Saturday, March 4, 2023
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Arizona, USA

"The solutions to Nigerian problems are basic and elemental, but the pessimists aren't quick to employ their emotional intelligence. Instead, they're quick at utilizing irrational emotion to distort reasoning." -Yahaya Balogun

"Optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty while the pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity." -Winston Churchill.

he Guardian publication, 03 March 2023, titled: “Letter to Peter Obi on the presidential election,” which was authored by brilliant Mr. Edidiong Esara made a tale reading. Reading through this brainy and obediently Obidient in sentence construction, fable, hyperbole, and personification of the character of their master Peter Obi is not only ludicrous but amusing to inquisitive and intellectual minds. Mr. Edidiong Esara’s gospel according to Saint Peter Obi, the Mandela, and messiah of the gullible, disgruntled, and aggrieved youths who are finding their collective identity makes a rueful and concerning reading.

Peter Obi is undoubtedly one of the establishments to which Tinubu and Atiku also belong. He was two terms governor with no infrastructural amenities and people-oriented projects to show for it. He cross-carpeted from APGA to PDP and contested as VP candidate with Alhaji Atiku Abubakar in the 2019 presidential election. When he couldn't secure a ticket to run for President under the People's Democratic Party. With political opportunism, he defected from PDP to Labor Party and prostituted the minds of his unsuspecting religious and ethnic bigots, and Gen Z admirers.

Any attempt to expunge Peter Obi’s political persona or character from the symbiotic relationships and characters of a typical politician in Nigeria will always result in misguided rhetoric and vehement resistance from eye-opened Nigerians. The more Peter Obi’s admirers attempt to paint his political credential as clean, the more an inquisitor like this writer will always resist the intentional embellishments and fables being cooked for our political and moral consumption.

Interestingly, I read Mr. Edidiong Esara’s interesting article three times before writing this piece to savor and deconstruct the tale by moonlight carefully and craftily constructed in his beautiful essay. Believe me, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The period of the electioneering campaign in Nigeria was reminiscent of the 2016 presidential election in the United States. The loquacious master of pathological lies, conspiracy theories, racial baits, and moral fables was successful in renting a plethora of electoral lies, religious idiosyncrasies, and divisive mechanics in the brains of his minions to get to power. The Humpty Dumpty man eventually succeeded in the burden of the most powerful nation in the world. But in my rustic fatherland and homeland, the majority of Nigerians are not gullible. Do not attempt to sell a dummy to inquisitive Nigerians. It will boomerang.

The majority of Nigerians are too intelligently savvy to be hoodwinked by the man who cannot be exonerated from the woes of Nigeria. Peteru is a man who cooks figures and butchers statistical data like Alápatŕ in Ňje market, Ibadan, Nigeria. Every unverifiable and mystical statistical data Peter Obi ditched out during the 2023 general electioneering campaign was embarrassingly debunked.

The ké ké ré nke o Obi is a metaphorical tsunami and lying hurricane that successfully captured the Nigerian Gen Z (born 1997 to 2013) whose BAT(birth)days were dated after the June 12, 1993, presidential election. Give it to Peter Obi, the opportunistic and cunningly soft-spoken man who has been able to redefine the political calculus and equation, and woke up the sleeping giant youth in Nigeria. Peter Obi has opened the eyes of the youth. The youths are beginning to find their incredible crucible identity through Peter Obi's political opportunism. Tinubu must not miss this evolving unique opportunity. Provision of necessities of life from the constant power supply, motorable roads, job opportunities, and security of life, and property must be his administration's cardinal points. Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu must heed the advice of the sterling Ooni of Ife. Ooni, the Arole Oodu'a gave the best brilliant advice so far on how to heal and unite the nation undoubtedly journeying on the road to prosperity. The Obidients like Mr. Edidiong Esara must go and listen to the admonition of Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi ?jájá II.

Unequivocally, the master strategy--Tinubu will undoubtedly capitalize on the blessings in disguise inherent in ké ké ré nke, Obi’s political ingenuity to revamp the boisterous zoomers to the alignment of his political vision and mission. Tinubu must begin a revolutionary move to disrupt the status quo and get Nigerians out of our mess and quagmire. If Dubai and Singapore can be mutated from national obscurity to a hub and destination for global tourism and investment, Tinubu must, and can incentivize the fresh minds of our talented and skillful youths to resituate Nigerian exceptionalism on the world map again.

In conclusion, the like-mind of our brilliant Mr. Edidiong Esara and other gullible Nigerian youths must be redirected and synergized. The energy of our Gen Z must be geared towards productive realities and internalize their untapped incredible sense of imagination for the common good of all Nigerians.

God bless Tinubu, Atiku, Obi, all other 2023 presidential contestants, and Nigerians. God bless our exceptional Homeland.