Monday, July 2, 2018
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Bonn, Germany

The terrorist attacks were a tragedy for the people who died or were injured, and for their families and friends. For the rest of us, they were a wake-up call as to what type of lunatics we are dealing with (Julie Burchill)

pfront, my thoughts, prayers, and condolences are with the families of all those killed when a tanker tumbled and busted into flames in Lagos. It’s a pity that there’s no respite from danger for so many Nigerians, no matter where they’re in that country. Eye witnesses, who took pictures with their phones, said that about 100 persons and 50 vehicles burnt to ashes in the inferno. Even a school bus filled with school children burnt to ashes and none of the children inside it came out alive. The rescue team arrived only when everything and all the victims have been charred. Unfortunately, the incompetent government of Nigeria, with no regards for Nigerian lives, claims that only a few people died.

If there’s a time Nigeria needs a change of leadership more than ever, it’s now. Any Nigerian who is not concerned about what’s going on in Nigeria now must be a devil’s disciple. Many of us criticized Goodluck Jonathan because of the killings during his administration but have refused to criticize Buhari now for the genocide and tribal killings going on. The extent of killings during Goodluck Jonathan's time pales into insignificance when compares with what’s happening now.

Kayode Samuel wrote: “We should never cease to remind all the people that backed Buhari of the monumental tragedy that they've bestowed on the land. And that must include such latter-day "lamentators" as Olusegun Obasanjo and Wole Soyinka. Let no one feel that a mere rethink will compensate for an atrocity already unleashed - and now in full throttle. Their redemption can only come from a reversal of their grand error. And no one should hail them while they're at it...”

I listened to Sunrise Daily while Zachary Gundu, a professor of Archaeology at the Ahmadu Bello University, tried to put the senseless killings going on into perspective. He noted that many Nigerians don’t know or appreciate our history or what has been going on in Nigeria these past years. He said that what the Fulanis are doing now is to grab a lot of land from the people of Nigeria for the Fulanis of the whole world. The Fulanis originated from Guinea’s Fouta Djallon highlands and spread from there. Since independence, Nigeria has had three Fulanis as president, but in Guinea, where they originated from, the Fulanis have not been given a chance to lead.

So now, the Fulanis everywhere see Nigeria as their second homeland, since it is where they have been given the chance to lead, and that’s why they have invited all Fulanis, elsewhere, to find their way to Nigeria. Many of those Fulanis committing these atrocities in Nigeria are not even Nigerians. Buhari once told us that those perpetrating the atrocities are not Nigerians but those who were trained by Ghadafi of Libya, while Governor of Kaduna State admitted that he paid some Fulanis to prevent them from coming in to attack his state. So, the leadership of the country is unable to stop the influx of Fulanis from all over Africa into Nigeria and is also unable to curb the atrocities they’re committing. What’s the sense of having this government then?

It does not matter who you are, your tribe, religion or tongue, but one thing for sure is that Nigeria has come to the end of the road; and if we fail to do anything now, what will soon hit Nigeria will make what happened in Rwanda, in Congo, and in Sierra Leone, all combined, a child’s play. Buhari has not said anything concrete about the Fulani herdsmen’ killings! Even when their leaders have taken responsibility for the atrocities, still, nobody has been charged or convicted. The few they claimed to have arrested must have been released through the back door. The Fulanis remain unremorseful and are promising more attacks, and still, they’re walking free. The leader of the Fulani Nationality Movement (FUNAM) boastfully said that they remain solid and unshaken by the wind, after the recent Plateau killings, adding that it’s just the beginning, while promising that nothing will be left behind, from the East, West and Middle Belt by the time they will be through with their agenda.

Do we see now what Buhari meant when he said that “baboons and monkeys will be covered in blood” as that’s exactly what’s happening every day in Nigeria? To tell you that the killings are well orchestrated, Buhari feigns an excuse, claiming that he has done all he can to deal with the ugly situation. The man who calls himself the president and commander-in-chief of the Nigerian Armed Forces said that he cannot do anything to stop the killings, rather, he implored Nigerians to pray to God to stop the killings. Imagine that! These are Buhari’s words:

"There's nothing I can do to help...except to pray to God to help us out of the security challenges.”

Now, they’re telling us that President Buhari has on Thursday, June 28, approved the sum of N10 billion for the rehabilitation of affected communities in Plateau State which recently witnessed attacks by suspected herdsmen that claimed over 86 lives. The presidency then said: ”The N10 billion funds that was approved to Nassarawa and Benue for the rehabilitation of farms and farming community would be made available to Plateau state”.

This is medicine after death. If Buhari and his guerillas didn’t kill those people, the N10 billion would have been used for some other things. This is just a fire brigade approach and it amounts to nothing. Nigerians want peace and security, and not to be succored after death with money. Money is not everything! Buhari should tell his guerillas to stop the killings, pure and simple.

The National Coordinator of United Young Professionals, Adewole Kehinde, on June 24, in Abuja, asked the Nigeria Police to arrest and investigate the National President of the Fulani Nationality Movement, (FUNAM), Badu Salisu Ahmadu, and the entire executive. In Adewole words: “We find it ridiculous that a senseless group called the Fulani Nationality Movement, (FUNAM) could say the killing in Benue of Tivs is well deserved. That it was a revenge attack on the series of the onslaught on the Fulani which was most horrendous on 17th November 2017 when 30 Fulani men and women were killed in Nasarawa State”.

In a press release, Adewole Kehinde, according to Gongnews, further urged the Inspector General of Police and other security agencies to also arrest the sponsors of the group as their statements, like the one below, will only bring disunity in Nigeria. Hear what the leader of the Fulanis said: “We have asked all Fulani across West Africa to raise money and arms to prosecute the oncoming war. We call on all Fulanis to prepare for this Holy War. There is no going back. All over the world, Nigeria is the only country given to Fulani by God”.

The point is that words cannot describe what’s going on now in Nigeria. How come that Buhari and his guerrillas have turned Nigeria into killing fields and the world remains unconcerned? We’ve watched helplessly as Nigerian lives have become worthless, that even this government and the Fulanis are bestowing more value to cows than Nigerians. This government prefers to protect the life of a cow than that of a Nigerian.

We all have seen the gruesome pictures of Nigerians, mostly Christians, mowed down by the Fulani herdsmen and the world have watched and kept quiet. Those disturbing gory images are for strong stomachs only. Trump, a few months ago, threatened that America will not accept the killing of Christians in Nigeria anymore, but since then, more and more killing of Christians have been systematically carried out, and the American president has said or done nothing serious about it. Was Trump’s threat an empty one meant to extract something, for self, from the Buhari’s government? Who knows what Buhari signed away while Trump was grinning behind him in that photo that came out from the White House during Buhari’s recent visit to Washington D.C.? If Trump’s threat was a serious one, let him follow it up now and show leadership by using American might and leadership of the world to force Buhari to bring the perpetrators of these atrocities to justice.

The United States, through his predecessor, Barack Obama, helped in getting Buhari, a fellow Muslim, elected as president. Now, let the United States also help in getting Buhari out of office. His election was one of the greatest mistakes ever made anywhere in the world, and America should help correct the blunder. In fact, the best Trump can do for Nigeria is to support the change of leadership in Nigeria, and the empowerment of the youths of Nigeria to take over as leaders.

I hope the International Criminal Court (ICC) is watching and noting what’s going on in Nigeria. No matter how long it takes, those who are behind these killings should be unmasked to face justice. The blood spilled or wasted, right from the genocide called civil war till now, is crying for justice, and until that’s done, Nigeria will remain in limbo. In fact, the gates of hell will be flung wide open for the sponsors of these atrocities when the time comes.

I’ve expected the world to frown at what’s going on in Nigeria, but it seems that it (the world) is looking the other way while genocide or tribal or ethnic cleansing is going on. That was what the world did when Nigeria committed genocide against the people of the former Eastern Region from 1966-70, allowing the death of more than 3 million people. That was what the world did when the genocide started in Rwanda until it was too late for so many lives.

For how long must the Fulanis kill Nigerians before the world reacts? I want to ask: Where’s the World Press? Where’s the outrage; where’s the condemnation; and where’s the action to stop the genocide and atrocities going on against the peoples of the Middle Belt and the southern part of Nigeria? When will the world do something to save Nigerians from the barbarians trying to turn the whole of Nigeria into a Fulani caliphate? Is the western world waiting for Nigerians to start killing each other so that they’ll have the opportunity of selling their guns and weapons?

To be concluded ASAP!