Saturday, June 8, 2024
[email protected]
Arizona, USA

ince I support adequate (not minimum) and good living wages for Nigerians and Nigerian workers, it is entirely unacceptable and appalling to switch off or shut down the national grid by the Nigerian Labor Congress. It is dumb, sabotaged, and treasonous to put the lives of hospital patients, incubator or premature babies, ICU patients, and other essential services that support human lives in unnecessary jeopardy.

Meanwhile, preventing international travelers and putting the nation into further darkness is not only uncivilized but puts Nigeria into the bracket of an unjustified "shithole" country, as erroneously described by the recently convicted felon in a civilized world. We play too much and with unreasonable behaviors in Nigeria. We traffick daily in selective and collective immolation of ourselves!

We like to fi Opa sile maa pa lapalapa (misplaced priorities) in that country. The rich in government that your political union targets have standby silent generators to power their family comfort in Banana Island, Lagos, and Abuja's rich metropolis. The rich, the ensconced Obidient union in NLC are targeting have their children in luxurious hotels or houses in Dubai, the United Kingdom, the USA, etc. Yet, people experiencing chronic poverty are languishing in the cobwebs of blissful ignorance, intentional hate, and resentment. Why are we enemies of ourselves?

It's high time we borrowed ourselves brains in Nigeria. When we fight against a locomotive train transporting us to a known or unknown destination, we must not jump out of the ramshackle moving train. Hence, we get smatched into the smothering of intentional ignorance.

Sadly, in our current dystopian situation in Nigeria, ignorance is bliss. Can we trust the intentional crusade of the political Labor union leaders? Where is the former NLC leader Oshio Baba today? He has dematerialized or dissolved into the ghoulish village of our national looters and repetitious history. Our current embattled Obidiensis-induced Kukurubilisi labor union leader will soon be compromised. He will soon join his past contemporary state-rich labor leaders. Mehn! Trust these people at your own moral and psychological perils!

Please, folks, when we cry, we must always attempt to open our eyes to avoid the pitfalls of self-destruction. The Federal government of Nigeria must sit at a round table with the rustic NLC leadership. It is time to enter into a reasonable negotiation and collective bargaining agreement with the government to lessen the suffering of the deprived and hapless Nigerian workers. The two nymphs in our troubled workforce must come together to resolve the unending labor fracas that badge the nature of our dysfunctional system in Nigeria.