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There are many things worse than war. Slavery is worse than war. Dishonor is worse than war (Winston Churchill)

When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice; but when a wicked man rules, the people groan (Proverbs 29:2)

It is not an arrogant government that chooses priorities; it's an irresponsible government that fails to choose (Tony Blair)

hen most Nigerians hear the word "government" now, they have a negative reaction. They look upon Buhari's government as:

* an enemy, and not a friend

* a master, and not a servant

* a master of lies, and not a teller of truth

* a sewer of injustice, and not a fountain of justice

* a tyrant of slavery, and not a defender of freedom

* a voice for sleaze, and not an advocate of morality

* a tool of the devil, and not an instrument of God

Most Nigerians, based on their experiences so far, hate this government. We're living under a repressive dictator where civil rights are withheld, where religious freedom is severely restricted, and where the government is run by self-serving "gangsters", if I should use the words of Martin R. De Haan 11. Buhari and his gangsters ignore and ridicule the moral standards of the Bible or Quran. Nigerians are disgusted by this government's activities, and are picketing against government policies, wondering why the laws are unjust and our money misused or embezzled. This government doesn't uphold freedom, justice and good morals. Infact, for so many Nigerians, the government doesn't exist anymore; the government officials aren't worthy of our prayers anymore; and there's no need to honor and obey the government. Unfortunately, due to the attitude of this government, many Nigerians have chosen the road of apathy and non involvement, and have wiped their hands clean of the political process. The next general election will be a disaster, if 2019 will ever come, as many have vowed not to take part in the political process that will end up throwing dunces and thieves "in their faces".

Christmas is one of the best times of year, but not for so many Nigerians. Buhari and his government have taken the shine out of Christmas, as such that so many Nigerians don't know it's Christmas time now. When I was in Nigeria, Christmas season was often associated with an image of love, peace, and happiness - one of the most exciting moments of the year. Once November hits, it starts getting more exciting with the playing of Christmas music. The season means spending time with the people who mean the most to you. - In my days, the secondary school and university students come home to spend time with family and friends. No matter how old one gets, Christmas always brings out the child in him or her. It used to be such a freeing feeling that allows one to enjoy the season with little worries and endless smiles.

I miss those good old days of Christmas, when people used the period to showcase the fruit of their labor within the year. It was then a season of great joy: a time for remembering the past and hoping for the future. It used to be a hectic period too, as people will rush to the villages from the cities - many families had to travel long-distance for the festivities. People used to buy new car, or open their new house or marry wife or husband or get chieftaincy title. The season used to be the perfect time for those who were successful in their businesses to give back to their community - through charity work or simply through the gifting process - there were plenty of ways of make people smile at that time of year - the period used to be bubbling over with activities, as there were mad whirl of parties and celebrations everywhere, and of course, the nice harmattan weather will then add an aura to it all.

When the Christmas season ends, then begins a new year - the start of a new year means a fresh start. It's exciting to wake up on January 1st and knowing that one has an entire year of new hope. The period used to be touted as the most wonderful time of the year, but not anymore for millions of Nigerian - Christmas is no longer a happy time for them. When I was growing up in Nigeria, the Christmas season used to be a time when nobody goes hungry - at least, on a Christmas Day, I and my kindred brothers used to go about, eating in our respective mothers' kitchens, and respective families used to kill cow or goat or chicken, depending on their capability, and there used to be food to go round, even for visitors. Now, many families can't afford food, even one without meat, on that Day; talk more of the one to share with others.

Today, just as Victor Sotonye Jaja pointed out, hunger is killing Nigerians, and so many of them don't even know it's Christmas time. Buhari has not changed anything positively but negatively. Prices of food stuff remains ever high beyond the reach of the masses. Rate of unemployment is at its highest; a lot of companies have folded up & retrenched Nigerians. State governments can't pay their civil servants nor maintain their existing infrastructure because they are not viable under the present system of government. Reason being that Buhari has failed to listen & realise that Nigeria needs to be overhauled & restructured. Buhari is still resting in ancient of days. Thank God that soon Nigerians will exercise their votes nationally, and then we shall make our choice.

Some one posted this to me, and I promised to share it:

It can only be in Nigeria!

Before Buhari came to power, I was buying a bag of rice N7, 500, but later N23, 000. They said it's for my own good!

I was buying a bag of Semo N1, 550, but later N3, 400. They said it's just to ensure food sufficiency!

I was buying fuel at N87 per litre, but later N145. They said it's just a temporal hardship for the nation to move on!

I was paying N1, 000 NEPA Bill, but later N5, 000. They said it's to ensure steady electricity!

I was buying a pack of sugar at N250, but now N5000. They said I should thank God for this government.

Sanusi raised alarm about missing $20 billion during GEJ administration; later reduced it to $10 billion, and the nation was agog. Under Buhari, Kaichukwu raised alarm of misappropriation of $26 billion, no reduction, but he was asked to go and reconcile with Baru, and story ends!

Naira was 178 to a 1$ under GEJ's administration, but under Buhari's administration it went up to N5000 to 1$, and now exchanging for over N306 to 1$, and we're told the economy is the focus of this government!

The Head of service (HOS) raised alarm that "the president was aware of Maina's return, but chooses to be quiet", no denial, yet, no reason was given to Nigerians for that!

We used to have presidential media chat in which the president keeps citizens abreast with what's happening. We only had it once under this administration and no reason is given for the alienation of the citizens.

Mr. President went to Abia and Anambra states on two days working visit and no single inmate was freed, he went to Kano State and 500 inmates were left off the hook!

Almost 3 years gone, no single project has been commissioned under a government that has the highest history of budget in Nigeria!

I can go on and on…but my challenge is that people keep saying that PMB is the best thing that ever happened to Nigeria, even when this is not his first time in government. I'm yet to be convinced!

Last week, I pointed out that Buhari's government is trying to slow Innoson Vehicle manufacturing Company down. Little did I know that they have made plans to arrest the Managing Director of the company. Just as Buhari "killed" Ibeto Cement, he's also trying to "kill" Innoson Motor Company because of where the owners are from. And tomorrow, someone will say that we shouldn't blame the government of the day for the high rate of unemployment, when Buhari is the person helping in creating unemployment instead of jobs. One Muhammad Kolo Shehuri wrote that "Innoson doesn't deserve such humiliation, loan or any other agreement should be settled the way it was peacefully reached but not this way. I reserve a special respect for Innoson because he seems to me as the only viable and visible example of Nigerian automobile development".

The latest is that operatives of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, have, on Tuesday, December 19, arrested the founder and chairman of Nigeria's automobile company, Innoson Motors, Innocent Chukwuma. The Vanguard Reports say Innoson was arrested at his residence in Enugu. Reports also said his arrest may not be unconnected with a legal case between the automobile company and Nigeria's new generation bank, Guaranty Trust Bank.

The question is why should the EFCC be a partial arbiter in a case between two businesses? The EFCC crossed the line by this illegal or unlawful arrest. Many senators condemned the arrest, and the senate is investigating the incident. Senator Abaribe said: "How can a commercial transaction between a client and his bank lead to the involvement of EFCC and his arrest? EFCC is engaging in a self care package, we must say NO to this kind of impunity". For Senator Na'Allah, "There is no doubt there has been a carryover of the military mentality. The EFCC do what they like because they have the power, this is uncivilized and unhealthy". And Senator Olusola Adeyeye added that, "When injustice is fostered on any Nigerian, it is fostered on all of us. The EFCC violated sections 34, 35 and 36 of the Nigerian Constitution. What's the business of EFCC in making arrest over civil matter"?

There's something wrong: We don't know who to believe here. I think the GTB is using its connection to the powers that be to deal with Chief Innocent Chukwuma, and has turned a victim into a culprit. I think that's a double jeopardy for the Innoson Motors' MD, because, based on what I was told, he's the aggrieved and shouldn't have been arrested, thereby making him the aggrieved and the aggressor at the same time. I learned that Innoson has won twice, in courts, against GTB, and their case is still pending in the Supreme Court. Why should EFCC jump in, on behalf of GTB? Even if Innoson obtained its loan from GTB with forged documents, as alleged by GTB, is the EFCC the rightful organization to take up a forgery case? Why then didn't the EFCC take up or investigate Buhari's forgery of WAEC certificate, if that's its expanded role now?

This is what was forwarded to me: Now that GTBank has acted the script!

Many of you would not know why Innoson is persecuted under the smokescreen of GTB nonsense: he was asked to relocate his automobile production plant to Lagos; he refused, and insists to adhere to Ojukwu's counsel to Nnewi sons "not to move their investments outside Nnewi".

Later on, Nigerian Air Force lured him with the contract of refurbishing their aging aircrafts, and requested he execute the contract in Kaduna by moving down his Igbo engineers and sections of his company down to Kaduna, he refused. Later on, Nigerian Air Force, having seen the necessity of bringing down their dilapidated aircrafts down to Nnewi, was forced to do so as western countries could not help. In the refurbishment, Innoson, beyond Nigeria's government expectations, gave the previously written off aircrafts new lives.

Being afraid of what's happening in Eastern Nigeria, and the glamorous tech. going on in Innoson, the Federal government, under Buhari, decided to punish Innoson for his refusal to relocate to Lagos or Kaduna where his company will be censored properly. The first punishment was series of seizure of his raw materials, in wharf, by the Customs, despite the import waiver given to him by the Goodluck Jonathan's led government.

Secondly, the 30% policy of buying IVM products by the Nigerian government and her agencies, by Jonathan's Government, was cancelled by Buhari. They had accused him of importing arms before, just to crush him, as they did to Ibeto Cement, but to no avail. Buhari believes Innoson can manufacture arms for Biafrans to fight Nigeria. If he could refurbish war gunships, he could manufacture arms and armoured personal carriers for Biafrans. GTBank is just a smokescreen; they want to kill him for refusing his order!

Let's look at the case: Innoson vs. GTBank (this was also sent by Ikechukwu Emeka Onyia, and I shared it with some of my WhatsApp contacts):

Innoson Group vs. GTBank: 30 Key Points you need to know about the dispute.

  1. At all material time, Innoson Nigeria Ltd. operates a Current Account with GTBank.

  2. Innoson obtained, and had repaid same, a loan of N1.3 billion from GTB, which was secured with a legal mortgage of its properties valued at more than N1.4 billion.

  3. Innoson discovered that GTBank imposed excess and unlawful charges in its Current Account.

  4. Innoson Group complained to GTBank on its discovery of access charges on his account.

  5. Both parties (Innoson and GTBank) agreed to invite an independent auditing firm that will be agreed upon by both parties.

  6. At the end, MULTI-WINGS Consulting Firm of Auditors was invited to properly audit Innoson Nigeria Ltd's Current Account No. 0043753636 domiciled with Nnewi Branch of GTBank. The audit covers a period from March 2004 to December 2011.

  7. After the account was audited, it was discovered that GTBank has been illegally deducting excess bank charges on its overdraft facility to the Innoson to the tune of seven hundred and eighty-six million, two hundred and five thousand, nine hundred and fifty-five Naira, ninety nine Kobo ( N786, 205, 955, 99).

  8. GTBank was shocked at the audit report when the report was forwarded to it. They replied in their letter to Innoson on 20th January, 2012, that it will investigate the issue raised and will get back to Innoson on the conclusion of its investigation.

  9. In the month of September, 2012, GTBank wrote to Innoson that from their personal audit report, the excess bank charges was five hundred and fifty-nine million, three hundred and seventy-two Naira, nine Kobo (N559, 3 million).

  10. Innoson agreed to their version and decided to accept payment from it, in the spirit of amicable resolution.

  11. Innoson also requested that the said agreed amount of N559, 3 Million be paid with a 22% interest rate, because Innoson had been repaying all his loan, with GTBank, at 22% interest rate.

  12. GTBank refused and said that the best they can repay excess and illegal deductions is at 7% interest rate. This led to another disagreement between Innoson and GTBank.

  13. As a result, in 2012, Innoson sued GTBank at Federal High Court, Awka, with Suit No. FHC/Awk/Cs/2012.

  14. Federal High Court, Awka, delivered judgment in favor of Innoson in excess of N4.7 billion against GTBank. The Court also ordered GTBank to pay 22% interest on the judgment debt until all the payment had been made to Innoson.

  15. In 2013, GTBank appealed against the judgment to the Court of Appeal, Enugu Division - Appeal No: CA/E/288/2013.

  16. The Court of Appeal, Enugu, in a considered ruling, ordered GTBank to pay the judgment debt of N6 billion inclusive of the accrued interest and any interest that would subsequently accrue thereon into an interest yielding account in the Name of the Chief Registrar of the Court.

  17. In its various affidavits, particularly at the Court of Appeal in Suit No. CA/E/288/2013, GTBank deposed that if it pays the outstanding judgment debt of N6 billion, much less the N8.5 billion, it could go bankrupt and be out of business.

  18. GTBank went to the Supreme Court. The case is still in the Supreme Court, while the judgment debt is about N8 billion now to be paid to Innoson by GTBank.

    Other Cases:

    Ibadan Case: Innoson/GTBank/ Nigerian Customs Service:

  19. Nigeria Customs Service auctioned Innoson goods.

  20. Innoson challenged the Nigerian Customs Service for auctioning its goods, at the Federal High Court, Ibadan.

  21. On July 29, 2011, in a Garnishee Order Absolute, the Federal High Court, sitting in Ibadan, ordered GTBank to pay Innoson N2,048, 737, 443, 67 (N2 billion) from Nigerian Customs account in GTBank.

  22. Rather than comply with the Garnishee Order Absolute of the Court, GTBank, on February 6, 2015, appealed the judgment, but the Court of Appeal, in Appeal No. CA/1/258/2011, affirmed the judgment of the federal High Court and ordered GTBank to pay the judgment debt of N2, 048, 737,443, 67 (N2.048 billion) to Innoson.

  23. GTBank, instead, appealed to the Supreme Court against the Court of Appeal's decision, where GTBank claimed, through a motion, in a Suit No: SC/694/2014, that the Court of Appeal's judgment, in Ibadan (CA/1/258/2011), was procured by suspicious means.

  24. On May 12, 2017, Supreme Court, in its wisdom and rightly, dismissed the unfounded and exasperating claim of GTBank against Innoson.

  25. As a result, Innoson commenced a N400 billion suit against GTBank, in the Suit No. FCT/HC/CV/2448/2017, at the High Court of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

    Another Issue:

  26. Consequently, in order to save itself from paying the outstanding judgment debts to Innoson, the GTB filed a petition against Innoson, alleging forgery, which led to the Suit No: FHC/L/565C/2015 by Police.

  27. On February 17, 2016, Police properly and competently withdraw the charges against Innoson, saying they needed to properly investigate the bank's complaints first and see if they had merits.

  28. On September 1, 2014, GTBank secured an ex parte order on Innoson Nigeria Limited, dated September 1, 2014, with Suit No: FHC/L/CS/1119/201, filed before a federal High Court, in Lagos, between GTBank and Innoson Nigeria Limited, issued by Justice Okon Abang, ordering that, pending the hearing and the determination of the substantive suit, all Commercial Banks in Nigeria were restrained from accepting, in any manner whatsoever, to any mandate or instruction presented to them by Innoson companies or any of its agents or nominees for withdrawal of any sum of money standing to the credit of any account maintained by the company in all the banks.

  29. However, on June 10, 2015, Justice Saliu Saidu of the Federal High Court, Lagos, in a considered ruling, set aside the ex parte order of September 1, 2014, by Justice Okon Abang, and the writ of summon as well.

  30. Innoson then slammed a N30 billion suit on Guaranty Trust Bank for what it had suffered in monetary terms and reputational terms during the months when the accounts of its companies in all Nigerian banks were frozen.

With Innoson winning both cases at the High Court and both cases at the Appeal court, and GTBank appealing, both cases are awaiting the verdict of the Supreme Court. Meanwhile, the fresh N30 billion Naira suit has just gone to the High Court to start its legal journey.

In all, Innoson has won two High Court cases and two Appeal Court cases all against GTBank. Innoson as at today has judgment debt over about N10 billion based on 22% interest rate against GTBank.

Questions for EFCC:

  • Now where is the EFCC coming from, in all these?

  • Does EFCC actually understand its duties here?

  • Is EFCC, by their action, not sabotaging Nigerian economy?

  • if EFCC should arrest any of the parties, shouldn't GTBank, that obviously deducted Innoson money from his account and have debt of about N8 billion to pay Innoson, that they should arrest?

To be continued!


My special wishes to you and to those close to you. May the glorious message of peace and love fill you with joy during this wonderful season; and may Baby Jesus bless you abundantly. HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS!