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President Muhammadu Buhari as the most incompetent leader in the history of Nigeria (Abubakar Atiku)

Atiku is a man of the moment. He will unite Nigeria. He is a Nigerian and he will do well for Nigeria. He is the man that can do it because he has what it takes (Bukola Saraki, the Senate President)

n Nigeria today, one does not know what to believe again. Buhari's cluelessness, lifelessness, heartlessness etc are confusing Nigerians, more and more. How did we get into such a mess?

There are questions begging for answers, and the earlier Buhari, the presidency, or all those close to him start answering those pertinent questions, the better. Buhari told Nigerians he was going to represent the country at a ceremony in Paris to mark the 100th anniversary of the First World War armistice. There, more than 60 heads of state and dignitaries gathered, but our own Buhari was missing. Instead, the presidency released an old picture of Buhari during another event in Paris a few years ago. The list of attendees released by the organizers of the event did not have Buhari on it. Where then did Buhari go?

Also, the presidency released photos of Buhari; Willie Obiano, the governor of Anambra State; the foreign minister, Onyeama; and other officials meeting "Nigerians" in France. When, how, and where did the event take place? We need answers because this government is fantastically deceitfully as such that even Satan will be struggling to compete with it (Buhari’s government).

Willie Obiano, who is not even a member of APC, is now “a beautiful bride” to be wooed by Buhari and his gang because they want to disparage Peter Obi since both of them are from the same state. That tells you how low Buhari and his APC are ready to go. They’re afraid of Peter Obi because he’s a man of sterling worth.

PUO Reporters noted that “contrary to the false claims by the Presidency, President Buhari was not at the major events of the just concluded First World Centenary held in France according to Hope for Nigeria’s inquiries from the Department of Veterans’ affairs. The Armistice Day main events were graced by world leaders and the Nigerian leader was not present at the Arc De Triomphe Hall and his name was not on the official list of dignitaries published and sent to the Press.

(courtesy: 247ureports)

President Buhari informed Nigerians that he left for France to attend the Remembrance Day commemoration held at the Arc De Triomphe Hall, Villers-Breton, next in France On November 11-13, 2018, but never showed up at the main event.

Sadly, the Nigeria government was posting pictures of Buhari in an unrelated event held in France in 2015 (Climate Change conference). The podium used in the Armistice Day event exposed president Buhari’s handlers dishonesty as Buhari’s was seen in pictures with the 2015 event podium.

Many questions remain unanswered. If Buhari was in France, why did he not attend the main event he announced to Nigerians? Why are they distributing fake pictures forgetting that the real photos of attendees are on the internet? What are these people up to?”

(courtesy: 247ureports)

Also, Buhari, his wife, and children need to come out to say something on the issue concerning whether the man in Aso Rock is the real Buhari or his double from Sudan. Many people are claiming that President Buhari is being substituted with a look-alike who now parades himself as the president. These people have highlighted some observations to buttress their claim. They pointed out features at variance with the “two Buhari”.

I don't believe the rumor or claim that the real Buhari is no longer in Aso Rock, even though the allegation is serious and too weighty to be ignored or swept under the carpet. I demand an immediate investigation by appropriate agencies. In addition, let those who claim that the person we have in Aso Rock is not the real Buhari furnish us evidence to confirm this assertion and let Buhari, his wife and children do something to prove to the doubting Thomases that he is the real Buhari. It’s a colossal mistake that nobody is correcting the impression out there that Buhari might have been dead and buried. Death is not something to joke about; and if Aisha or Buhari's children are sure that their husband or father, as the case may be, is alive, and is the man in Aso Rock, they should have said something, and with evidence too, to caution those claiming that Buhari is dead, in order to bring the matter to a close once and for all. Each day they kept quiet, shows that there must be truth in the rumor, and then, more and more Nigerians will continue to buy it (rumors almost always have an element of truth).

As I said, nothing yet has convinced me that the man in Aso Rock is not the real Buhari. My question is why would anybody clone the catastrophic Buhari? But, if eventually, it's proved that a Sudanese is the person misruling Nigeria, and killing many Nigerians (wrecking havoc in Nigeria) under the guise of being Buhari, then all those who concocted such a dreadful deceit (those who pulled this off), including all the “Elder Statesmen" who knew about this but kept quiet, should be tried for treason. This will come down to a question of scienter. I still can't brace myself up to accept it that a man from Sudan has been surreptitiously lording it over more than 180 million Nigerians.

Wait a minute; Bukola Saraki was quoted above as saying that Atiku is a Nigerian. What did he mean by that sentence? Does he mean that the person we are calling Buhari now is not a Nigerian? Maybe he knows more, on this, than so many of us. He should open up more.

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Continued from Part 5