Saturday, October 28, 2023
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Arizona, USA

bi, Atiku, and their supporters built a collective life based on falsehoods. However, the Nigerian legal system was waiting patiently to expose their lies, and as predicted by this writer, it finally happened. Obi and Atiku attempted to steal what rightfully did not belong to them, accusing the legitimate winner of the people's mandate. It is absurd to think one can steal what already belongs to them. We must recognize the fact that the legitimate winner of the 2023 Nigerian election is President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, and it's time for us to move forward and support his administration to bring growth and development to Nigeria.

The apex court has spoken, and it is now indisputable that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu is the legitimate winner of the 2023 Nigerian election. Rational minds have accepted this decision in the Nigerian political space and recognize that PBAT rightfully holds the power and mandate conferred on him and is now officially the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. It is time to move forward and work towards strengthening Nigeria under the leadership of President Tinubu.

It is absolutely unacceptable for electoral losers to traffic in unfounded allegations and claim victory they have not earned. Former President Muhammadu Buhari conducted a credible election and power transfer, and the Nigerian legal system has rightfully dismissed the baseless claims of the two sore losers in the 2023 Nigerian presidential election. The Apex Court of the Homeland has ruled decisively in favor of the legitimate winner. Atiku and Obi are now left to carry the heavy burden of their defeat in the political arena.

However, it is imperative that we move forward with a sense of urgency and determination to address Nigeria's many socio-economic challenges now that the Supreme Court has ruled in favor of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu. The decades-long pillage of the country's economic well-being has needlessly caused suffering among the masses. It is time for Atiku and Obi to accept their defeat and acknowledge the rightful winner of the 2023 Nigerian election. President Tinubu has shown magnanimity in victory, but it is essential for Atiku and Obi to be humbled in defeat and join hands towards the growth and development of Nigeria. We must work together, with a sense of purpose and commitment, to bring about positive change in Nigeria.

Atiku has relentlessly pursued the presidency, buoyed by the support of his followers and past leaders like Buhari and Tinubu. However, his path to victory was impeded by Peter Obi, resulting in a narrow loss to Tinubu. Had Obi joined forces with Atiku, they could have easily defeated Tinubu. It's time to accept the outcome and focus on the future.

Peter Obi has lost the 2023 presidential election, and his political future is now uncertain and hangs in the balance. His campaign was focused on exploiting religious and ethnic divisions rather than offering substantive policies. He lacked vision and political courage, failing to capitalize on the EndSars movement positively. The courts have rejected Obi and Atiku's attempts to challenge the election's legitimacy. With the Supreme Court's swift and decisive six-line verdict on Obi's frivolous lawsuit, he is now clearly destined for political oblivion. It is time for him to accept the verdict, move on, and stop heating the Nigerian polity.

It is time to acknowledge that justice has been served in the 2023 presidential election case, as the Supreme Court of Nigeria has made its decision. President Bola Ahmed Tinubu is the legitimate winner, and it is imperative that all Nigerians accept this ruling and move forward with determination. The falsehoods and unfounded allegations propagated by Atiku and Obi have been decisively debunked, and it is time for them to accept their defeat with grace and humility. We must not allow political differences to impede the progress of our great nation. It is time to come together and work towards a brighter future for Nigeria, a Nigeria that is built on truth, justice, and unity.