Friday, June 21, 2024
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Arizona, USA

he headline 'Fuji maestro Adewale Ayuba reveals why he converted from Islam to Christianity' is a mundane topic that keeps trending on Nigerian social media and electronic media. Mr. Adewale Ayuba and others are human beings; they can be in any faith they deem fit or choose without making any acrimonious headlines. After all, "there is no compulsion in religion." And "every human shall be judged according to their intentions," not by their professing faith! Let Mr. Adewale Ayuba and others be!

In a nutshell, the hypothesis of the hypocrisy of most of our religious people stinks! In criminogenic parlance, the most carriers of hate, resentment, spiritual lies and deceit, self-righteousness, human rights abusers, self-sanctimonious teachers, and know-it-all clerical masters are the most common perpetrators of crimes under the cover of religion. Pedophiles, child molesters, child abusers, etc., are all in the ecosystems of religion. Atheists are humanly better than these so-called gods of men and the marabouts of religion!

Meanwhile, Christians versus Muslims: 'They' versus 'Us.' 'Us' versus 'Them' is the ping-pong of mental slavery in the emotional intelligence of the adherents of those religions, particularly Islam and Christianity in Nigeria. Unfortunately, the original owners of these two prominent religions have never been favorably disposed towards the black race. Neocolonialism is feeding fat in the mental palaces of our people, yet the great-grandchildren of their colonial masters have jettisoned the psychedelic parts of their religious faith.

In Africa, when will our people rediscover themselves and see humanity first before they see their hideous pseudo-faiths? A million-dollar question! Religion is a personal choice and individual belief. Many people have engaged in inter and intra-faith and belief in both religions. Religion has destroyed the fabric of our ecosystems in Nigeria and Africa.

Nigeria is in big troubleóBIG TROUBLE in cap! Most of these religious people are the problems of Nigeria. Study the emotions of some religious adherents carefully; you'll quickly discern hideous mutual and self-hate in them. It is a mystery to me to see Nigerians hating themselves because of the opium of religion. Whereas those who imposed on them this religious opium have the interests and welfare of their people sacrosanct and protected at the expense of our people.

It's high time folks triggered their sense of humanism inherent in the articles of faiths of both religionsóChristianity and Islam. These nuances of faith are currently lacking in the well-being and behavior of many Nigerians, particularly in leadership. The absence of these nuances of humanism is also prevalent among religionists. That is, those who promote and traffic in religious hate and mismanagement of human and material resources in Nigeria and Africa.