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ho is Jagaban? While this topic may be sensitive for some, I can answer the question objectively and concisely. According to President-elect Bola Ahmed Tinubu, and I paraphrase: Tinubu looks for talents that are better than him and is not afraid to bring on board people with higher wisdom. Tinubu focuses on getting the job done for the betterment of all and does not wait until the last minute to find the right person for the job. He plans and predicts obstacles, including betrayal and backstabbing, and plans for reunion and forgiveness long before they happen. In life, he expects nothing, anything, and everything. Those are the words of BAT--the Jagaban of Nigeria.

This writer once said that certain sections of Yoruba have the incredible ability to bring out the best in people, even in their worst situations. But, on the other hand, there are also sections of other Nigerians that have the unfortunate tendency to bring out the worst in even the best of Yorubas. It shows that one's environment can powerfully impact our behavior and actions.

A few years back, I penned an article about Bola Ahmed Tinubu on July 27, 2015, at precisely 2:41 am. The piece, titled "Who is Bola Ahmed Tinubu?" was warmly received by the intellectual community in Nigeria. Even now, the article remains highly relevant to the current state of our nation. If interested, you can read it by clicking on the link to The Guardian Newspapers below. Nigeria is a country with a lot of complexities and contradictions. Therefore, we require a bold and unorthodox political leader to address our collective arrogance, blissful ignorance, and moral mischief.

Sometimes, it's necessary to be straightforward and unapologetic to drive a point home. This is commonly referred to as being politically incorrect in the United States. However, as a proud citizen, it's essential to be bold in expressing your views on national matters, lest you fall prey to the narrow-mindedness of certain political factions. Before this writer had the privilege of legally "Japa" to God's Own Country--the USA, in the early 20s, he was privy to the vision and mission of Jagaban. I saw the inevitability of Tinubu's presidency and the recompense of injustices meted on MKO Abiola and Awo in the nearest future.

Nigerian people need to stay alert and aware of their surroundings. It's also a good time to lean on a strong leader within our community to guide us toward success. Yorubas have a unique ability to bring out the best in others, but unfortunately, sometimes, others bring out the worst in Yorubas. This is a hard reality that Yorubaland has yet to come to terms with fully. For example, the political injustices the late Chief Obafemi Awolowo faced were a direct result of the fifth columnists in Yorubaland. However, fate seems to have chosen and appropriated the �gb�ng�? BAT to right these wrongs and bring justice to the late MKO Abiola and Awolowo's legacies.

There is a desire among some people in Yorubaland to restructure Nigeria without relying on a strongman to solve Nigeria's complex political issues. Instead of a pushover or easily manipulated figure for the Oligarchs' purposes, Nigeria requires a political rogue like Jagaban. But, unfortunately, there are too many ?l??`t?� in Yor�b�land with no vision for imagination for possibilities. I used to be on the fence about this matter, but we can no longer afford to be indecisive. Our child's misbehavior cannot make them prey for the lion's consumption.

Nigeria needs more than just old-fashioned prayers and fastings to build a nation. We require a compassionate leader who can reset our collective mindset back to basics, work hard, and earn a living honestly. We need innovative and visionary leaders who can create long-lasting employment opportunities and ensure security for all Nigerians. It's worth questioning whether Jagaban's opponents can genuinely claim to have clean hands. Can any angry individuals confidently assert that their DNA is free from the corruption of their self-seeking fathers?

Historically, have we forgotten how Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu's vision transformed Lagos's economy and fortune from =N=600 million to more than 750 billion nairas in two decades? Have we forgotten how the "Taxpayers' money in action" operation worked to rehabilitate major Lagos roads? How quickly have we forgotten the "Rapid Response Squad (RRS)" that morphed into "Operation Sweep," a security architecture that dealt with the state of insecurity in Lagos State? Lagos State is now the hub and potential destination for tourism and foreign investments.

It's with a sense of sadness that many of us supported PMB's efforts to improve Nigeria. While he had good intentions, his focus on ethnicity clouded his judgment and led to questions about his integrity. As someone who understands politics, I don't see Jagaban making the same mistakes. BAT is a Nigerian who doesn't allow his origins or religion to dictate his beliefs. He's a liberal thinker who can help improve our country's position in the world.

It's worth noting that Jagaban doesn't display any signs of ethnic chauvinism. On the contrary, he's inclusive and involved in all aspects of statecraft. However, people, particularly those of Yoruba ethnicity, tend to get emotional when issues related to their tribe, religion, and other sensitive aspects of democratic governance come up. On the other hand, Hausa people are less likely to throw away their babies with bathwater. It's also interesting to note that Yor�b� and Igbo tribes are good at criticizing and sabotaging themselves. For example, some individuals have accused Tinubu of stealing and Jagaban of amassing wealth through the state commonwealth. However, those making these unfounded insinuations haven't considered where BAT is investing his stupendous wealth or the possibility that he might not have stolen it.

Furthermore, no court in Nigeria or elsewhere has accused Jagaban of embezzlement or mismanagement of state resources. Despite this, he has created millions of jobs for Nigerians, showing he's a master strategist. Before venturing into state or national politics, Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu had already become a millionaire in US dollars.

Although humans are unreliable, they are still essential. Tinubu, like other humans, is not a political saint. The error that often causes political turmoil in Yorubaland is our "know-it-all" attitude, impulsiveness, and other harmful behaviors that damage our collective progress. As a result, Yoruba history tends to repeat itself unappealingly. The community's mindset is wired incorrectly, negatively impacting our chances in the nation-state or statecraft.

It's essential to consider the qualities and personalities of politicians when evaluating their potential as leaders. While many people believe that Osinbajo is a good and God-fearing man, some argue that he may not be the right fit for the nation's current state. There are concerns that his meekness and lack of a roguish personality could make it difficult for him to enact the changes needed to address Nigeria's challenges. Additionally, many worry that if Osinbajo became the nominee for APC, the northern oligarchs, and sociopath enablers would be pleased to maintain the status quo. This could make it challenging to achieve the restructuring that so many people in Nigeria are hoping for. Ultimately, many Nigerians are looking for a leader who can bring about real change and not just perpetuate the ruling class and the unaccomplished mission of the oligarchs.

It's amusing to think that Tinubu would be labeled a "glorified thief" and rogue while he strives to transform the country for the better. BAT is aware that he has no fear of making history. He is a self-made man with a firm hold on politics. Unlike Buhari, who wasn't interested in making history, Jagaban is a brilliant politician who knows how to leave a lasting legacy. BAT is skilled at removing the strongholds of his political opponents.

As President-elect, Tinubu wouldn't find wanting to rewrite history. I didn't want to support anyone, including BAT, based on my bitter experience with President Muhammadu Buhari. But in the absence of our sleeping giant--the youths, we can't allow Atiku to be there to preserve the culture of corruption in Nigeria. Tinubu is a tested leader with the knowledge of bringing resourceful youths together to harness and unearth the untapped resources of a potentially great country.

To quote Mr. Jide Ayobolu's in-depth description of BAT: "Asiwaju Tinubu remains one of the most influential, courageous, and principled politicians and statesmen in contemporary Nigeria. In a political culture where most political class members gravitate towards the ruling party for financial reward, Tinubu's resilience and steadfastness in giving inspirational leadership to the opposition are remarkable. Moreover, it is a testimony. The depth of our convictions has motivated and sustained Bola Ahmed Tinubu in politics over the last two and a half decades."

Tinubu's activism and political antecedents have proven him a leader with a track record of bringing together talented young people to unlock Nigeria's vast potential. As President, Jagaban would be well-equipped to rewrite Nigerian history and steer our country toward a brighter future.