Friday, May 12, 2023
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Arizona, USA


et's Pray!

�Genuine prayers are a powerful tool for overcoming both possible and impossible challenges and difficulties in life.� - Yahaya Balogun.

Dear God,

I pray that our fellow citizens are guided onto the right path and that the collective heart of our nation is changed in this time of crises and moral challenges. It is clear that our ways are not aligned with your path, and your teachings are not being followed with truth, love, and righteousness in Nigeria. Many in our country claim to "pray" and seek your grace and blessings, but you are not a God of hypocrisy.

O, Lord, your mercy and grace are reserved for those who faithfully follow your teachings. Unfortunately, we are all sinners--the majority of Nigerians have fallen short of your trust because they acquiesce to the corruption and decay in our society. I pray you guide us all and give us the strength to follow your righteous path. Let us all pray for guidance and the power to walk in your ways.

Meanwhile, numerous religious groups in Nigeria are anticipating unconditional blessings from a higher power, even though their holy scriptures state that indulging in sinful behavior will not lead to God's blessings. Nigeria, a country with immense potential, unfortunately, remains one of the world's poverty-stricken areas. Thus, many are left pondering how to earn the favor of their deity and receive the unblemished blessings they desperately need. Regrettably, Nigeria has a long way to go regarding atoning for its past sins, as the hands of past and present leaders are stained with innocent blood.

Nigeria is plagued by the loss of innocent lives and ongoing suffering caused by power-hungry leaders who refuse to be accountable for their actions. It's unacceptable for impoverished Nigerians to bear the brunt of problems created by the privileged few who hold positions of authority. These leaders have betrayed the people they were meant to serve and misused their power for personal gain. This has resulted in the country's suffering and people's struggle to survive. While we seek guidance and blessings to follow the right path, mortal leaders in Nigeria fail to live up to their responsibilities towards their people. This lack of accountability significantly threatens Nigeria's growth and development. We must embrace our moral code and compass and work together to create a brighter future for all Nigerians.

Furthermore, our beloved Nigeria desperately needs solutions to its self-inflicted problems. Yet, we hold the keys to resolving these issues within our collective reach. We recognize that divine intervention is necessary to overcome the crisis in our country. However, we must seek contentment daily and move beyond our selfish desires and mundane existence. As we strive for enlightenment, we pray for your heavenly wisdom to understand the futility of the world. With your guidance, we are confident that we can find solutions to our communal problems.

In our country, illegal wealth acquisition, jealousy, selfishness, corruption, and instant gratification are ways of life. Every day in Nigeria is one day with multiple troubles. Every man or woman that worships you in truth and deeds knows that your blessings super abound in our life. How to deploy our abundant human and material resources has been our burden. We are reasonable people with the wrong amalgamation of unexplained and unconnected structures at the inception of our nationhood by the brutish British. Unfortunately, our unique diversity and languages have been abused to the detriment of the shareholders of our collective cultural heritage. O Lord, give us the willpower to detach our blighted nation from the vestiges of colonialism, neocolonialism, and glorified slavery. Begin to chastise those hypocritically divinely and fantastically corrupt and bless more, those who labor with their sweat to live a contentment, decent and holy life.

Dear Lord, as humble and repentant servants, we ask for your forgiveness for our mistakes and sins. We acknowledge that we have fallen short of your glory and blessings, but we are confident in your mercy and grace. Nigeria is a land of great significance, the birthplace of human civilization, and a promised land for distributing your grace to humanity. We believe that we are good people who can be better, and we seek your compassion, mutual love, and grace to guide us toward the right path. Our people's mental and physical suffering is unbearable, but we trust your benevolence and mercy to bestow your new favors on those who follow your inimitable instructions. We are confident in your divine guidance and seek your blessings to worship you truthfully and sincerely.

Dear Lord, we pledge to be the best representation of your creatures, both now and in the future. We ask for your abundant grace and blessings to transform our daily bread into nourishment for our souls. Our hearts are determined to walk in your righteous ways with clean hands. We trust in your promise to bless us and guide us. We are ready to follow your divine instructions and reap the rewards of our collective obedience.

Dear Lord, we come unto you with gratitude and a humble heart, seeking your divine guidance and blessings. Help us to unite in mutual and unconditional love, despite our differences in tongues. We recognize that the strings that knit us together in brotherhood are unmatched, and we ask for your grace to strengthen those bonds. May our daily bread nourish our souls and help us walk in your righteous ways with pure hearts. We trust in your promise to guide and bless us, and we stand ready to follow your divine instructions for our collective benefit.

Thank you, in anticipation of you bringing us together in unity.