Sunday, May 28, 2023
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Arizona, USA

y first encounter with this raw woman and YouTuber triggered my curiosity about who she is and what she stands for. But, alas! Yinka TNT--Teni N Teni is telepathically a stealthy fly on the walls of every human home. Yoruba Nigerians in the diaspora, particularly people of Yoruba heritage, are very proud of her role in reshaping dysfunctional and broken homes. Teni N Teni, ti �k�s� ni t��t�n (our culture is our culture, the rags belong to the dumpsters). Yinka TNT has been a Yoruba cultural ambassador and a quintessential part of the beauty embellishing and adoring Yoruba culture.

In a nutshell, I have always admired Yinka Teni N Teni as a powerful and influential figure in Yoruba culture, reminiscent of the great matriarch Moremi Ajasoro. Regardless of some disgruntled and jealous people's personal feelings towards her, it is impossible to deny Yinka TNT's confidence, charm, authenticity, compassion, and elegance. In addition, she is a skilled user of the internet and a talented content creator, sharing her passions and experiences with the world and inspiring others to embrace the positive aspects of social interaction.

Yinka TNT's journey into Nigerian politics surprised her and everyone. She has no particular political affiliation, but some people wrongly assume that her selflessness and dedication are driven by selfish motives. This is because of their extreme jealousy and desire to emulate or be like her. We are grateful for YinkaTNT's unwavering support for Tinubu and for ensuring his guided victory. She has made a name for herself in the movement to liberate Nigeria from its current state. The broken-chain symbol of liberation on Tinubu's traditional caps represents this movement, and Sister YinkaTNT's social media campaigns played a vital role in catalyzing Tinubu's presidential victory.

Thank you very much, sister YinkaTNT, for your tireless efforts in promoting and celebrating our Yoruba culture. Yoruba culture is truly a unique and fascinating part of Nigeria's rich cultural diversity, and it's lovely to see people like you working hard to preserve and share its many nuances with others. One of the most exciting aspects of Yoruba culture is the concept of Omoluwabi - a well-cultured child who embodies the values and principles of their community. Another is OmoAkin---an offspring of a brave man who carries on their legacy of courage and strength. But, of course, it's essential always to remember that every culture in Nigeria has unique traditions and customs that are equally valuable and worthy of celebration.

However, Yoruba culture and civilization stand out as a shining example of morality and ethics that can guide all cultures in Nigeria and beyond. Thanks to the internet's power, more people are learning about and exploring Nigerian culture through your contributions to our cultural heritage. You, YinkaTNT, and other envisioned Nigerians have played a significant role in ensuring BAT'victory. You have also helped bring some of those hidden mysteries in our homes to the odds and limelight.

Moreover, as we prepare for the new leadership of Tinubu, YinkaTNT, your latest music serves as a powerful message to him not to disappoint his admirers and all Nigerians. Your contribution to our culture and society is invaluable, and we thank you for all you do. May our country overcome her self-inflicted problems as we, all responsible Nigerians, remain magnificent representations of the progress of Nigeria.