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Continued from Part 6

The least initial deviation from the truth is multiplied later a thousandfold (Aristotle)

The first sign of corruption in a society that is still alive is that the end justifies the means (Georges Bernanos)

Power corrupts. But it does more than that. Power attracts the corrupt, then corrupts them further (Don Matthews)

I’ll fight to the last to make sure that Buhari goes, whether I am president or not, Buhari must go. The nation has never seen this level of disunity, even during the Nigeria-Biafra Civil War (Atiku Abubakar)

resident Buhari and his APC just launched a campaign slogan “Next Level”. There, Buhari was more interested in highlighting what he claimed to have done, than in telling Nigerians the things he plans to do if re-elected, and how he plans to do them. At the same time, Atiku Abubakar of PDP also unveiled his "Let Make Nigeria Work Again" Policy.

And now, because 2019 is just around the corner, Buhari, who has done nothing for Nigerians for three and half years, is promising to take Nigeria to the next level. Anyway, it depends on what “Next Level” means. After what he has put Nigerians through; Buhari’s next level may mean that Nigerians will start eating one another to survive. This man has caused Nigerians a lot of pain, as such that any day he remains in Aso Rock is a curse on Nigeria. What next level can he take Nigeria to, to a place worse than hell (most Nigerians are already in hell on earth, thanks to Buhari)?

Buhari's Next Level will be to more agony, pain, suffering, humiliation, hopelessness, gnashing of teeth, ignorance, poverty, disease, tribulation, distress, persecution, hunger, nakedness, peril, guns and bullets etc; Next Level of more than 11 million jobs lost; Next Level of devalued Naira; Next Level of Nigeria officially being named the world headquarters for extreme poverty; Next Level of Nigeria moving 12 steps backward from 136 in 2015 to 144 in 2018 in Transparency International Corruption Perception Index.

I followed some people’s reaction to this Buhari’s comment in Elombah Blog, and these are just few of them:

*We're already in the level baba. In case u don't know hell is just 50 Naira away. Thank you.

*Next level of unemployment

Next level of indecision

Next level of inflation

Next level of appointing dead men

Next level of kidnapping

Next level of killings everywhere

Next level of economic downturn

*Please baba Buhari don't take us to any level above where we currently are. We have suffered enough, sir. Seriously we can't bear anything more than this. I take God beg you, Mr. President, If nah play make you stop am too.

*Baba please we beg you in God's name to return us where you met us before you leave us in 2019. Forget that level, please.

*Stop this car, I want to come down.

*Next level of what? (Copied)

"Next level of recession?

Next level of hunger?

Next level of lies, deceit, and propaganda?

Next level of extrajudicial killings by security forces?

Next level of flagrant disobedience of court orders?

Next level of job loss?

Next level of herdsmen killings?

Next level of being the poverty capital of the world?

Next level of empty promises?

Next level of lopsided appointments?

Next level of authority stealing?

Next level of media trial?

Next level of political incarceration?

Next level of acute corruption in the oil sector?

Next level of borrowing?

Next level of using 3.5 to feed Zakzaky daily?

Next level of IPOB and Shiite killings?

Next level of rat chasing the president out of office?

Next level of the president spending months in the hospital in a foreign land?

Next level of having no project to your name?

Next level of tyranny?

Next level of forgery?

Next level of calling the youths lazy?

Next level of calling Nigerians, mad people?

Next level of pretending to be fighting corruption, while dining with the most corrupt people?

Next level of not knowing what subsidy is, yet paying higher than previous government?

Next level of Jubril/Buhari scenario?

The truth is that if Buhari comes again, he will take the "sufferings" of Nigerians to the next level! He took it a notch higher when he had a lot of things to lose, imagine what he would do when he has nothing to lose."

Buhari, during his Next Level speech, claimed that his administration made Nigeria safer by routing insurgent fighters, but days after this boast, Boko Haram told him that it still exists by massacring more than 44 soldiers and 9 farmers in Metele Village, Borno State. Premium Times just reported that on Friday, November 23, some Nigerian soldiers, in a video, accused top commanders of leading them to ‘Boko Haram slaughter’ armed with obsolete weapons while enriching themselves with cash meant for buying better arms. The hazy video, apparently taken from a camera phone, featured the soldiers expressing their anger in harsh tones.

Buhari promised, in his Next Level, to build or rebuild 10, 000 schools, if re-elected; but how can he achieve that when he did not build or rebuild a single school within the three and half years he has been in office? He claimed to have increased power supply from 4000 megawatts in 2015 to 7000 megawatts now without telling us how he must have achieved this feat without building even one single new power station. The question is where is the increase in power generation, as Nigerians are groping more in the dark than they did four years ago? Buhari is reaping where he didn’t sow - everything he claimed to have achieved was all Goodluck Jonathan’s initiated projects. In other words, Buhari's Next Level statements were full of bones and no flesh.

This conversation will be continued (you can join by sending your opinion or feedback to [email protected])!

Vincent Aja joined the conversation, and he posted this: “As an independent or undecided voter; I want the APC/General Buhari led the government to convince me with: “The campaign issues debate.” What has he done with the four years mandate that was given to him? Is the country better now than how it was in the last four years? Can he name one concrete project which he had started and finished in the last four years? Just one project! How many job opportunities has he created since he came to power and how many jobs were lost so far? Which of these three issues which he had promised to bring change: has he scored 45%? Economy, Security, and corruption? Is the country more united or divided now than ever? How many of his campaign promises has he denied? We want a debate and not what the speechwriters have written for him to read to the public. The former vice-president, Atiku Abubakar, may not be the best candidate, but he has been tested, so being a successful businessman shows that he will do better than what we have now. God saves us!”

Alex Nwachukwu also joined the conversation. He posted:

“Good write-up series. Like we shout in America: Ho Ho, Hey Hey - Buhari has got to go!!!. Buhari is sadistic, a sociopath, functionally illiterate, cold-hearted, corrupt, incompetent, a brute, who does have any democratic bone in his body and uniquely unfit to be President like Donald Trump. It is a shame that sociopaths like Buhari, Babangida, Obasanjo and Sunni Abacha ran Nigeria into a shithole and made life a living hell. If Nigerians fail to elect Atiku / Obi and Re-elect Buhari / Osibanjo again, Nigeria should go the way of Yugoslavia.

Buhari staged a military coup on December 1983 (against Shagari's government who was in the process of probing him) to cover his tracks on the 2.89 Billion US Dollars that went missing when he was Oil Minister under OBJ. So When Buhari says I did not touch government kobo, it's a lie. He is a government thief.

In 2019, This Bad Marriage called Nigeria must be restructured - reconfiguration of the country and structures to be truly Federal and Democratic at all levels and at the service of the people from Day One of the Atiku / Obi as opposed to instruments of oppression and all forms of neglect and abuse. Nigeria is now indebted to the Chinese government and other undisclosed loan givers conservatively between 32 - 100 Billion US Dollars. If Atiku wins, the New Administration must immediately commence probing, investigation, prosecution with 25 to 100 years of Non-pardonable and non-commutable imprisonment for looters. Expediently follow and recover all monies and assets plus 300% punitive damages recoverable from all offenders. A New and Proper Democratic Civilian Constitution must be written - expunging all the immunities, Land Use Act, inserted Military Decrees. There must be serious Checks and Balances, Separation of Powers, Diminution of Powers, etc.

Come February 2019 Election, Nigerians must toss Buhari and his cohorts out on their asses and immediately strengthen the corruption / penal code, Consolidate the EFCC, ICPC, etc. Create A Corruption Court with highly qualified, ethical Jurists to enable us to start locking up all the deluge of past, present and future criminals in government and all their aiders and abetters for 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 100 years prison sentence.

Nigerians must not accept any excuse from the incoming Administration for not moving with expediency. They must move with expediency into the government and find out where all the dead bodies are buried, so they must be ready on day one to start acting. They must not wait like "Olodo" Buhari for months waiting for handover-notes. That's not how democracy works. Transition Period starts the day after the election. In Nigeria these periods of waiting for hand-over note are usually used to cover their tracks on the stealing, abuse, and neglect they have perpetrated and the ones they are yet to do before they leave government.

To Buhari I say- Don't Let the Door hit you in the ass on your way out, and you had better not be leaving with one kobo of our money.”

Let's hear what Atiku has to say:







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