Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Arizona, USA

"Neocolonialism is eviler than colonialism. Neocolonialism has eaten deeper into the mental palace and consciousness of Africans." - Yahaya Balogun.

r. Mutalib Sulaimon aptly posited that the current reap-off in "Africa is not only economic imperialism, but we have also suffered from religious, social, and cultural colonialism and imperialism. Cry our beloved country. Cry our beloved continent. Cry our beloved world."

At the inception of Dr. Damina's ministry, did anyone notice the scanty attendance of members in his religious sanctuary? If it were to be a congregation where lies and fibs are fed to gullible congregants, you would see the multitude of gullible sheep shouting Hallelujah! What bothers rational minds most is how potent and intelligent minds would sit down comfortably aloof, listen, and get spooned with lies all these years from the gods of men!

Meanwhile, Dr. Damina's teaching may not be entirely appealing to non-Christians. Still, his emphasis on deemphasizing prosperity teaching and money-making sermons instead of human salvation is gaining much traction in the minds of rational minds.

"God through Dr Abel Damina is indeed sanitizing the Christian community from religious junkies that have polluted the faith for years..." I am a devout Muslim; I love some of the teachings of Dr Damina. Yes! He is a fallible being. I don't believe he's fallacious or incorrect in all his teachings, but he speaks the unembellished and raw truth to the consciences of manipulative religious powers.

Dr. Damina is a fearless, seasoned, and well-cooked pastor. He delivers Bible messages unfettered to teach other crooked prosperity pimps and pastorenuers in Africa. As this radical pastor is journeying solo in his revolutionary ministry and ministration, some trading and manipulative pastors in Nigeria will never like this extemporaneous man of God. He speaks exCathedral!

China, Malaysia, Singapore, the United States of America, Europe, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Japan, India, etc., are making a quantum leap into the future; Africans are underdeveloping Africa with religious fanaticism and blissful ignorance. Africa is under one chance under African religious manipulators. Africa is jinxed.

Pastor Abel Damina has come to disrupt the status quo of religious manipulation in Nigeria and Africa at large. The traffickers and Marauders of tithes and offerings will loathe Dr. Abel Damina; the marauders' followers will begin to carry mental cudgels and curses on a man who has come to sanitize the distortion, extortion, and lies in today's Christendom.