Tuesday, October 24, 2023
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Arizona, USA

kiti Kete! The fountain of knowledge. Ekiti Kete are principled and results-oriented people. We are very content with what we have but love life when it's not contentious. Ekiti Kete have fundamental principles, but others call it "Agidi" (headstrong or hydra-headed posture). Ekiti Kete are a no-nonsense set of people who stand for their rights and protect the rights of other people. We strongly believe in the content of our character and have faith in our values and moral convictions. Just like any other being, we are vulnerable to making mistakes. But please don't ask Ekiti Kete to apologize for misdeeds he didn't commit. It will be an exercise in futility.

Meanwhile, when Ekiti Kete, a typical Ekiti, makes mistakes; he is quick to make amends. But never lie against or for Ekiti people, or else you might sentence yourself to their isolation or trust. Ekiti Kete will never care about your hate, cynicism, and resentment. They are as constant as the northern star. We aren't stomach infrastructural people as misconceived and popularly believed nationally. Ekiti Kete are standard-bearers of the Yoruba. We have a natural prowess for intellectual inclinations and acquisitions. Ekiti Kete represents our national values (i.e., objectives, principles, and standards). Peruse the functioning family of a typical Ekiti man; he is a quintessential and fidelity family man with democratic norms and cultural mores. An undiluted morally Ekiti man isn't dictatorial, but he has no propensity for nonsense and pretense.

Have you had an encounter with an Ekiti woman or man? Oh, lord! The Ekiti man or woman is very versed. The most minor academic possession amongst the intellectual Ekiti Kete is a Master's degree. We are not too sophisticated, but we are in constant touch with reality and our intellectual skills. Ekiti Kete have a penchant for the accumulation of academic laurels or qualifications. No level of education is enough for an Ekiti woman or man; after a Ph.D., we still want an MBA or diploma or other sundry qualifications. While others have a phobia for books, Ekiti is a bibliophile, yes! We are Bibliophiles (bookworms).

We consume a collection of books like clinicians. We are not willing Owambe or socialites, but Ekiti Kete's baccalaureate is the envy of men and women from Oyo, Osun, Ogun, or socialite Lagosians. While our other Yoruba tribal kith and kin are busy with owambe "parries," an average Ekiti is subsumed in pursuing knowledge or laureate for his academic toggeries and intellectual decorations.

We look forward to intertwining our qualifications in academic acquisition with infrastructural development, not stomach infrastructure. Have you encountered an Ekiti woman or man in the lovecation (love zones) or marital parlance? Oh-my-mine-laud! Ekiti Kete are very unpretentious, caring, and loving people. If you marry Ekiti, all things being equal, you're sure of loyalty, domestication, trust, love, and dedication. Marital divorce is alien to Ekiti men or women unless it is existentially necessary to save lives. We see divorce as sacrilegious and preemptive moral ostracization. Get married to Ekiti Kete, and thank this writer later! "We, the Ekiti Kete," are truly second to none in Nigeria's geo-intellectual, cultural, and political cadres.