Thursday, February 16, 2023
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Arizona, USA

here is nothing called impossibility if you are a great optimist!" �By Yahaya Balogun.

"The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty." �By Winston Churchill.

"Optimist sees possibility in every difficulty; a pessimist sees difficulty in every possibility." -Anonymous.

Seeing a potentially great country, you dearly loved sliding into the abyss of time is disheartening. Nigeria, my country, is characteristically a hypocritical nation with repetitious history. A country where the rulers and the ruled are insincere in their mutual religious and sociopolitical dealings. Sadly, with amusement, the stakeholders in Nigerian polity are twirling their political mustaches to the detriment of the hapless people.

In a nutshell, Nigerian youths are in a crisis of identity. Every sincere and sacrificial attempt to liberate the Nigerian youth from the claws of their oppressors has proved abortive. In mobilizing our contemporary Nigerians, moral activists like this writer have made more frenemies than understanding and sincere friends. Whereas "man shall always be judged according to his intentions."

Ruefully, Nigeria's glaring and essential commodities are ethnic and religious intolerance, blissful ignorance, and political opportunism. In Nigeria today, it is normal to be abnormal; and abnormal to be normal. Nigerian society will see you as weird if you behave normally in dystopian Nigeria. But, if you behave abnormally, the same hypocritical community will see you as normal. Unfortunately, a raped nation has become numb to Nigeria's egregious and dystopian nature and the antisocial behavior of its citizens.

Despite growing evidence of youth activism and mobilization for political inclusion, Nigerian youths are yet to achieve equal representation in Nigerian politics. It is sad! If I had my way, I would have graciously advised all the youths in Nigeria to change their juvenile activism and tactless strategies to take back their future from the men of yesterday. Without equivocation, my advice to the youths would have been to stop exerting all their synergistic energy on the brigandage, devilish, cartoonish, and clownish political parties in Nigeria. Instead, I would have advised them to organize formidable political parties. The youths must withdraw from Stockholm syndrome and the cross-carpeted and unprincipled All Progressives Congress (APC) and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). Currently, the three dominant political figures jostling for the highest office in the homeland are in the same sanctuary of the potpourri of political devils. Out of the three Nigerian presidential candidates, Nigerian voters will certainly, and (un)fortunately, vote for the most beautiful one among the three amoral political nymphs.

Regrettably, my joy was that the well-organized #EndSARS and #takeitback movements would morph into momentous and organized political parties. From yonder, I even enthusiastically contributed financially to the campaign during the joyful and incredible moment in our tumultuous history. But, unfortunately, the well-intentioned actions were punctuated and punctured by the usual Nigerian leadership's curses and its conventional masses' abracadabra.

Recently, unserious Nigerian youths have been inundating themselves with social media chattiness. Or are they just playing the ostrich to the perpetual and inherent nature of the Nigerian youths' naughtiness, just asking? It's eerie, i.e., stunningly frightening, to see my contemporaries and Nigerian youths snoring in their needless slumbers.

Meanwhile, if Nigeria is a nation with imagination, our leaders and youth would have leveraged the ugly global political atmosphere to polish their political roadmap into the future.

Instead, my copycat nation---Nigeria, justified the nasty event of American history on the dark Wednesday, January 6, 2021. We forget that America has unified and strategic ways of returning from its severe problems. The Nigerian youth should copy from America and the enthusiastic resolve of the once-upon-a-time indifferent apathetic black American voters. They came out massively and voted out the party of hate and suppression from power and the Oval Office. The minority and former political lepers pounded the heart of a party with no respect for human dignity and decency. The rest is ebbing into history!

I boldly say this with no equivocation, Nigeria is a beautiful country with brilliant people. However, Nigeria is currently a wasteland, but it is also a resourceful nation that cannot be wished away or ignored into the abyss of time. Unfortunately, some of us, the incurable optimists who have seen Nigeria's great future, are used to wailing for a better society. Moreover, until we get it right in Nigeria, people like us will continue to peruse and read aloud from every chapter of our book of lamentations.

Nigerian Youth Movement, wake up from your utter slumber!