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Continued from Part 3

The darkness always lies (Anthony Liccione)

His lies were so exquisite I almost wept (Dave Eggers)

Many things are not as they seem: The worst things in life never are (Jim Butcher)

Tricks and treachery are the practice of fools, that don't have brains enough to be honest (Benjamin Franklin)

Common sense will tell us, that the power which hath endeavoured to subdue us, is of all others, the most improper to defend us (Thomas Paine)

ecause of the spell pinning Nigeria down, we continue to have rulers who do not know their left from their right! These nitwits keep on putting Nigeria in limbo, as such that sometimes, one wonders if there's any government in the country. It has been bad all along, but it has never gotten as worse as now. Somebody (FreeNigeria) pointed out that animals run their kingdom better than Nigerian government run Nigeria. I concur with Senator Biodun Olujimi of Ekiti State, who said that Buhari has to be called to order, as no one is in charge of this government. The PT wrote that on Wednesday, November 22, a lawmaker, Biodun Olujimi, accused President Muhammadu Buhari of losing authority on his administration.

That Nigeria is under spell is the reason there's no co-ordination between the agencies, as they go on sabotaging one another - inter-agency rifts. If Nigeria is a country with a president who's really in-charge, the issues that led senator Olujimi to make the above comment would not have arisen.

The Premium Times wrote that she was responding to a motion on the face-off between Nigeria's security agencies raised by Dino Melaye, Kogi-APC. To recap: Officials of the State Security Services, SSS, and the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, were involved in a showdown on Tuesday, November 21, when EFCC operatives attempted to arrest the immediate past Director-General of the SSS, Ekpenyong Ita. A similar scenario also played out when SSS operatives prevented the anti-graft agency from arresting the former Director-General of the National Intelligence Agency, Ayo Oke. Presenting the motion, Mr. Melaye called on the Senate to take an urgent action on the incidents he described as "recipe for national disaster". In his words:

"Mr. President, the media and the social media, print and electronics have been awash with a disaster that took place yesterday. The EFCC went to the residence of the former Director General of the SSS, Ita Ekpenyong, to effect an arrest and the Directorate of State Security stopped the EFCC from arresting him. That created environmental brouhaha. The whole environment and neighbours were stopped from lawfully gaining entrance into their homes because of this confusion. Same yesterday, the EFCC wanted to arrest the former DG NIA, Mr. Oke. Also, the officers of the Nigeria Intelligence Agency stopped that arrest. We are not here to say who is at blame. We have been embarrassed before the international community. That two sister agencies will engage in fisticuffs, arrest and stoppage of arrests. Mr. President, this is a recipe for national disaster."

Commenting on Mr. Melaye's motion, Mrs. Olujimi said President Buhari had lost his authority as 'nobody' was in charge of the current administration. Hear her:

"Right now, we have a situation whereby nobody is in charge of anything and we cannot honestly blame anyone for what is happening. The truth is that you cannot go to the house of a security agent, a man who had kept the secrets of Nigeria for so long, and just try to arrest him like chicken. Mr. President, there has to be someone that we can hold responsible when two brothers are fighting. The person that is supposed to be held responsible has not done anything; is not doing his work. This is the first time we'll see gross irresponsibility in government whereby there is no arbiter. No one to come in between two agencies that belong to only one person. The two agencies report to one person, the presidency and now we find them fighting on the pages of the newspapers, it's a shame. We are calling on the President, he has to sit up, he should be up and doing. Call these people to order."

Senator Biodun Olujimi then questioned the president on why a new nominee for the position of Chairman of EFCC has not been sent to the Senate. In her words: "Mr. President, you will remember that we rejected Mr. Magu as Chairman of EFCC and up till today nothing has been said about it. The Senate is divided. Nobody has come out to say we need to resolve the issue. After all, there are 170 million Nigerians, all of a sudden, we are saying only one person can do this job. Mr. President, something has to be done, the presidency has to be called to order. Nobody is in charge of this government. Nobody is in charge and somebody needs to be in charge."

My friend, Dr. Ben Onoh, added that "At last the Anarchy we have been warning of has established itself. Now it is playing out to be either a country without a president or a President of a non-existing country. Just the beginning"!

Because of the spell cast on Nigeria, our security forces are in a mess. We all read the report that the Nigerian Police is ranked the worst in the world. The Vanguard tells us that "following some reports obtained from the 2016 World Internal Security and Police Index (WISPI), Nigerian Police has been ranked worst in the world. The outcome of results obtained from four areas showed that Nigeria underperformed in all, with a score of 0.255. The Nigerian military is not faring better, as it does its best when it comes to the killing or maiming of innocent Nigerian civilians.

Although, I still don't believe it, but the insuination by so many people that the Buhari who returned from a medical leave in England is a fake Buhari, is now making sense. These people argue that there's no way a gaunt and frail president Buhari who left to England would have returned "so agile" even if was treated by the best doctors in the world. These people are of the opinion that even though millions of dollars were paid for Buhari's treatment in England, that such couldn't have guaranteed a very healthy Buhari, as money, no matter the amount, can't do much in such a situation president Buhari was in, before his treatment in England. If that's the case, it then means that rich people will never die then! These people insist that the real Buhari can't come back as fit as a fiddle, unless they want us to believe that the doctors in England gave him a new heart, new blood, new organs and joints. Also, these people are saying that the Buhari who came back from England is more coherent and speaks better than the president Buhari we knew.

In order to convince me, the people who claim that the cabal in Aso Rock has shortchanged Nigeria with a Buhari look-alike said that since his return from England, Buhari has not yet entered his office, because this "fake Buhari" hasn't the real Buhari's fingerprint to unlock the door to the office. And as a cover up, the cabal told us that rats destroyed everything in that office, as such that the president will be working from home. Till now, the president can't still access his office. To reinforce the insinuation, we're just told that Buhari has moved official engagements to his wife's office. The Tribune wrote that "President Muhammadu Buhari has moved all his official engagements to the First Lady's wing of the presidential villa, Abuja. It is not known for how long he intends to work from there. However, Senior Special Assistant to the president on media and publicity, Garba Shehu, explained that the president re-located to the First Lady wing for "technical challenges" at the Council Chambers, the regular venue"

What's going on there is confusing. I must confess that I'm perplexed here. The facts keep on adding up! I will take a wait and see attitude. If everything was stage-managed, soon it will start unraveling.

One Emmanuel made this comment in Premium Times: "The suggestion that the man who returned from Buhari's medical vacation was a man from Sudan who had to undergo plastic surgery to have look like Buhari seem to be adding up lately.

The cabal seems to know that they cannot respect someone who does not have the authority of the President, so they do what they like.

This man who has been around, only do what has been rehearsed before coming out. Anything not well choreographed is ignored. This is why we are in a state of anarchy.

I have sung this song like a broken record, Nigeria is in a state of anarchy and the National Assembly must do something about it. There is a deliberate game to precipitate commotion such that those who want power without knowing what to do with it would have their way".

To prove that the person now occupying Aso Rock is a fake Buhari, people have started questioning how Buhari can be a born again now, and all of a sudden, develop a love for Ndiigbo, after everything he did to them in the past. These people were of the opinion that everything which have transpired since the return of Buhari from his medical leave in England would have been impossible if that person were to be the real Buhari.

But, no matter whom we have now as president - fake or real Buhari, the trick to hoodwink everybody here, by showing fake love to Ndiigbo, is not just enough, and will not work. He must, first of all, apologize before atoning for the genocide. There is no shortcut; the onus is upon him as the president. If he can't do it, he should leave the office for the person who can, so as to release Nigeria from this spell, in order for the country to start experiencing the development, peace and progress it craves.

Buhari's now jittery because he knows that issue of Biafra is no longer a local one, as the international community is now also interested in it, and has gotten involved. Whether Biafra is achieved or not thereafter will be a different issue. Also, Buhari is trying to placate the Igbos, thinking that he will through that way garner their support for his re-election bid in 2019. Buhari's sudden love for Ndigbo must have been influenced by the stiff opposition to his re-election bid he has been encountering, even within his own APC and also from his fellow northerners. Buhari is desperate to remain in power because of the immunity such will offer him against prosecution by the International Criminal Court, but he forgets that even if he wins re-election in 2019, he will not stay in power forever, as one day his tenure will end and justice will jam him.

Because Buhari wants re-election, by all means; he wants to bulldoze his way through, and is ready to destroy anybody or anything standing in his way. Atiku declared his intention to challenge Buhari, and the next day his container services company lost its license, and now, the latest, according to Premium Times, is that the federal government, on Wednesday, November 16, revoked the resident permit of expatriate staff of Atiku's INTELS Nigeria Limited. The affected staff were given up to Thursday, November 30, 2017, to leave Nigeria, or be deported on the orders of the Minister of Interior. Buhari was not thinking about the number of people he will make jobless when the license of the Container Services Company, one of the biggest employers of labor in Nigeria, was revoked. And now, Buhari doesn't give a hoot that the revoked resident permit of the expatriate staff might lead to the closure of the company, and then thousands of Nigerians, working there will become jobless. A president who should be interested in creating jobs, is the one killing jobs. Only God knows why Nigerians were punished with Buhari as the president!

Buhari has been taking things in a sequence; he really knows what he's doing (he's not silly but mischievous). Of course most of us heard or read the news about the federal government agreeing to pay victims of the Biafran genocide (war) N88 billion compensation for their losses. Who will believe that Buhari will accept the judgment of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) court, not to talk of agreeing to pay a whooping N88b as compensation to the war victims? What's going on? It means that Buhari, by accepting to pay the compensation has acknowledged that he and the Nigerian forces committed genocide against the people of the former Eastern Region, a fact he never accepted before. He even boasted, in 2015, that he will kill more Igbos, if that becomes a condition to keep Nigeria one.

Abraham Ogbodo noted also that the Buhari, who is now obeying court orders and accepting consent judgment like an obedient school boy, is the same as the Buhari who had blatantly and serially flouted the orders of the same ECOWAS court and courts in Nigeria regarding bail for incarcerated former National Security Adviser, Col Sambo Dasuki. Buhari's belated love for Ndiigbo has also made him to announce the payment of pensions for ex-Biafran police officers who were granted presidential pardon in 2000. Infact, Mr. Ogbodo informed us that the payment of the pension reportedly commenced in Enugu on October 20 to 162 officers and 57 next-of-kins of deceased officers after due verification; and that on October 12, while meeting with political leaders from the Southeast, comprising governors, ministers, the Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu, and the Ohaneze leadership at the Aso Rock Villa, President Buhari had promised to complete the second Niger bridge, east-west road and the east-west coastal rail project before 2019.Buhari also visited Ebonyi and Anambra States, a rare feat - he hardly makes state visits.

Buhari thinks that he can exonerate himself from the genocide, and the recent killings in Igbo land, through these "kind gestures" of his to the Igbos. He's wasting his time; the International Criminal Court (ICC) will be waiting for him, dead or alive. My friend, Dr. Ben Onoh, commenting on the N88 billion compensation, added "that there was no fact finding mission as to the extent of the damage and the level of abandoned bombs to be cleared, with unspecified construction works, coupled with yet to be identified victims who already have been paid unspecified sum each upfront to the total sum of N50 billion. Interestingly a counsel also had to be "nominated" for the said victims. It could as well be that as the highly awaited 2019 is coming, Muhammadu Buhari's Government has identified a useful avenue to pay money into the accounts of his cronies in disguise, for the funding of his desperately needed re-election. The same applies to the sudden consent to pay Biafran Soldiers and Police Officers and his Appeal Fund for fallen Heroes".

To be continued!






Continued from Part 3