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I have told the Nigerian women that their vote in 2015 is either to liberate them or imprison them in the kitchen (President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, during the 2015 campaign)

I told my husband that he should fix his government that saboteurs have hijacked it all in the name of political appointment and all he could say is I BELONG TO THE KITCHEN. I wish him well (Aisha Buhari)

If you think Donald Trump has problems, consider those of Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari. Elected last year as a no-nonsense candidate to clean up Africa's biggest democracy, his popularity has fallen amid various spiraling crises - a faltering economy, a deadly insurgency, a devastating famine. And now, even his wife is skeptical (Washington Post)

know that Buhari and many people have tried to downplay the whole thing, claiming that it was a joke. I agree with those who tried to justify this president Buhari's blunder by claiming that many men, all over the world, think the same way, but, those people should also understand that anybody, including Buhari, can think any way, as a private citizen, and once a person is the leader of a nation, with more than 170 million citizens, he should then be guarded in all he says, as he no longer has a private opinion in the public, because anything he said may be misconstrued to mean the thinking of the majority of his people.

Look at the damage President Buhari has caused for Nigerians, especially the men in Germany. From now on, the Germans will be seeing Nigerian men as people who see women as belonging only to the kitchen, and living room, and the bed room. There will be little respect left for the Nigerian men. Remember that Germany is almost "women" country, as they have determined, and are still determining a lot, and will continue doing that, for as long as that country exists. During the First and Second World Wars, many German men died, leaving mostly the women to rebuild the bombed out country. As they re-built Germany, the women put laws, more favorable to them, in place, and many of those laws are still in vogue till today. So, anybody seeing the place of women as being only in the kitchen, or bedroom, has no place here. Infact, the German women are the ones marrying their men at home.

To digress: The women have the upper hand in Germany, while their men are like "slaves". Just an instance: The German Parliament (Deutsher Bundestag), on Thursday, July 7, 2016, debated and passed a law dubbed "Nein bleibt Nein (No remains No)", and it means that when a woman tells a man, even if he is her husband, that she doesn't want to have sex, such must be respected; and if the man forces that woman, through any means, even if she is his own wife, to have sex with him, it will be termed a rape, and that man will be jailed for it, if the woman, even if she is his own wife, decides to take up a case against him, for forcing her to have sex with him against her will. To make it more understandable: If a man forces his own wife to have sex with him, he will be convicted of rape, if his wife reports him to the police; although the evidence must be there, before any conviction (the wife must prove it)! The problem here is that a woman might abuse this law, by claiming that her husband forced her to have sex with him, even when it was by mutual understanding or agreement; in other words, a woman who wants to deal with her husband, can exploit this law to "finish" him. A wife who wants to hurt her husband, can with self inflicted injuries, call the police, claiming that her husband forced her to have sex with him, by overpowering her, and that's rape.

In Germany, adultery is somewhat a norm, and is not considered "outrageous", as even friends can exchange their wives or husbands for sex, at the same place and time. Stories abound where some men, who can no longer perform, had to pay other men to have sex with their own wives (just to keep them). Any of such men would be there, watching and laughing, as the stranger, he paid, will be "giving it" to his own wife. In Germany, there is a festival called Carnival, which used to be every February of every year, and this festival goes on for about a week. During this Carnival period, any lustful German woman, even a married one, who wants, is free to have sex with another man, and she can even come home to tell her husband about it, and nothing will happen to her. I must make this point that not all German women are wayward, majority of them are still faithful; only a small percentage of them engage in such detestable conducts, and I guess such bad ones can be found in almost every country too. There are good and bad everywhere (Nigerians, at home and abroad, might not be better)!

Now, with President Buhari's utterances, even if a Nigerian man is innocent, the police or judges will be skeptical about believing that man's side of the story, assuming a Nigerian woman calls the police for her husband, or wants a divorce, which are rampant nowadays in Europe and North America. The point I'm making here is that a Nigerian man will automatically be guilty, if he has a case against his wife or any woman, and a judge will automatically be biased against any Nigerian man, in a case against his wife or any woman. The Nigerian men in Germany, having women as their boss, are finished, as any hesitation in carrying out any assignment will be seen as the Nigerian men style. Also, from now on, it will be better for Nigerian men to stop complaining about or criticizing their respective wives, no matter what they did, as the women, even if guilty, will gain public sympathy rather than condemnation. It's unfortunate that President Buhari goes about causing problems for Nigerians living all over the world. He went to England, Iran and some other countries and described Nigerians as being criminals, and he was in Germany, and has messed things up for the Nigerian men there. Now, Nigerian men would be termed as people who have no conscience, don't believe in gender equality, and have no respect for the women.

This President Buhari's fiasco in Germany should also be blamed on his media advisers and handlers, who should have prepared their principal for such eventuality, knowing that such question was most likely to be asked during the press conference. These aides know that president Buhari is a semiliterate, who knows nothing and doesn't want to know anything, and that he talks too much, and out of context, all the time. They should have prepped him up, and then devise a means of communicating to him, during the press conference, without the audience catching the trick, but, the aides were fixated on questions bordering on Chibok Girls, and forgot that the Germans are good in catching people unawares .It's unfortunate that Shehu Garba played down his blunder of not prepping his boss well, as he tried to cloak his blunder by tweeting that:"Politics sometimes should be spiced with humor," he tweeted further that . "Those of us around him know there is never a dull moment with him." And nobody is buying that crap from him.

A friend, Dr. Benneth Onoh, wrote this:

"All the time we have been warning of such imminent disasters, the backlash commentators always claim that our comments are either sponsored by or from PDP. Now we have a situation where Buhari was not in a Bar, where people throw jabs at one another neither was he there on a personal visit or political outing, but as the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Infact what Buhari said in this podium is almost tantamount to what Nigeria's Opinion is, the proclaimed lovers and haters of Buhari alike, the aim of the official visit notwithstanding.

Of cause one does not need to guess long to know that there is a family problem, and that is where I am most concerned. Here is Aisha being a woman, doing exactly what women are good at in such situations, and that is talk to whoever is ready to listen. On the other hand every man knows or should know that the best quality a man could ever possess is being able to ignore or rather not to respond to every jab, coming from the other side, as we can never equal them in this property Mother Nature has given them. As I wish them well, I just hope that the extended families (even though now being taken for granted but one of the greatest gifts God gave Africa) of both sides swing immediately into action to restore cordiality.

But exactly here is where I have problem with Buhari's media advisers who all along were busy with presenting the Chibok girls which they deem the highlight to be discussed with Berlin to buttress whatever request they were to make. They forgot or rather ignored the ignited family fire which I am sure they should be aware of. Even the BBC interview of Aisha I presume should have been known to them prior to it being broadcasted. But behold just as all attention was at the Chibok girls, the bombshell exploded from the family side .Comparable to a student in Bible knowledge exams who prepared very well for questions about Moses, but surprisingly in the exam he was presented with questions about Jesus. An articulated crisis management signs which could mean things as simple as do not comment seems also to be lacking, and could have saved the country such embarrassment. Yet here we are in such an embarrassment, and Garba Shehu has the guts to call it a Joke from the President. Simply adding salt to an injury! Sorry".

Finally, to sign off, I must say that I now understand why these adages say that "The two most common elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity", and, that "There are only two races on this planet... the intelligent and the stupid".


After my last article, "The plight of Nigerian students on federal scholarship in foreign countries", was published, I received few feedbacks, and these two are some of them (I must thank all those who shared the last article):

" This came from BEA Scholars (See if there's any way you can help get this message across):

"Dear Temple Chima Ubochi,

We came across an article published on your blog site called NIGERIAWORLD.COM; I really commend your effort towards making our voices heard. I am also a federal scholar studying in Morocco, and I would say the information you got was just a glimpse to what we pass through. On behalf of the scholars in Morocco, we want you to hear our own side of this plague.

Right from our predecessors, we've been plagued with the nonpayment of our stipends, but within the past two years it became so terrible that our government forgot about our existence for months, sometimes ranging from 8 months of nonpayment, but however, this year we've not been paid for 10 months now, and are being owed 3 months in arrears from last year, which we conclude to being 13 months of non payment... nevertheless, as of the year 2012 the federal scholars coming to Morocco were sent without funds with the promise that they would be reimbursed on their arrival due to reasons of delay in the release of funds that year by the federal government, thereby subjecting the parents of those scholars to sponsor their children on a supposedly fully funded government scholarship, with hopes of reimbursement, but however these parents were only reimbursed #145,000 Naira out of a whole sum of #500,000 Naira, and the scholars were left without a dime up till this year 2016 with nothing being said, and the issue being waved off when brought to light( embezzlement of funds).

Our embassy has however been a safe haven as they've immensely contributed to our sustainability in these perilous times, but however can no longer keep up as they're also running out of funds supposedly due to the recession in the country. we are however now faced with eviction from our various homes as we have no means of paying our rents...we've become debtors to the government of Morocco, as we can no longer pay our bills....we have no means of sorting things out in order to get menial jobs, as we would be faced with prosecution, we can't rob banks neither can we go into prostitution, as we are virtuous and have dignity, but how long can our virtues and dignity outweigh our suffering, as we approach the end of the year.

Please, as scholars in Morocco, Algeria, Egypt etc, and citizens of Nigeria, we beg that you publish our own side of this plight, and we would be grateful if we get a reply from you.


• This came from Dauda Ishola-Gbenla:

"Dear Brother,

With reference to your write up about the plight of Nigerian students in foreign countries, I am saddened to read this. However, this is not a new occurrence. It has happened in the past and I will like to share some of the ways that these were handled and solved in the past. They will be called proposed solutions.

About myself: I schooled in the United States of America. I came on a State govt. scholarship in 1978. I did not face a lot of hardship as some because I was planning to go abroad to study so the scholarship was a bonus. Unlike some of the students, I have remitted some money over here and also have the assistance of my family who remitted money to me. The name of the school I attended is Texas A&I University in Kingsville, Texas. (It is now called Texas A&M University). If you know anyone who attended this school in the 1978/79 school year, they may attest to my proposed solutions. Most of them were Natural Gas Engineering students. I was an Architecture student.

Proposed Solution No. 1

Appeal to communities. They, the students, should appeal to the communities they live in for assistance.

The Federal Govt. scholars in the school I stated above faced worse crisis because the Federal Government was responsible for everything; tuition, stipend, room and board. When these were not forth coming, some of the students ask their various churches for assistance and they were given assistance by these churches.

Proposed Solution No. 2

They should appeal to their schools to grant them waivers to work part-time

They should appeal to their schools to grant them waivers to have part-time jobs to sustain themselves since the government of the countries they are in are paying the school fees. I am not sure if the students, in the school mentioned above, ask the school for a waiver to work part time, but I was granted a waiver and the school found a job for me on campus. Also, I was able to work during the holidays.

Proposed Solution No. 3

They should appeal to the Nigerian representatives in the county they are schooling in.

By this I mean the Nigerian representatives, such as the Embassy or the Consular. This I know for sure that the students did because they came to ask me for contribution to send a delegate to the Embassy in New York. This worked because, after the trip, the student's money was released to the school and the students.

Proposed Solution No. 4

Appeal to the representatives of their various communities in Nigeria.

I am sure that some of the students contacted their representatives in Nigeria because Ondo State in 1980 or 1981 granted a $4000.00 one-time payment to their students in the U.S. (I have friends and school mates who received this money. I don't know about other States).

Proposed Solution No. 5

Appeal to various Nigerian organizations in their country of residence for assistance.

The students should locate various organizations such as: NIDO, NCA, and various ethnic groups for assistance. These groups have members who have faced and conquer one form of hardship or the other, and they may be willing to help these students.

Finally, I want to thank you, Brother Temple, for bringing this to the fore.

You brother,

Dauda Ishola-Gbenla".






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