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Nigeria's president was chased out from office by rats (BBC)

Insanity is just what we call stupidity when it doesn't make sense (Josh Lieb)

The only thing worse than a liar is a liar that's also a hypocrite (Tennessee Williams)

A storyteller makes up things to help other people; a liar makes up things to help himself (Daniel Wallace)

know that an ignorant person can be educated; a crazy person can be medicated; but, now I know there's no cure for stupidity. Muhammadu Buhari and his government are, indeed, national embarrassment. How did we get into this mess?

These, below, were excerpts from one of my articles in 2016 (when Buhari was about 8 months in office. Then, I warned him to "wake up and smell the coffee, but he chose not to listen. Things have gotten out of hand now):

"For those who were fooled initially by the messiah-like portrayal of Buhari, and who now remain concerned over the direction of Nigeria under a President, whose leadership resembles that of an imperialistic president, what more could be expected from one elected to Aso Rock, whose perceived self image is paramount, and who had never before even managed anything well? One thing is that history tells us that narcissistic pride (love) of self and false aura of superiority, such as surrounds and abides in President Buhari, is bound to be pierced in time. In the midst of turmoil and unrest Buhari is creating, the people of Biafra haven't given up hope, as some believe that the "bone shall rise again". Only time will tell!

Buhari has not changed; this is not the Buhari who was going about begging for people's votes. He deceived many by claiming to be a converted democrat. Now I know that man is the most devious of all creations, as they can change shape, loyalty/form/colour like chameleons. There's only pandemonium and anarchy all over Nigeria. President Buhari should be careful or else Nigeria will unravel during his watch. He has caused so many problems in less than eight months he has been in office, and as such, he must start "retracing his footsteps", otherwise, there will be no more Nigeria left for him to rule. In the north-east, Boko Haram rides roughshod over there; in the north-west, the Shiite Muslims are rampaging; in the north-central, the middle belters are at war with the Fulani cattle rearers, and, ethnic strife and religious animosity are rife over there; in the south-west, kidnappers, ritualists, arm-robbers hold the zone to ransom, and things are aggravated there by the human and material destruction being perpetrated, in the zone, by the Fulani herdsmen; in the south-east, Biafran agitators have almost shut off the zone; and, in the south-south, the militants are threatening fire and brimstone, and are gearing to go back into the trenches. Never has it been so tensed up in all parts of the country simultaneously".

The problem is that Buhari and his cohorts are underestimating the gravity of the problem we're talking about here. These people may be downplaying the seriousness of the so called separatists. Buhari and co. may be misjudging the situation of things, thinking that it will be as usual, where "there will be sunshine after the rain". But they should be under no illusion that this time will be quite different.

What was Buhari thinking when he ordered the security forces to be monitoring social media for anti-government or anti-military information? He and the cabal around him must be incogitant! A defence spokesman has just said that activities of Nigerians, on the social media, are now being monitored for hate speech, anti-government and anti-security information by the military. He added that the move became necessary in the light of troubling activities and misinformation capable of jeopardizing the unity of the country. Buhari should forget it; it will never work! After reading this, I started asking which unity they're talking about. They should have known that "it's over" with Nigeria, as there's no more unity to defend or talk about.

But, what does Buhari means by monitoring people like that? Only dictators can do such a thing, and that's what Buhari is. His words and actions point towards that direction. People can only be monitored, as Buhari wants it, in communist countries, and I wonder if they're turning Nigeria into a "North Korea". Instead of wasting his time monitoring what's going on in the social media, Buhari should channel all efforts towards a belated move geared towards saving Nigeria, and, that can only be the restructuring of the country. Otherwise, one day, and soon too, he will be told that Nigeria, he claims to be ruling, is no more. Buhari should make haste; or else, he will be the Mikhail Gorbachev of Nigeria. For those who don't know, Mikhail Gorbachev lost an empire when the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) disintegrated during his watch (he was the last leader of the communist empire, before it broke into 15 different countries. The Soviet Union was dissolved on December 26, 1991).

Buhari and his government have led Nigeria on a downward spiral into the dark abyss by the lies they're churning out. Buhari said that Emeka Ojukwu visited him in Daura, in 2003, and they agreed that Nigeria should remain one. I'm not here to dispute or confirm what Buhari credited to Ojukwu, because I was not there, or have any right to speak for the dead. Even though Ojukwu led the failed secession bid of the Biafrans from 1967 to 1970, and remained, until death, a revered leader for the Igbos, but, he must have spoken to Buhari, in 2003, in his private capacity, and not as the leader of the whole Igbos. Even if what Buhari said about Ojukwu was correct in 2003, such can't be right in 2017. We loved and still love and respect Ojukwu, even in grave, but the destiny of the living is no longer tied to that of the dead, because the dead is no longer experiencing what the living are going through, and the condition of things in 2003 is different from what they are now in 2017. The Igbos living have the right of self determination, and if the actualization of Biafra is what the majority want, so be it, even if Ojukwu was later against it in 2003, after leading that bid that claimed about 3 million souls 47 years ago.

With all due respect, Ojukwu's holistic leadership over the Biafrans ended in 1970, when he went into exile. We all can remember that when President Shehu Shagari granted Ojukwu an unconditional pardon in 1982, after 12 years of exile, he returned and joined the NPN while most of his kinfolks were in NPP; that was the reason he lost his senate bid then. If he was the undisputed Igbo political leader, he would have been elected unopposed. Also, when the ban against political activities was lifted in 1998, Ojukwu formed his own party, the APGA, that was only able to win a state out of the five the Igbos have. So, from that, one can see that Igbos didn't see Ojukwu as the single unifying factor after the war. In all and all, I know right deep down inside me that if Ojukwu were to be alive, and seeing how Buhari, through his actions and inactions, has messed Nigeria up and has marginalized the Igbos more than any other Nigeria leader before, he would have been at the forefront of the agitation for the Republic of Biafra. He might not have led it, due to the fact that age wouldn't have been on his side, but definitely, he would have been the moral leader of it.

I still can't understand why the "Status Quos" of Nigeria like to spew out lies using the name of Ojukwu only now that he was dead. Ojukwu was there and none of them made any comment about the war or quoted him in anyway. These people have no respect for the dead. It happened when Yakubu Gowon, who was the figure-head head of state during the fratricidal civil war, waited until the death of Ojukwu to start saying what Ojukwu didn't do right during the war, and what he, Gowon, did best during the war, knowing that Ojukwu was no longer there to contradict him in anyway. Now Buhari is quoting Ojukwu to suit his ulterior motives, knowing that Ojukwu will never defend himself.

Coming back to the first point in this article where they told us that Buhari will be working from home, because, the rodents he's leading have made his office un-conducive. What a stupid excuse? We know that things have gone haywire in Nigeria for long time, but it has never been as bad as Buhari and his cohorts have turned the country into such a stupid one and a laughing stock internationally.

What will the world say upon hearing this lame excuse? It has even started to happen. The British Broadcasting Corporation mocked Nigeria over claim that the president was chased out from office by rats. The BBC first reported the news in pidgin and Standard English, quoting senior special assistant to President Buhari on Media, Garba Shehu.

What are we talking about here? Imagine in this 21st century, they're telling us that rodents destroyed things in the office of the president. Who can believe that trash that the president's office can be so isolated and unkempt for rodents to turn it into a place for their rendezvous? Even if the president was away for years, there's no reason for his office, that's supposed to be one of the most secured, looked after and beautiful offices in Africa to become an animal den or kingdom. Even a house built with blocks in the middle of a jungle can't be as devastated as they told us Aso Rock was. Are they saying that while Buhari was away, nobody was cleaning the place, at least once a week, or that nobody was entering the place to check the condition of things there? I'm sure people are being paid to clean the office; does it mean that Buhari left and they stopped doing their job? This should be investigated!

Only people without brain can tell or believe such a fairy tale. Methinks that no rodents caused any damage in Aso Rock, but due to their undeveloped thinking faculty, Buhari and co. posited this bizarre excuse in order to justify Buhari's stay at home. He's so weak and unstable that he can't handle the rigors of his office. Another reason for this excuse must be that it will afford them the opportunity to loot under the pretext that they're renovating his office.

The point is that Buhari is even worse than when he left for the medical treatment, and keeping him at home is a ploy to conceal his true health condition. Sahara reporters wrote that one clear strategy by the cabal was to keep the President from making offhand comments that could reveal his true health status. President Muhammadu Buhari's return to work on Monday got off to a limp start. Despite the celebrations which accompanied his return to Nigeria on Saturday, his health clearly not much improved despite the best spin efforts of the cabal in the presidency. Aso Rock insiders who had been made to believe a rejuvenated and energized President would kick-start governance with energy and commitment became disillusioned as they came to terms with the fact that President Buhari is still reeling in poor health condition. Several Presidency sources told Saharareporters that the manipulative cabal managing the president made a number of moves in the 24 hours preceding Mr. Buhari's return aimed at consolidating the fictional story of his having fully recovered from whatever ails him. Since arriving in Abuja however, it has become clear he is in no better shape than before he traveled, characterized by incoherence and inability to stay composed and alert for more than 10 minutes at a time before lapsing into some form of health crisis and serious coughing.

I wonder why this Buhari government is of liars, by liars and for liars. Just few weeks ago, while Buhari was still in a London hospital, Lai Mohammed, the Information Minister, said that Buhari has done enough for Nigeria as a president, as such that his re-election is guaranteed even without him campaigning for it. Unbelievable! The best part was what the Agriculture Minister, Audu Ogbeh, the oldest, said few days ago, when he told Nigerians that the government has a lot of rice to flood the markets with, but that what's stopping the move is that the government doesn't have the bags to package the rice. What? Incredible!

Let me tell you why Buhari rushed back to Nigeria despite his doctors' advice that he remain in London for another month. Nigerians abroad have been a big plus for Nigeria all along. When Charly Boy Oputa and others led the "Return or Resign" protest in Abuja Nigeria, to force the president back to Nigeria, Buhari fired back, saying that even though he has recovered, that only his doctors will say when he will returned. Not surprising at all, since Buhari was talking to those demonstrating in Nigeria from faraway London. But, when the Nigerians in London protested at the Nigerian House in London, where Buhari was hibernating, but where we were told he was recuperating, he was forced to flee London back to Nigeria without even waiting further for his doctors' permission.

The Nigerians abroad have been doing a lot good for the country, and without them, Nigeria would have been on fire a long time ago. We're supposed to thank and respect them. The money they're remitting is what keeps the country's economy running, as Nigerian leaders loot all the money that comes from the sales of oil. Apart from oil, the remittances from Nigerians abroad are the second biggest source of revenue for the country, and now that oil's price and market are fluctuating, it's the remittances that have made the country to still be hanging in there. If the money was not coming to Nigerians from their relatives abroad, they would have dealt with the looters marauding as their leaders.

According to NAN, The remittances from Nigerian migrants have increased to about $35 billion dollars in 2016, the Chief of Mission, International Organisation for Migration, IOM, Enira Krdzalic, says. Ms. Krdzalic said, according to the World Bank reports, the significant increase of remittances of Nigerian migrants from $21 billion in 2015 made it the second largest recipient of remittances in Africa. She said that on that note, Nigeria ranked the fifth largest recipient of remittances in the world from its citizens who sent home money to relatives and friends.

That amount above is the official remittances, excluding the money sent through a third party or the goods sent that was sold and the proceeds utilized in Nigeria. If you calculate everything, Nigerians abroad are sending about $120 billion dollars yearly.

We have to thank the Nigerians in London for "chasing" Buhari back to Nigeria, even though his presence or absence means the same thing. Since he has been president, Buhari has not shown any leadership or the reason he was elected, and as such, his presence in Aso Rock means little or nothing other than the many problems he has been creating, instead of solving, for Nigerians. Since Buhari went away; there has been an uneasy peace, as the Fulani herdsmen haven't attack any people or place. But watch out now that he's back; it will not take long before the killers start their killing spree again, now that their patron, Buhari, is back from London.

Not only that Buhari stayed away, he also parked our presidential jet in London, and the parking fee cost the country a fortune. What was the sense of parking our plane in London when nobody was sure when Buhari will be fit to return. Why didn't the plane drop him off and then fly back to Nigeria, pending when he will be ready to return? This irked so many Nigeria, up to the point of them saying that it doesn't matter if Buhari stays permanently in London, afterall; he's of no use to Nigeria, but that they should return our plane, meaning that so many Nigerians accord the presidential plane more value than Buhari.

If the rodents of Nigeria are angry and didn't want Buhari to resume again by vandalizing his office, after he abandoned them; then, the human beings of Nigeria must have been in stupor to have "elected" Buhari and still allow him to be abandoning his office and responsibilities when he likes, and will return back whenever he wants.

I'm still not happy with so many Nigerians; I warned Nigerians, in 2015, against the election of Buhari, and I wrote one of my longest serials then (I think, 25 Parts), cautioning against the election of the blockhead. Although my audience was modest due to the fact that not many Nigerians have access to the Internet, but some of my readers, even those who should have known better, saw Buhari then as the messiah Nigeria needs, but today, they have seen what some of us saw then.

During his pre-recorded speech to Nigerians, Buhari said "I have had time to look at Nigeria from outside. I have watched with great interest how the wheels of the nation work from afar. They are not working well. All that we were afraid of are happening now". That's correct. Glad to know that Buhari knows this. And on that note, I want to tell him that is either Nigeria is restructured or it will break up. He shouldn't make any mistake about it, as there's nothing else he can do to savage the situation now. Although I'm not better placed to doubt that Ojukwu agreed with Buhari, in 2003, that Nigeria should remain one, but I'm sure Ojukwu must have pointed out to him that for that to happen, Nigeria must implement some of the tenets of the Aburi Accord, as that would be the only panacea for the continuous existence of Nigeria in peace and progress, and without that, breaking up of the entity looms large. You can bet on that!






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