convictions. Nyesome Wike is rapaciously hungry for success. He is a Minister to watch!

I admire and am inspired by the body language of Gov. Nweke Umahi, the Minister of Works. The ebullient Minister is truthful, passively assertive, sound and serious-minded, hardworking, peaceful, readily available, and open to a successful ending. Engr. Nweke Umahi is a worshipper of the muse. He values trust and faithfulness. The Minister of Works is disciplined and shines a light on the dark sides of humanity in Nigeria. He must be encouraged to deliver for Nigeria.

I am very proud of Dr. Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo. Dr. Bunmi is a dynamic young individual representing the boisterous Nigerian youth. The young Minister is the kind of youth we have been yearning for in Nigeria. Dr. Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo went to work without any sign of coy, sheepishness, or show-off. The self-effacing Bunmi has a great future ahead of him.

In a nutshell, please, folks, these three effective and efficient Ministers are collective samples from the numerous handlers of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu. Leadership's success is a function of the effectiveness and efficiency of its handlers in any organization. And the success of any organization is the collective efforts and contributions of everyone from the bottom to the top.

However, when we listen to these individuals explain to Nigerians the transparency and accountability they are bringing to their jobs and governance, it gives us renewed hope for a seemingly hopeless Nigeria. President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and his handlers are hungry for success, and responsible Nigerians are seeing this administration as the last bastion of hope for Nigeria. Every handler of PBAT must be made to sign bonds of expectation, responsibility, and accountability. Any handler found shoddy must be shown the way out of his envisioned and determined government.

However, let's give these hardworking individuals the chance and encouragement they need to succeed. President Tinubu and his team are determined to change the status quo. They must succeed. When they succeed, we all succeed. Nigeria shall rise again and be counted among the comity of developed nations.