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I have no personal hatred for Buhari but my stand against his second term is simply because he's grossly incompetent to govern Nigeria (Olusegun Obasanjo)

President Muhammadu Buhari is corrupt. There is a doubt that President Buhari is the most parochial, most nepotistic and most partisan president that Nigeria has ever had (Dr. Oby Ezekwesili, a former Minister of Education, who is also the presidential candidate of the Allied Congress Party of Nigeria, ACPN)

It's always disturbing to me when I read on social media and national dailies that I want to be President because I want to loot the treasury. One, it'll be quite unfortunate if at this age of mine I've such a devilish motive. My Creator won't be happy with me after sparing my life and blessing me with good health and riches. The truth is that my business empire can sustain me and my family comfortably. I've no reason whatsoever to steal. No reason at all. My ambition to be President is anchored on my sincere desire to prove to Nigerians that life could be much much better with a competent and compassionate leader (Atiku Abubakar)

uhari is not fit to be a democratic leader, as the only thing he understands is bullying his subjects and unleashing brute force (savage violence) against them. Any criticism against Buhari or his government is seen as a hate speech, and he thinks he has the right to panic Nigerians into silence. He recently said: “At this point, I want to be very clear and equivocal, that the Federal Government will never condone or tolerate incendiary remarks from any person or group of persons, which are meant to harass, intimidate, cause fear and spread hate, no matter how highly placed such a person is".

Buhari forgets that criticisms are part of a democratic process, and they help to keep a wayward government in check. We all still remember that Goodluck Jonathan was the most hated and the most criticized president in Nigeria's history. People were even insulting his mother or wife, but this man of noble character chose to ignore all those provocations. He didn't order that those who insulted him or his loved ones be arrested, jailed or killed. That's the difference between a leader and a disguised maximum ruler. Chygoz reminded us that when Jonathan’s convoy was attacked in Bauchi, he could have obliterated the whole state and still be justified. His convoy was pelted with stones and he told the soldiers to exercise restraint as they drove off. No one died that day. What a man... But, today, if you protest, you will be killed under APC.

Chief Mike A. A. Ozekhome noted that “A government that rode on the crest wave of dissent and opposition to hijack power it was ill-prepared for, has suddenly become allergic to, and intolerant of, a plurality of voices, or dissension. Amazingly, it is a preponderance of Southern appointed elements that will sanctimoniously justify and applaud this sacrilegious desecration of the Constitution and democratic nuances. They are people suffering from what we call the “Stockholm syndrome” (a situation where a victim develops feelings of trust and affection towards his traducer or tormentor). It is also known as “trauma bonding”, or “terror bonding”.

Nigerians will have the opportunity to correct the mistake they made in 2015 by voting right this time, because what was sold to them then, as Buhari, was not what they bargained for. If we miss this chance to get it right this time, we will be in a greater agony forever. Buhari has been a fake.

This was posted: The APC Plague in 3 years:


  1. Corrupt Politicians in prison: None

  2. Nigerians who lost their jobs (2016-2018): 9.3m

  3. Working visits to states - 5

  4. International trips - 37

  5. Medical check-up - 156 days.

  6. Federal Projects Commissioned: None except Port Harcourt International Airport that was initiated and financed by Goodluck Jonathan's government.

  7. Inflation rate: 18%

  8. Exchange Rate: Naira falls by 200% - N365 to $1, down from N197/$

  9. Fulani herdsmen arrest: None

  10. Nigerians killed by herdsmen: over 4,967 (still counting). Herdsmen just kidnapped 4 Reverend Fathers in Delta State. If Buhari wins a second term, herdsmen would be going into churches to kill worshipers.

  11. Boko Haram arrests/ casualty: None. Rather they are being generously released and compensated.

  12. Nigerians Kidnapped: 1,567

  13. Soldiers killed by Boko Haram: over 1,678

  14. Money paid to Boko Haram: $29m (2016-2018)

  15. Debt Burden: Highest single tenure (4yr span) borrowing since 1960.

  16. Borrowed over 14 Trillion Naira in 3 years with no meaningful project, industrial establishment or employment opportunity to show for it.

  17. Economic adviser: None

  18. Petroleum Minister - President Buhari

  19. President’s Certificate: None

  20. President's age: Fake

  21. Education: WAEC performance dropped 65% (Worst ever)

  22. APC: All Promises Cancelled

  23. The debt burden of Nigeria brought about by BUHARI's government will take generations of Nigerians to pay off

  24. Lying, deceit, open manipulation has become part of the government achievement under APC government. Every government official and the presidency lives and lies to the governed. The masses don't believe or trust the government or believe what they say.

Look at how they're lying: Lai Mohammed, Minister of Information & Culture, says "It costs FG N3.5m to feed El-Zakzaky for a month." Remember that the Shiite leader has been detained by this government for over two years. If it costs the government so much to feed a man in a month (about N116,000 a day), why then did Chris Ngige, the Minister of Labour & Productivity, insisted that "N22,000 is enough to feed a family of 4 for a month"? A government finding it hard to approve N30,000 minimum wage is lying that it spends N3.5 million to feed a person. Why is this government still holding El-Zakzaky even when courts have granted him bail? If his feeding costs the government such a huge amount, why has it not released him?

Also, Nigerian Interior Minister lied that the Nigeria Prison Service spends N14,000 daily to feed each prisoner, even when it couldn't pay the minimum wage of N18,000 per month for free citizens.

Also, the minister of power, Babatunde Fashola, lied that no country enjoys 24 hours electricity better than Nigerians since Buhari took over. You might as well ask the minister if the country he was talking about is on another planet, and not this Nigeria where nothing works?


That was the worst mistake Nigerians made in 2015! It MUST never be REPEATED!

Buhari lacks compassion for others, and he' s not supposed to be a president. Since he was elected, he has rarely visited anywhere there has been a natural or man-made disaster to commiserate with the victims or their family members. A few days ago, after the Kaduna uprising, Buhari only visited the Muritala Square Kaduna, instead of visiting those affected and the displaced communities who need to be succored.

Atiku is mile apart from Buhari in terms of compassion, and this was confirmed by Mrs. Blessing Egbara, an aspirant for Cross River Central senatorial district, according to the vanguard, when she said that former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, will address most of the ills in the country, if given a chance in 2019. She said that Atiku has over the years shown commitment to the welfare of the ordinary man on the street and if given the opportunity would translate his vision to reality. In her words: “I have keenly followed the political activities of the former Vice President and he has what it takes and the zeal to make life better for the man on the street".

On Friday, October 12, 2018, there was a pipeline explosion in Osisioma, Abia State, and about 150 people were believed to have been killed. It was alleged that security operatives helped in causing the disaster, as they were collecting money from the villagers that came to scoop fuel, instead of preventing them from entering the site. Atiku is not yet the president, but he has shown how he’s going to lead Nigeria by sending his Vice Presidential Candidate, Sir Peter Obi, to Osisioma to commiserate with the government and people of Abia State, over the pipeline explosion. That’s the difference between empathy and apathy. Atiku, on behalf of the Atiku Campaign Organization, also donated N10 million to Abia State government to assist families of victims of the pipeline explosion.

That's the difference between Buhari and Atiku. While the latter values human beings, and wants to be president in order to change the lives of some human beings (Nigerians) for the better, Buhari, the illiterate, loves the cows the more and wants to make the lives of cows better and more meaningful than those of human beings. That's why he is all out for grazing routes and the forceful divesting of land, from their owners, to serve as ranches for cows.

While Buhari finds it hard to approve the N30,000 minimum wage, Atiku, even as a private citizen, has approved N33,000 minimum wage for his 100,000 staff. We learned that the N33,000 new salary scale, which takes effect from November 2018, includes domestic servants and all categories of workers on the former vice president's payroll. This is following the recommendation of the proposed N30,000 as minimum wage by the tripartite committee set up by the Federal Government.

Atiku Abubakar, on Wednesday, November 7, said that President Muhammadu Buhari cannot be trusted to implement the proposed N30,000. And just as Atiku predicted, the government has said that the N30,000 minimum wage proposal contained in the report of the tripartite committee set up by the Federal Government was still a recommendation and had not been approved.

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Continued from Part 4