Monday, July 2, 2018
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God gives each his due at the time allotted (Euripides)

Whoso sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed (John Locke)

Heaven never defaults. The wicked are sure of their wages, sooner or later (Edwin Hubbel Chapin)

Heaven often regulates effects by their causes, and pays the wicked what they have deserved (Pierre Corneille)

n Saturday, June 16, Nigerian Air Force fighter jets conducted air strikes on at least three Benue State communities to flush out some hoodlums who attacked the Commander of the Nigerian Army Engineering Corps, Maj Gen John Malu, in his hometown in the Katsina-Ala LGA of Benue State. The Airforce said that mortars, artillery pieces, assault rifles and aerial bombardments were used.

Think of it: The Air Force was sent after hoodlums who attacked a person, even though he’s a Major General, but the security forces have not done anything to protect thousands of Nigerians who are under Fulani herdsmen’ constant attacks. Who can believe what’s going on in Nigeria, and the world is looking the other way.

This government is behind the Fulani herdsmen' killings. The presidency confirmed this when it said: "Giving out land for ranching is better than death. Being alive is better than ancestral attachment to land". What it means is that this government is telling Nigerians that "it's better to be alive than being a dead land owner". I can't believe that a government that should be protecting the citizens has just made such statement. Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina, speaking on an AIT morning programme, warned those against the administration’s ranching and colony programmes for herdsmen to rethink, noting that they are better off living with the ranches and colonies than dying through the persisting conflicts. Femi Adesina added (in his words): “Ancestral attachment? You can only have ancestral attachment when you are alive. If you are talking about ancestral attachment, if you are dead, how does the attachment matter?"

To conclude: My people say that we all should join hands in pursuing away the kite that wants to pick a chick, but at home, we should also blame the chick for wandering off. There’s retributive justice; there’s law of karma, so, whatever we’re doing, let’s remember tomorrow. The Middle Belters should once again use their tongues to count their teeth. Many of their leaders, such as Paul Unongo, boasted, before now, that their people were mostly the ones who fought the war for Nigeria, in other words, they were the ones who committed the genocide against the people of the former Eastern Region. Did they know that a time like this will come when they’ll become victims too?

As the 73 victims of the New Year attacks in Benue State were given a mass burial, at the beginning of this year, the chairman of Northern Elders Forum, Wantaregh Paul Unongo, noted that the state would not hesitate to raise its own army if the herdsmen attacks on Benue persist.

Addressing the crowd during that burial ceremony, Unongo said that a large number of Benue sons and daughters had contributed to the greatest contingents that fought the civil war. In his words: “Benue people sacrificed enough blood for the unity of this country and would not allow a section of Fulani terrorists to come, kill our people in cold blood. I am begging Nigerians that my people cannot continue to be canon folder of this country. If the federal government cannot stop or arrest those behind the killings, in two weeks, we shall raise an army of our own. We cannot allow people to colonised us again, we have all it takes to do that”

Also speaking during the mass burial ceremony, Gen. Lawrence Onoja, who described the killing in the state as a genocidal conspiracy against Benue people, emphasized said that the killings must not continue. In his words: ” Some of us in 1966 fought the Nigeria war, Benue has contributed to the unity of this country, therefore If the Federal Government refused to address the killings in Benue and if we decide to raise our army as advocated by our elders to defend ourselves, l will not mind commanding that army despite my age”.

Till today, Fulani herdsmen are killing the Benue people, and still, Unongo and Onoja, have neither retaliated nor raised an army for it. You see how the so-called leaders deceive their people by giving them false hope.

This, below, was copied (the writer wants to maintain anonymity):

“God is awesome. His laws in creation never fail. What you sow, you must reap unconditionally. It often takes time for you to reap your rewards but eventually, it comes. Anyone who told me that I will witness a day when the Tivis will reap the full benefit of what they did to fleeing Igbos in 1966, I would have dismissed the person with a wave of the hand. Here it is happening to them almost fifty years after their atrocities. Everything Unongo recounted the Fulani did to them, they did to Ndigbo.

The main means of escape from the north in 1966 was through trains. If you or your family managed to escape from the far north, the Tivi civilian population stopped trains and would ask all Igbos to disembark. Women are separated from men, and wives are asked to identify their husbands. Then a wife is given a dagger to kill her husband or be killed. If a wife kills her husband, she survives; if she couldn’t bring herself to it, she dies gruesomely. Pregnant women were killed and the womb is slitten open to bring out the fetus, which is also daggered. Men were killed like dogs.

At the peak of the pogrom, Father Canty, the Principal of my school, St. John’s College, Kaduna (the school Major Chukwuma Nzeogwu attended), decided to take the bigger Igbo boys in his 403 Peugeot Pick up to the East. When he safely came back from his first trip with a battered pickup, he told us that the pickup was battered in Benue because he wouldn’t stop at roadblocks set up by Tivis. They always wanted him to open the tarpaulin to confirm he was not carrying Igbos in his pick up. He cajoles and defies them and rams through the roadblocks.

May God continue to bless Father Canty because he did two more trips and succeeded each time to drop our boys at Obollo Afor. For us, the younger ones in Forms 1, 2 and 3, he organized that we participate in the airlift operations which was only available in Kaduna using airforce planes. May God bless his soul.

The Tivis, Jukuns, southern Zaria tribes, the Plateau tribes and the non Hausa tribes of Borno and Adamawa provinces dominated the rank and file of the army, and a majority of them were Christians. They must have been up to 80% of the fighting forces of the Nigerian army. Paul Unongo admitted that Tivi soldiers were up to 50% of the Nigerian army during the war. They were wicked and brutal against the Easterners. Forty years after, bloody conflicts have arisen between them and their Hausa/Fulani allies. The bloody conflicts started with Boko Haram sweeping through the North East, with the Christians of former Borno and Adamawa provinces being the worst hit. Then, the Fulani herdsmen’ massacres in Plateau, Taraba, southern Kaduna and then Benue!

What is happening is retribution for the Igbo blood that was needlessly spilled, not only in 1966-70 but also long after the war. The law of retributive justice sweeps clean and better than any revenge any human being can extract. This government will be helpless and clueless about stemming the violence until every Igbo blood that was unjustly spilled is fully paid for. When I noticed some of us crying more than the bereaved, I say to myself that he, who was not present when a corpse was buried, often starts from the wrong end to exhume the corpse if necessary.

What is the moral of this story? Someone may wish to accuse me of being unsympathetic with what is happening in Benue, Plateau or other places. That is far from the point. I am very sympathetic but we need to understand the real reasons why these things are happening. We need to learn the lessons of being mindful not to engage in acts of evil and wickedness, especially when it has to do with the spilling of human blood. We need to understand that the law of retributive justice ensures you taste your own medicine. Nobody is immune or anonymous to the law of retributive justice. When we misjudge the situation by claiming or screaming Islamization or Fulani domination, the law is unperturbed by your claims. If there are blood debts to be paid, they have to be paid irrespective of your opinions and support. The bottom line is “onye obuna wepu aka na ajoife” (everybody should remove his or her hand from evil)".

All I’m saying is that we must change our attitude towards one another; change our selfish ways; change our archaic and anachronistic socio-economic-political system; and then change our old or infirm political leaders for Nigeria to make it through the “dark” it has been pushed into. The world must act now to save Nigerian lives, through any means it can, or will forever regret it. What happened in Bosnia and Herzegovina or Rwanda, in the 1990s, should have been a lesson for the world. Europe is grieving because of the wave of refugees coming into the continent now from Syria, Iraq and other war torn-countries, but the European refugee crisis would be exacerbated, many folds, if Nigeria descends into more anarchy. Walls, guns or security will not be able to keep Nigerian refugees away from Europe and America if Nigeria embarks on another civil war (should Nigeria disintegrate, which is likely, let it be by a peaceful means and not by another civil war).

If the world needs its own peace, it should start doing something now to stop the Fulani herdsmen dead in their tracks, before it becomes too late (every part of the world will “hear it”, if a fraction of the Nigerian population joins the refugee wave).


Ibrahim Bunu wrote: “Hey! Do you think you have seen Nigeria at her worse economic meltdown or seen the worse killings and religious wars yet? Well if you think so then just wait until our very dear PMB wins the 2019 presidential election then you'll know better... In the meantime, please ignore your hatred for reading and read this to the end because it is a wake-up call to all of us who wants things to get better in Nigeria. Why are we blaming Buhari and Not Ourselves! In 2015, we changed a govt under which human beings and businesses fared well. The South watched as the Northern oligarchy, with the help of Lagos media, demonised the govt of the day, manipulated the electoral process to install a radical Islamist and we said nothing.

  1. He appointed our Chief of Army Staff and Chief of Air Staff from his tribe/religion, we said nothing.

  2. He appointed our National Security Adviser from his tribe/religion, we said nothing.

  3. He followed it up with appointment of DG DSS from his village/ religion, we clapped for him.

  4. He appointed Chairman EFCC from his tribe/religion; we kept quiet.

  5. He appointed IGP from his religion and we said nothing.

  6. He appointed Minister of Defence from his tribe and religion, we said nothing.

  7. He appointed Minister of Interior from his tribe/religion, and we clapped for him.

  8. He appointed CG Immigration from his tribe and religion, we were the more quiet.

  9. He appointed CG Civil Defence from his own religion and region, we said nothing.

  10. He appointed CG Prisons from his own tribe and religion and we hailed him.

  11. He appointed DG NIA from his village, tribe and religion and we said it is his prerogative as President.

  12. He appointed Chief of Defence Intelligence from his tribe and religion; we were the more quiet.

  13. A man is elected President and he concentrated the appointments of heads of entire security agencies in the country in one religion and region and you didn't notice it was in furtherance of an agenda?

  14. Why is he so interested in having all the security heads from his religion and region?

  15. Generals Obasanjo and T.Y. Danjuma, President Buhari's major supporters, have come out publicly to speak on their fears for Nigeria. The elders know Nigeria is sliding into great danger. Any moment from now, like they called Chief Obasanjo names; they will call Gen. Danjuma too. They might tell you it's because PMB has stopped corruption that the General is angry and crying. They won't tell you that General Danjuma is a very rich Nigerian already that do not need anything from govt appointees.

  16. Once President Buhari returned from London, after his last discharge from hospital, at the peak of IPOB agitation, he made a national broadcast and launched "Operation Python Dance" to deal with IPOB. His Attorney General applied to court to declare IPOB a terror group and proscribe it. IPOB never killed a single Nigerian to our knowledge.

  17. Uptill this day, the President has not made any broadcast on Fulani herdsmen and their militant wing, that have killed and pillaged Nigerians in their thousands. Their leaders come out to take responsibility for such killings and they are still walking free. No arrest. No prosecution. It is an agenda.

  18. Who do we now blame? We were warned but we didn't heed the warnings. We needed change so badly and anything but Jonathan was fine.

  19. Chief Femi Falana, Pastor Bakare and other rights advocates, you have let Nigerians down. You spoke so vehemently against GEJ but kept quiet in the face of tyranny, injustice and killing of Nigerians under PMB. God will request the blood of the Nigerians who have died in the hands of the emboldened herdsmen, at your hands. As General Danjuma said, we are in real danger in Nigeria.

Silence is no longer golden! 2019 is fast approaching, a chance we'll have to correct our mistakes and right our wrongs and to salvage what we have left, so please.... Kindly swallow your pride for the sake of humanity and share this message after reading it so that other people read can do same and together we can make amends.






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