Sunday, June 4, 2023
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"Good leaders don't care about getting credit for good intents and deeds, but the courage of their convictions envisions them to remain consistent."´┐ŻYahaya Balogun.

"Man is not what he thinks he is; he is what he hides."- Andr´┐Ż Malraux.

wholeheartedly agree that education and achievements are integral to determining success. It's worth noting that Professor Yemi Osinbajo has an impressive academic background and a solid commitment to his country, but some individuals have mixed feelings about his future political ambitions. Therefore, it's crucial to thoroughly consider all factors and weigh the advantages and disadvantages before concluding or acting with expected multiplier effects on essential issues.

There are concerns about Professor Yemi Osinbajo's past which may affect his future political career. The actions and ambitions of the former Vice President have polarized the nation, particularly along religious lines. Unfortunately, the erudite professor's involvement has allowed another political opportunist to divide further Nigerians who may not have previously considered religion a factor in their sociopolitical endeavors. This highlights the importance of paying attention to public figures and their underlying motivations.

Meanwhile, it's crucial to remember that everyone has the right to pursue their political aspirations and happiness, regardless of their societal status. Our society firmly believes in the principle of reciprocity. However, it's disheartening when public figures, such as Professor Yemi Osinbajo, forsake the trust and esteem they once held by prioritizing their political ambitions over the populace's well-being. Such conduct can be quite detrimental and underscores the significance of being attentive to the underlying motives of those in positions of authority.

It is important to remember that universal laws and the Nigerian legal system uphold the rights of every individual, regardless of social status. Everyone has the right to pursue political ambitions, enjoy freedom, and strive for happiness. As we say in our moral vocabulary, "one good turn deserves another," which is a value deeply embedded in our social norms. It is essential to pay attention to the motivations of public figures in positions of authority, especially when they prioritize their political goals over the public's well-being.

Acknowledging the significant contributions made by Vice President Osinbajo to President Buhari's administration is very important. However, it's also imperative to consider the political landscape and how his actions may have hindered the goodwill he could have received from the people of Nigeria. The Vice President missed a historic opportunity to congratulate and concede defeat in the presidential primary that launched President Tinubu to power.

At the inauguration of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the mannerisms of Professor Yemi Osinbajo and his beautiful spouse conveyed a musing message. It's worth noting that despite being a recipient of sharp-tongued remarks, President Tinubu is "a product of gifted insults," not a vengeful individual. PBAT is a technocrat and skilled professional who values the abilities of his adversaries rather than their political maneuvers and pessimism. It's always important to acknowledge the admirable qualities of public figures, regardless of any reservations or criticisms that may arise.

The former Vice President's miscalculated ambition has only added to the discontent many Nigerians feel. This, coupled with his recent book launch, has seemingly confirmed the suspicion felt by some citizens. Leaders must exemplify a sense of inclusiveness, graciousness, and respect during political transitions and transformations. Hence, the Vice President must reassess his political approach and strive to heal our country's disheartening division.