Monday, January 2, 2023
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Arizona, USA

he year 2023 is here, depending on which side of the hemisphere you are located! The eventful Year 2022 has come and gone. In terms of the calendar, there will be no significant difference in them from their precursors or forerunners (the previous years). The main similarity will be in their sameness of figures. I seldom make New Year's resolutions! It is a familiar and sometimes unrealistic naughty ritual that everyone makes but rarely keeps every year.

All men are created equal---all men are nurtured differently to compete naturally in our competitive world. This coming year--2023, I shall ensconce myself in a wrapped "koshio bag" of peace and bring tranquility to the people around me. I will multiply the multiplicity of peace in society and enjoy every friendliness my environment brings. Life is charming if we make it beautiful.

If you live in a circle of friends that rejoice and amplify your success, you better revere the loop and guide it jealously. Your ring should celebrate your achievement at any time. Your circle should also bemoan your failure if you fail but encourage you to rise and succeed again. If any of these is absent in your group, change it, or be your own group to see the difference.

Consistently date the good side of one of your roommates. We sometimes forget the inaudible voices of reasoning between our roommates. Our roommates are the negative and positive thoughts in our mindset and everyday self-talk. We often forget the extraordinary power of innate nature inherent in us. All men are born equal, notwithstanding how the environment and nature mold and remold men. But out of those human nuances of life like jealousy, competition, hate, resentment, and I-don't-want-him-to-be-me attitudes, men and women are lost in the contest and instant gratification from mundane life.

Realistically, an opportunistic mind lost in the boredom of life is the worst enemy of man thyself. Man is a product of his thoughts and who he wants to be. With the law of karma, whether a man likes it or not, he will be the harvester of his own refugee intentions and behavioral crops--good or bad. Please, read credible history books about life. Stop feeding fat your fragile mind with distorted lies and ethnic fables.

Interestingly, Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Mark Zuckerberg, William Shakespeare, Wole Soyinka, Achebe, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Socrates, and a host of other successful people in the world have the sameness of life. All these muses mentioned are human beings with astonishing innate natures that nurtured their minds. They are glorious "victims" of their era. They do not have two heads severance from you and me. If you study the lives of these self-actualized creatures closely, you will see that the secrets of their successful lives aren't premised on ordinary life, i.e., mundane---jealousy, hate, unhealthy competitions, etc. They internally compete with their minds and compete healthily with their political and socioeconomic rivals. These people are humans like you and me: they eat, drink, smell, excrete waste, get sick, have good sex, read books and do everything fallacious and fallible the ordinary men do every day. The difference between them and other lazy people is their unfettered courage to succeed against all odds.

In conclusion, as you look back to take stock of your life, you must always use your experience to discern the power of self to unearth intrinsic success in you. You must stop bringing down the successful people next door. Celebrate their success with amplified cheers to celebrate yours, too, when your success comes. Your success is awaiting you to explore to fruition. Use your own mind and mental keyboards to write your own story to success. Life is too sweet to dwell in its falsity, unhealthy competitions, and other unpleasant and seemingly cosmetics and false niceties of life.

Enjoy your holiday season and New Year--2023.