Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Arizona, USA

"Love life; live life with a purpose for purposeful end."- Yahaya Balogun.

n April 20, 2024, I was privileged and lucky to attend the last ceremony of Papa Oriabure's glorious exit. Papa Oriabure planted seeds of life in Mama Oriabure; the seeds germinated and produced beautiful fruits of life that feed the souls of many people in the world. Parents are mirrors of their children. Children mirror their parents in all aspects of life through nurture-nature, morals, and godliness. Oriabure's family is also blessed to have inlaws who make people who associate with them feel a sense of pride, love, and hope for humanity.

Meanwhile, it is pertinent to use this occasion to remind ourselves of life's intertwined beauty and futility. It was another teachable moment for human stoicism (the endurance of pain or hardship without displaying bad feelings and complaints). Stoically, every human is a fallible being. Humans' propensity to make mistakes or face challenges is a part of human nature. We should always look before we leap and constantly explore our mindfulness for the tranquility of our well-being.

In reality, it is sometimes existentially reflective to attend a funeral ceremony. It gives a discerning mind to muse and reflect on the life after (death) life. Every musing attendant in a funeral ceremony has, in possession, the inevitable postponement soul ticket to exit this troubled world—it is a question of time! Funeral attendance is a unique or defining moment for deep introspection to take stock of our lives. It is an exceptional or awkward period to vow to change parts of our everyday life that are at variance to human decency and humankindness. Only a few discerning minds take advantage of that to reflect!

Papa Oriabure was an exceptional individual whose legacy of kindness and generosity continues to thrive through his beloved children and cheerful inlaws. I was privileged to meet Papa Oriabure through his wife, who radiates love and warmth towards everyone. Every encounter with Mama Oriabure exemplifies the values she instilled in her children. In all our life experiences, through education or learning, whatever we input in ourselves seeps into the deepest part of our soul and crystallizes to form our personality and values. Values are the principles, standards, or qualities by which we live our lives. Our values shape the person we become, and our actions reflect those values.

It's truly inspirational to witness the profound influence that Papa and Mama Oriabure have had on their children and community. Their unwavering commitment to compassion and benevolence is a testament to the transformative potential of living a purposeful life. To live in the blossoming hearts of our beloved ones is not to die!

Furthermore, Papa Oriabure lived a life of fulfillment. His wife, Mama Oriabure, is a worshiper of the muse! She celebrates everyone's best—no exceptions. Papa Oriabure and his wife have blessed the world through their exceptional children. The humility, sincerity, and humanity of Oriabure's inlaws are awe-inspiring. Oriabures are reaping the abundant fruits of their goodness and labor. Papa Oriabure's family, inlaws, and children embody humility, respect, and love. The troubled world needs more of Oriabure's family for peace, love, and tranquility.

May God grant Mama Oriabure a long life and the strength to bear the loss of her beloved husband—Papa Oribure, and may Papa's transition be seamless to eternal glory, Amin.

Rest in Peace, Papa!