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In the republic of mediocrity, genius is dangerous (Robert Green Ingersoll)

When small men attempt great enterprises, they always end by reducing them to the level of their mediocrity (Napoleon Bonaparte)

It feels like there's no hope: Nigeria's worsening job crisis. Four out of every 10 people in the country's workforce are either unemployed or underemployed (Al Jazeera)

My cabinet, the best in Nigeria's history. No Nigerian leader till date has been able to assemble "a star-studded" cabinet as I did while in office. In assessing my administration, it is best to focus on facts. I cannot assess myself. I leave that to history. But I can assess my cabinet and I make bold to say that never in the history of Nigeria, till date, has the nation had such a star-studded cabinet, full of achievers and people who got to the top of their chosen fields by merit (Former President Goodluck Jonathan)

igeria, a land full of potentials and talents, has been missing the opportunities to be great because of Leadership Failure. That's why it has remained a "Lilliputian" in terms of progress and development while all the other countries it started the race of nationhood with have dwarfed it by moving on to enviable heights, leaving it way behind. It's because Nigeria is retarded in all ramifications that we still have a misfit like Buhari as a president, and worse still, he wants a re-election. For me, that's an insult. If we re-elect this pinhead, then we all need to see a psychiatrist.

Because Nigeria has refused to grow, through the years, that's why it's the land of:

generals without war,

professors without discovery,

politicians without ideology,

wealth without prosperity,

religion without piety,

leaders without vision,

the oppressed without worries,

courts without justice,

criminals without fears,

history without glory,

heroes without honor,

schools without learning,

artists without taste,

intellectuals without thought,

terrorists without identity,

appointees without life,

hunger without famine,

change without progress,

next level without foundation,

Looters seeking a return,

democracy without citizens,

unity without love,

heroes without sacrifice,

policies without plans,

crime without culprits,

saints without humility,

integrity without performance,

wars without enemies,

billionaires without business,

youth without dreams,

and elders without wisdom. (Copied)

Atiku or Buhari? (Unfortunately, no other choice)

Atiku, as a non-tribalist, unlike Buhari, will not discriminate against any group of people in Nigeria, even if they did not vote for him. He will give appointments to the best to be picked from all parts of Nigeria. Atiku, unlike Buhari, will not give all the major appointments to his fellow Fulani only. It was revealed that the husband of Buhari's first daughter has been appointed the head of Nigeria's Border Communities Development Agency. Don't forget that Buhari's children graduated, and were immediately offered lucrative and dignifying employment. His other son-in-law, with HND in Finance, was made the finance director of NISAMA (Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency), jumping over those more qualified than him and his seniors in service.

Odilim Enwegbara, a development economist, noted that what goes for Atiku is his great business and entrepreneurial successes. The difference between Atiku and Buhari grows miles apart, considering who between them has what it takes to run Nigeria efficiently as a successful business. Because Atiku will hire and appoint the best and brightest Nigerians not minding their political, ethnic or religious affiliation, there is no way an Atiku cabinet will have the like of the present finance minister or allow one politician no matter how he has helped his campaign to be in charge of three important ministries like power, works, and housing.

Chief Mike A. A. Ozekhome wrote about President Buhari's Blurred National Binoculars In Appointments - "the entire security architecture and apparatchik of Nigeria are predominantly and wholly dominated by one section of the country. Thus, about 16 out of 17 key security appointees hail from PMB's section of the country. From the Minister of Internal Affairs, IGP, DG, NIA, DG, DIA, Chief of Army Staff, Chief of Air Staff, to the Comptrollers-General of Customs, Immigration, Prisons, Federal Fire Service, Commandant-General of NSCD, Attorney-General of the Federation, the story is the same (North, mostly Moslems).

Let us add other key national positions such as acting Chairman, EFCC, SGF, Chief of Staff to the President, MD, NNPC, Minister of Petroleum Resources (PMB himself); Heads of DPR, PEF, NPA, FAAN, NCAA, NRC, National security, Printing, and Minting company, AMCON, NDIC, NAICON, Nigeria has been totally northernised! Let us peep into NBC, NTA, INEC, FHA, FERMA, FRCN, NOA, NHIS, NTDA, TESTFUND, UBEC, NPHDA, NCC, NACA, NIMET, BPE, NOSDRA, NUC, Accountant-General, NEMA, Budget office, NIRSA, and you wonder if we are in the "Northern Republic of Nigeria", or "Federal Republic of the North", or Republic of Northern Nigeria". It is so ugly, so nauseating, and so dirty. It means that those who determine the security direction and fate of Nigeria can hold a meeting of the security situation of Nigeria and speak only the language of Hausa, in a country of 374 ethnic groups (Otite onigu); or 480 ethnic groups (M. Onwuejeogwu), that speak about 520 languages, out of which 9 have become extinct".

While Atiku is making effort to rehabilitate the Igbos, 48 years after the civil war, Buhari as president has been marginalizing them the more. Some months ago, President Buhari told the visiting Catholic bishops, in Abuja, that he would review appointments to address marginalization. And he said recently: "I know I neglected Igbos, Middle belt but I will give 100% Attention to them if elected again. Nobody will be left behind this time". So, he knew what he was doing all along. He was consciously marginalizing an ethnic group, and now that the election is approaching, he has agreed to redress the injustice. He thinks he can fool the people again to win re-election, but nobody is buying that crap again from him.

Atiku is proving that he will see all Nigerians as his fellow citizens and all parts of Nigeria as his constituencies. I was told that immediately after winning his nomination in Port Harcourt, some people came to Atiku advising him to look towards the south-west for a running mate in order to win the election, but he told them point blank that he will choose someone from the south-east, saying that Igbos have suffered a lot in Nigeria; that since after the war it seems that the Igbos do not belong to Nigeria, and if by choosing an Igbo man will make him lose the election, so let it be.

Atiku, being more refined than the crude or raw Buhari will not see his wives as belonging to the other room. I have this feeling that Atiku as the president will have regards for Nigerians, especially the youths, and he will be working hard to alleviate the pain and sorrow inflicted on them by our previous rulers. Unlike Buhari, who has nothing nice to say about Nigerians or Nigerian youths, Atiku will never tell the world that Nigerians are thieves and that our youths are lazy. Buhari told the world that many Nigerian youths don't want to do anything, but he didn't tell his audience that his government has failed to provide them, the youths, something meaningful to do.

As a man who married from the north and southern parts of Nigeria, Atiku will be a detribalized president, assuming he wins. Jonathan Manok noted that "as a northerner who is matrimonially connected to the Southwest and the Southeast, Atiku has played an enviable role in stabilizing Nigeria politically since his advent in active politics about twenty years ago. With Atiku as president, every Nigerian would be a winner. Knowing that individual poverty and collective underdevelopment elicit the feelings and fears of marginalization among the people, he is not likely to leave any stone unturned in ensuring that meaningful development is distributed across the nation without bias or favor to any group in the Federation. Turaki Atiku has the pedigree to give every Nigerian a sense of belonging in the governance of the nation."

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"Nigeria is currently in the midst of deceit. She is currently in the hands of one who is limited but that has chosen to deploy doctrinal "Taqiyya" ahead of the 2019 elections.

Now he pretends to agree to restructure, to have state police, even agrees to employ lopsided appointments and promising to address such pressing issues.

All these are called "premeditated sins": he knew he was doing evil, persevered in it, defended it... but only now agrees to seek forgiveness as he knows these very actions are now going to haunt him in his re-election bid!

And very soon he will backtrack on 97/5% dichotomy: Also promising to correct that.

Soon he will pretend to also fight the same Fulani killers and his Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association hired to kill people in order to protect their cows.

He will pretend to also value human lives more than the Fulani value cows. He will come to deceive and if possible to do so again, the so-called "Church", like he did in 2014/2015, with appearances, with prepared speeches, loose and gaseous!

Like that impostor, the snake of Eden, he comes with an apple: restructuring et al. Taqiyya is his trade, evil is his way.

Don't be deceived, even if a few Fulani are caught, a few sacrificial gestures are only meant to deceive and to distract.

When the juicy plummy coating is affixed to the language of freedom, be very alert..... a mere rhetoric which has not served him in 76 years, the cacophony of "restructure now", cannot be music to a man fossilized in Fulani hegemony.

He will not give us our Freedom. He is by nature, by his training and preponderance of antecedents undemocratic!

The plum jobs go to the north and to mediocrity, while 23 southern lawyers, 11 SANs inclusive, are the ones to defend his lack of secondary education certificate.

He creates crisis upon crisis by his very acts that negate fairness, justice, equity, and equality, he then asks a southerner, Tinubu, to clean up his own mess.

Same Tinubu he shoved aside, same Tinubu his advice he shelved ab initio. Only a congenital, instinctual fool, will believe him.

Just consider this: he said Abacha didn't steal a dime. He reinstated Maina and Yusuf, both northerners caught in deep corruption running into billions of dollars.

He unilaterally defended Babachir, Buratai, Dambazzau, and Kyari, without a recourse to any security and/or anti-graft agency clearing these northerners in his kitchen cabinet of the monumental corruption allegations against them and he patted Baru's back so obscenely when a southern overseeing Minister reported Baru's insubordination and corruption!

He will come like the Almajiri, with a bowl in hand, asking for your votes.

He will come like an old Fulani of the sanda stick asking you to accommodate, "your fellow countrymen", while the real intent is the application and operation of the greatest and unfortunately religiously-sanctioned deceptive dogma in the history of mankind.

He comes versed in the way of Fodio, of Alimi, of "Taqiyya". Taqiyya is the Doctrine of Deception.

He who cares to listen should do a thorough research on Taqiyya for it is the most powerful weapon that comes with no remorse, no conscience, and no consciousness.

I will end this treatise, with the words of the Christened One:

"but while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat and went his way. But when the grain had sprouted and produced a crop, then the tares also appeared".

May you not sleep and allow this evil to be sowed, let alone, sprout. To do so is to put a fire to your own roof before keeping a rendezvous, with your pillows!

Olorun ko ni je ki a sun orun Iya!"






Continued from Part 7