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One can have no smaller or greater mastery than mastery of oneself (Leonardo da Vinci)

Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves will free our minds (Bob Marley)

The most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed (Steve Biko)

A waist that has wrappers shouldn't go naked. (▄kwŘ nwere akwń adighi nma igba ÷t÷) (Igbo Proverb)

In the present crisis, the government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem (Ronald Reagan)

he government that has spread hardship across in the land has been going around trying to buy people's votes. Unless Nigerians do the right thing, this buying of voters by APC might be an indicator to the way 2019 will go, in fact, it might be a mirror showing what will happen during the election.

I had expected that Nigerians, by now, having suffered enough, will be ready to say that nobody can toy with them anymore. I hope that Nigerians will no longer be ready to sell their rights just for a few cups of rice and a small amount of money, because, they now know that collecting rice and money from politicians during campaigns is tantamount to selling their votes to them and as such the politicians will owe the voters no duty or obligation once he or she wins, because, the voters had already mortgaged their conscience.

With this trend, the politicians, once elected, can then afford to recoup their expenses during the campaign and will embezzle the money meant for services to the people without looking back, because, they bought their ways through. The poor can't eat their cake and still have it.

How long will it take Nigerians to know that it's dangerous to collect foodstuffs and money from the politicians, and to vote for them based on these gestures?

Unless the voters are also tricky, like the politicians, by collecting these gifts and still voting their conscience, otherwise the gifts from politicians are of temporary relief, as the politicians will never give out these gifts once the elections are over. Any politician who wants to subject the voters to oath-taking should be avoided like a plague. The politicians see the voters as friends only during the election periods, and once these periods are over, they, the politicians, will then start living in another world from that of the voters.

The suffering voters should only vote for politicians that will create the conditions necessary for them to be able to afford the means of buying those foodstuffs themselves. What I am saying in effect is, only politicians that will be able to create jobs so that the unemployed will engage themselves in meaningful activities, which will then afford them a decent means of living, should be voted in. The voters should tell the politicians to "teach them how to fish so that they will catch their own fishes whenever they want" and not to depend on occasional "fish handouts" from them.

Only the politicians that will be paying workers┤ salary as at when due, should be voted in so that the voters will be able to live up to their respective responsibilities. Politicians that will create a conducive atmosphere for businesses to thrive, so that people in this field can go about their businesses, which will then afford them the opportunity to buy what they want, should be elected, and not the politicians that will remember the voters only during the election periods. Nigeria doesn't need, any longer, selfish politicians that will pamper, feed, praise, or pretend to love the voters during election periods only to despise the same voters once the elections are over.

The poor Nigerians have suffered greatly at the hands of their rulers, whether military or civilian. Now, they should be taking their destinies in their own hands and must send a message to the in-coming politicians that it will never be business as usual. The politicians have "carried the voters for a long time on their backs with their legs still touching the ground (without any progress), now the voters must learn how to walk unaided" in order to be their own masters.

My advice to Nigerian politicians is that they should see selfless services, to their constituencies, as a mark of honor, and should carry out their duties with a sense of humility, and the fear of God.

Nigeria's problems are compounded by citizens known for their debaucheries, and youths who care less about what's going in their country. If we had been politically conscious, Buhari couldn't have won the election, and we wouldn't have been suffering the way we're doing now. To sign off, let me share these with you (many must have read them by now):

These below were posted:

  1. By Ademola H Adigun:

    A lecturer wanting 5 rounds for pass. A policeman demanding 500k for bail. A judge demanding 5m for judgment. A public servant demanding 50m for a contract. A voter demanding 5k for his/her vote. A clergy demanding 5-500k for "blessings". A leader(s) closing their eyes to corruption and nepotism. A parent offering 50k for ward's admission into school or paying for exam questions.

    A society rewarding incompetence. A society closing its mind to murder. A society shutting down common sense. A society designed to allow the worst to emerge to the top, in many respects. A society that justifies all things in the name of politics, tribe, ethnicity and individual benefit. A society that blackmails others for difference in thinking.

    A Nation that we have all collectively built. One working towards oppressing the other. Where impunity is rife. Where our default thinking is on wailing or hailing never a consideration of the issue.

    A society with low or no expectations from their leaders. A society in conflict with itself. A society where thought is absent. That all issues are swept under the carpet depending on who holds the broom and where all things can be covered depending on where the umbrella tilts.

    A society where seemingly educated men run away from speaking out in the face of evil so that they will be seen as saints.

    A society where evil doers are glorified by men who pretend to be gentlemen.

    A society where men have no regards to the legacy they will leave behind.

    A society where money is preferred to wisdom.

    We built this place.

  2. I don't know the Author of this write up, it was forwarded to me and it's worth reading and sharing.

    While we have been busy talking about Nigeria of today, I wonder if we have spared a thought about how this country will be in the next TWENTY-FIVE years.

    On October 1, 1979, when Alhaji Shehu Usman Aliyu Shagari was sworn-in as president, Goodluck Jonathan was just a 22 year-old undergrad of University of Port-Harcourt. Shagari was 54 years old. Ayo Fayose was 19 years old. Bukola Saraki was 17. Yemi Osinbajo was 22. The generation of the likes of Shagari, Richard Akinjide, Adisa Akinloye, Sabo Barkin Zuwo, Sam Mbakwe, Jim Ifeanyichukwu Nwobodo, Ume Ezeoke, Christian Onoh, Akin Omoboriowo, Olusola Saraki, Sunday Awoniyi, Garba Nadama, Awal Ibrahim and so on has gone for good!

    Some of us in our 40s, 50s and 60s now, were in school then, either in the university or secondary school. We had lofty dreams, both personal and societal. We were always motivated by nationalists and inventors who had impacted positively on the cause of humanity. We were voracious readers of novels and other books. Nelkon for our Ordinary Level Physics, Lambert for Chemistry, B.O ADELEKE and Goh Cheng Leong for our Geography, Phebean Ogundipe for Practical English, William Shakespeare Chinua Achebe, Cyprian Ekwensi, Ola Rotimi for Literature and others like that.

    We were always flaunting our knowledge of current affairs. Inter-school quiz, Literary and Debating competition were the in-thing. Nowadays, students can hardly string a sentence together in English without errors.

    Fast forward 35 years on and you are shocked and disturbed. Have you ever spoken to or engaged a 20 year-old boy? Ask him what motivates him and he is likely to mention music, hip hop to be precise. He has hundreds of downloaded songs on his phone. He can sing all of them off hand. He knows all the singles of Nice, Neato C, Timaya, Davido, Whiz Kid off hand. The babes among them take pride in enticing men old enough to be their father on social media with buxomly physique. But he/she does not know anything about history of nationalism in the country. Ideas about good society, responsible family and good conduct do not motivate him. He just wants to make money because his friend who does yahoo is rich and rides a good car, her friend who has numerous 'aristos' drives an SUV!

    The things that interest him/her are things that do not add value. He /she has google but never uses it for advancement of knowledge but to download porn and other inanities. Yet, in TWENTY years time, they are the ones that will be contesting to become governors, senators, Reps members and even president.

    They belong to a generation that does not care about morality. They belong to a generation that is motivated only by money and its acquisition. By 2035 to 2040, they will be our senators, Reps, governors and so on.

    I wonder if we have ever spared a thought for how this country will look like under them. I told a man recently and these are my words: IF A GUY WHO IS IN LAGOS COULD USE FALSE PRETENCE TO OBTAIN $20,000 FROM SOMEONE IN UNITED STATES, WHAT DO YOU THINK WILL HAPPEN IF SUCH A GUY BECOMES A STATE GOVERNOR AND IS IN CHARGE OF AN ALLOCATION HE DOES NOT EVEN HAVE TO OBTAIN UNDER FALSE PRETENCE? WHICH HIS STATE IS STATUTORILY ENTITLED TO. How did we get into this mess? How can we get out of this predicament? I am worried, deeply worried. Are you?

    Please, let us continue to share; it might change one or two people

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