Friday, April 12, 2024
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Arizona, USA

udos to Tinubu's administration, through its tireless Minister of Aviation, Festus Keyamo, for fighting and creating a price war in aviation travel in Nigeria. If a country has a responsible government, it will engender accountable production of goods and services. Whatever we can do individually to promote our indigenous businesses, we must do it for the collective good. Everyone must be a stakeholder in the country's growth and development.

Interestingly, Air Peace Airlines is poised to disrupt the agelong status quo and monopolistic tendency, known as biz manipulation in Nigeria. Air Peace is heartwarmingly resuscitating competition between national and international airline carriers in Nigeria. After all, there is hope amid our collective hopelessness in Nigeria. Any discerning mind that listens and closely monitors the patriotic body language of the CEO of Air Peace Airlines, Dr. Allen Onyema, would see that he means well for ordinary Nigerians. Dr. Allen Onyema is a responsible, people-oriented businessman. Dr. Allen Onyema is a man who has helped evacuate ordinary Nigerians from crisis-ridden regions in Africa with no selfish expectations from the government or for political opportunism.

The federal government of Nigeria and Nigerians must rally around Air Peace against the alleged foreign Airline conspiratorial flight prices on their Lagos-London-Lagos routes. Who flies these lucrative routes? A chunk of Nigerians! Price competition is healthy for businesses and customers, but this business practice must be done with utmost honesty and without foreign airlines' cartels and hidden agendas to frustrate indigenous airlines. The government and the Nigerian people must break the monopoly of foreign airlines, as Globacom did to business-vulture MTN and others. Oligopolistic business practices must be reasonably encouraged in our robust Nigerian business environment to ensure a level playing ground.

Meanwhile, the current Air Peace needless struggle and travail is another defining moment and litmus test to see if Nigeria and Nigerians will get it right. This period should be a period of national consciousness, reflection, and unconditional patriotism. An example of healthy business and patriotism is to imbibe the American spirit of patriotism. Americans have a preference for homemade cars and patronizing indigenous Airlines. An average American would tell you that if he wins the lottery, he would buy American trucks and fly American Airlines.

Moreover, we must patronize homemade goods and be responsible citizens. The spirit of patriotism must be animated and inculcated into our consciousness and system. The stakeholders in the government mechanism will also be accountable and responsible to responsible and irresponsible citizens. Everyone will be answerable and cohabit in peace, happiness, and tranquility. No foreign and domestic manipulators will be allowed to defraud the citizens. The consumer protection agency in Nigeria must be overhauled and fine-tuned to aggressively prevent corporate organizations from cheating vulnerable and helpless citizens.

Thank you, Dr. Allen Onyema, and your entire management, for your resilience and spirit of humanism and patriotism.