Monday, January 2, 2023
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Arizona, USA

Dear Mr. Tortoise,

e who seeks equity must do equity," and "he who comes into equity must come with clean hands." -Maxim

"Anyone Mr. Tortoise politically endorses is ruefully designed to meet his or her political waterloo." -Yahaya Balogun

his essay is an abridged version of a letter I wrote to you—Mr. Tortoise on December 17, 2013, when you grotesquely grandstand on President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. This one is meant to swiftly counter (through reply) your current mode of escapism from reality and your impending probe from the egregious past. Nigeria is a repetitious metaphor for a country! You like to play on the pauperized intelligence of the people. We must not allow that to continue to happen to our beloved compatriots and country.

Your current open letter to the youth going viral on the internet and the media in an instant engenders the abridgment and writing of this message to you. He who comes to equity must come with clean hands. Every time you mount a podium to lecture us about the ills of other political leaders or ‘Militaricians’ like you, it tries to becloud us. Further, it traumatizes our collective memory and sense of history. The present Buhari’’s administration is a providential administration to severe Nigeria from the past; unfortunately, people like you thwarted the efforts of President Buhari. 

Mr. Tortoise, be advised responsible minds will understand your psychological insignificance to distract Nigerians by using the current state of insecurity to invade the warped psychology of Nigerians. Your letter is a complete reminder to a fertile mind of the syndrome you suffer from: which is a consciousness of guilt! I sympathize with Peter Obi, the Presidential candidate of the Labor Party. Your endorsement of Peter Obi is a misnomer. No serious voters will take you seriously! Anyone you Mr. Tortoise politically endorses is ruefully designed to meet their political waterloo

What did you do when you were in power to stem the problems of Nigeria? You are just looking for an escape route from your egregious past. No responsible citizen should take you seriously!

This writer is a privileged citizen of the United States of America and a bona fide ‘son of the soil’ of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. He is interlocked with loyalty to both countries. He is very passionate about America because the constitution adequately protects him. He also lamented with the Nigerian leadership because his counterparts in Nigeria suffered amid plenty. Why does the world adore American exceptionalism? Because their forefathers did not labor in vain as their leaders, past and present, respect the constitution and relentlessly continue to create an egalitarian society for present and future generations.

Sir, go and study the United States Constitution; it is a sacred document as good as the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria. The American constitution is sacrosanct to American leadership. Still, to Nigerian leaders, the Nigerian constitution is grossly abused and made a prostate document that is daily rendered impotent as a mere piece of paper it is written. The political position should not be a means to an end but an end to itself, as there is always life after the mantle of leadership.

Mandela was 100% correct about Nigeria in one of his interviews about our sorry situation in Nigeria. Our leaders have no modicum of shame in them. They shed Crocodile tears when Mandela died. They profusely cried with hypocrisy more than the bereaved families of Madiba in South Africa. What a great exposition by Mandela on Nigerians and their leaders!! Nigeria's leadership is embellished with fraud. Nelson Mandela is indeed the antithesis of you, Babangida, and other mindless politicians in Nigeria.

You were reported to have visited Mandela in prison and championed the man's release while you were Military Heads of State of Nigeria. You squandered those heroic gestures. How many Universities or Farmland did Mandela establish or acquire with the state's ill-gotten money? Again, you wasted a lifetime of opportunities. You are a man everyone would have been celebrating by now, as providence was unkind to you due to your selfish leadership style. I weep for Nigeria. What use is it for you to have impermanence of life and still die unsung? Mandela’s demise as a kindred spirit is an eye opener for not only you and your cronies but to all of us that this world is void with nothingness. Humanity should not lose hope as we are witnessing another Mandela in the personae of POPE FRANCIS (TIME MAGAZINE person of the year), MALALA AND AUN SAN SUU KYI, and other courageous personalities we are yet to know. They all espouse the qualities of Nelson Mandela and strive hard to create an egalitarian society for humankind.

I read on this medium that one wired Scholar was communicating with well-informed or ill-informed Nigerians. A purported paid agent and a Cambridge University scholar of African History trying to re-write history by ditching out your pseudo-achievements. I dare say to you and him (the scholar from Cambridge) to tell his thesis or his inaugural lecture of your “achievements” to the average person of Ibadan or Kuje or Ekiti or the families of those that were massacred in Odi by your command, or Ikeja bomb blast victims whom you told in the time of their trauma that you were not supposed to be there, or revered. Clergy members of those good old days of good-religious values you disgraced in the full glare of the public, or the family of MKO Abiola and Nigerians who you betrayed for your collaboration with your cronies to annul the most free and fair elections in the nation’s history, or his supports for most African dictators, or trillions of Dollars of Abacha loots still yet to be accounted for by OBJism.

It is high time people stopped these highfalutin being embellished with husky pretensions. What a gross deceitful exposition by your Scholar.!!! The only thing that is constant in life is change. Posterity is on the side of those who selflessly strive as leaders to create an egalitarian society for all without grandstanding ( yours, with your letter to President Buhari, is Grandstanding instead of Understanding the plights of your people and apologizing for past misdeeds). Nelson Mandela, whom we all celebrate today, is indeed the antithesis of Olusegun Obasanjo and our leaders in a beautiful and castrated country. You wasted a lifetime of opportunities because of selfishness and grotesque attention-seeking.

You, Babangida, Shonekan, Abacha, and Jonathan are children of circumstances. Providence gave you mantles of leadership, and you all squandered it. I still say it. Every single day in the lives of a WIDOW WOMAN from Edo State and other deprived Nigerians gives me concern about Nigeria. As beautiful as other nations are organized, Africa is still on the threshold of history, and Africans must liberate themselves from self-colonialism. We suppose to be swimming in the euphoria of prosperity and tranquility but leaders..!.leaders..!! Leaders…!!! of African countries have failed us woefully. I thought Africans would wake up and reflect sincerely on the election of Barack Hussain Obama of the United States!! But NO. What did you see? The hypothesis of hypocrisy, deceits and warped minds, and other characteristic maladies dotted the nomenclatures and minds of the citizens. A microcosm of our nuts and mental decadence are comments of some people you read daily on Facebook and other social media. Obama, once hailed and adored, is now their enemy because he speaks truths to their conscience.

Mandela, whom they hypocritically eulogize today, was densely critiqued by the same species of human beings because our minds in that part of the world are intertwined with religiosity, opium that leaders are using as tools to distract and destroy Nigeria and African countries today! Nigeria is a bad example of a father to other African countries. When the entity of a giant is rotten, those following it will do the same. Mandela was genuine with love and instinctually unhappy with our complacency and our religious and political leaders’ hedonism. Our leaders paint every street of Nigeria with megalomania and religiosity, yet our citizens continue to wallow in misery, abject poverty, and other ills of society. It’s a shame.

To Nigerians, Mark Zuckerberg helped us without paying any dime with the advent of Facebook; instead of us to form a majority coalition and mobilize the populace, we are busy using religion and ethnic jingoism as a wedge to divide ourselves, all because of our warped minds as a result of long misrules by successive governments of Nigeria. Arise O Compatriots!!! ….wake up and denounce our selfishness to build a country to be proud of by the next generation. We cannot continue like this…..!!! 

O, Dear Obasanjo, there is an absence of Buhari’s integrity in all of you. You still have a great opportunity to right the wrong by apologizing to all Nigerians who have been abysmally affected by your rules. Maybe, Mandela’s demise has woken you up and all of you who have committed religious, economic, and political crimes against Nigeria. Time will tell…..! May God give you and your partners the courage to right the wrongs of the past and shape for good the future of the present generation you and your political cabals have wasted: and the next generation yet unborn.

As we ask God to help Nigeria, may God open the eyes of Tortoise’s disciples and gullible Nigerians to discern the hypocrisy and shenanigans of a man who anchors Nigerian psychology in his political arsenal.

God bless our beleaguered Federal Republic of Nigeria.