Friday, April 14, 2023
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Arizona, USA

his is rudely shocking and sad! But who are we to question God for taking you to Him? Sister Adenike Adewunmi-Adebisi, as you look down on us tonight, you were once like your mourners, and your mourners will one day be mourned hopefully and prayerfully at our old ages and epochal periods.

However, Mr. President-elect must be told of the demise of a great quintessential and batified BATist. Sister Adebisi's untiring campaign and sense of humor on Zuckerville engendered part of the numerous efforts of unalloyed Batists that ensured BAT's victory. Your winnable role must be recognized by BAT--the incoming President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Death is a very poetic proverb and imagination. Death is an existential mystery that human beings need to demystify. When death creeps in and saunters spontaneously to snatch a beloved one from a joyful family and friends, the family mourns; the friends wail; the admirers gnash teeth in unending anguish. But in the dead, one has unloaded the agent of death as the dead one cannot be a victim of death anymore.

In the ethereal, the dead one becomes the extraterrestrial being to feel empathy for the blissful ignorance of living beings. As the dead fellow deconstructs death itself, sister Adenike Adebisi's shortlived reminds us that death is a necessary end, it will come when it will come.

With futility, in the efforts of humans to attain self-actualization, humans struggle with the worthlessness of life. In that struggle, the wisdom-filled humans are also reminded that life is void; the void is life in itself, and repetitiously, life is saturated with nothingness and forgetfulness. The alive human with wisdom will understand the futility of life and what life entails! We are daily romanticizing and entangled with the nothingness of life.

Meanwhile, we must begin to reorientate ourselves to constantly imagine the inevitability of our existential expiration. No one is immune; only time is a determinant of when we will individually kick the bucket. As the dead humans go joyfully through the catacombs to transit to eternal life, the living humans, friends, families, and frenemies are left in a world full of contradictions, blissful ignorance, and nothingness.

In a jiffy, we get carried away to return to business as usual--that is what the fallible humans are made of! The legacy we left behind will only speak on our behalf when we are no more dwelling in a void world. We have lost a human whose witticism was a soothing balm to so many dwellers of Zucker Village. We will sorely miss your sense of humor and beautiful soul.

Sister Bisi, may your gentle soul rest in perfect peace!