Saturday, June 23, 2018
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Continued from Part 1

If you want your eggs hatched, sit on it yourself (Haitian Proverb)

Keep working, keep striving, and never give up. Fall down seven times, get up eight. Without commitment, you’ll never start. But more importantly; without consistency, you’ll never finish. Ease is a greater threat to progress than hardship. So, keep moving, keep growing, keep learning. See you at work (Denzel Washington)

implore, I charge, I energize, and I support Nigerian youths to liberate their country. They can always count on me, through thick and thin, to be with them all the way through. I might not start the “battle” for them, but will always be there with/for them spiritually or otherwise. I’m not here to preach war or bellicosity or belligerency or altercations, far from these, as our battle will be fought and won not with guns, but with the ballot papers. So, get your PVC now.

Let me start by saying that Buhari is heaven sent. Yes, I mean it. He came and is messing things up, but something good is coming out of the hopelessness he has created. In about three years, he has made possible what has eluded Nigeria for almost 55 years. Due to his cluelessness and lack of leadership quality, Buhari is bringing out the best in Nigerians. Now, everybody, both northerners, and southerners are complaining. It’s no longer people from only a section of the country who are complaining. Now, the complaint is all-encompassing, as everybody is feeling the heat of his bad leadership.

Providence might have used Buhari’s election as a catalyst to set things in the right direction for Nigeria. Never has the chance to put Nigeria in better shape looked brighter than now. As I have always noted, a yam seedling will first of all decay to sprout; Nigeria is burning, but a new and better country might arise from the ashes.

Even many, including many northern leaders, who supported Buhari in 2015, are now telling him to be packing to leave in 2019. The northern leaders have given up on Buhari, one of their own, and are now looking for a young, educated and vibrant northerner as his replacement in order for power to stay in the Region. Nigeria wants only the best, as from now on, no matter where he or she comes from. Gone will be the days of accepting a mediocre because of tribal advantage.

The next president, no matter his tribe or religion, will definitely be better. Buhari will likely rig the election to remain in power, but he will fail, as Nigerians are now wiser and will guard their votes jealously. Make no mistake about it; if Buhari’s misrule fails to bring about a better Nigeria, and things continue as they are, also in 2019 and beyond, then, know that Nigeria will never be better again in our lifetime, and it will then be better for us to start singing the Nunc Dimittis. If Nigerians vote for Buhari again (in 2019), we will then need a psychiatrist to examine our heads, one by one.

What we need now is a youthful crop of leaders to succeed Nigeria's failed older generation. Apart from being young, the next Nigerian leaders must be pragmatic, reform-minded and impatient to move Nigeria to a position of eminence. They must display idealism, compassion, humanity, moral integrity, vision and the will to do the right thing at the right time. The onus of fixing Nigeria is on the youths; they have the number, the zeal, and they’ve suffered enough for them to take back their country from the rapacious looters calling themselves Nigerian leaders.

Now is the time for Nigerian youths to be thinking about how to rescue Nigeria from the shackles of the old politicians ruining the country! They must take over and create a new Nigeria where everybody will be accommodated; where everybody will be given the chance to aspire for any office as long as he or she is qualified for it (no political marginalization); and where every region will be given the chance to decide how it wants to live. The disintegration of Nigeria should be the last option. Our destinies are tied with a better Nigeria where equality reigns. We have more to gain in togetherness as against separation. A large population is necessary and should be a source of strength. Countries like USA, China, India etc have used their large population to their advantage. Let’s emulate them.

Before getting to the promise land, the old breeds should give way to the new; we can’t “pour new wine in an old skin”. This is a clarion call to Nigerian youths to gird up their loins for the task ahead: The peaceful takeover of the political leadership of this country. It will only happen if they work hard for it. Nobody says it will be easy, but, yes they can.

In the words of Franz Fanon (1925–1961), the youths of Nigeria, out of relative obscurity, must find its mission; fulfill and not betray it. They must aim at creating a bold and new democratic Nigeria, and should be ready to render selfless services to all Nigerians irrespective of their tribe, religion or tongue.

We all know that the present Nigerian leaders are not ready to make Nigeria an enviable nation; they’ve failed themselves and the entire nation, and should now hand over to young and vibrant Nigerians, who will then succeed where they’ve failed. The youths should chase the present leaders away since they’ve failed, for 58 years, to make Nigeria a better place for all. Our youths should come together to rub political shoulders and to speak with one voice and will. When they take over the leadership mantle by forcing those selfish older politicians out of the political limelight, they will then find means of curing Nigeria of its ills, and I’m sure that Nigeria will then realize its full potential.

The youths of Nigeria must make hay, while Buhari’s misrule lasts, to take over the political leadership of this country, and should rule with the love of mankind and fear of God. It must then be a different ball game from the hardship the present leaders are subjecting the people in the midst of plenty.

For our youths, the Nigerian experiment is crumbling. Rudolf Okonkwo and David-West will be of help here too with some of their excerpts. The poor Nigerians have sacrificed a lot, but have gained nothing from it. Our youths, when in charge, will change this notion that the greatest misfortune that will befall any Nigerian child would be to be born a Nigerian! To this generation, the hills, rocks, and mountains should not be obstacles to their existence otherwise they should level them by strong will and determination. For Nigerian youths, the seas, rivers, lakes, and lagoons should be drained if they become stumbling blocks through perseverance and consistency. For our youths, the lions, tigers, hyenas, vultures, foxes, pythons, cows of Nigerian politics will be tamed if they fail to co-operate.

Our youths must make sure that the days of living on one’s knee and picking up the crumbs that fell off the table are over; they should be poised to go out and grab what is theirs. They should not be scared of anyone but must reverse the injustices that have been poured on their parents.

Nigerian youths should know that now is the time to change the economic, political and social injustices in Nigeria, where few have received special treatments and others were oppressed. They should stop the oppressive act where their parents and grandparents were taxed and taxed just to pay for the provision of essential facilities like water and electricity. Things that the government of Nigeria should have given to all Nigerians for free or for smaller fees!

Nigerian youths should be ready for the tasks ahead. It will not be easy, but the words of Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) “Obstacles cannot crush me; every obstacle yields to stern resolve” must be their guide. B.C. Forbes (1880-1954) also advised that “History has demonstrated that the most notable winners usually encountered heartbreaking obstacles before they triumphed. They won because they refused to become discouraged by their defeats”!

As a saying goes, “you are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it true”. Our youths must be fearless and hope more, eat less and chew more, whine less and breathe more, talk less and say more, hate less and love more before all the good things will be theirs and Nigeria as a whole. We know that God will be present with us, whether asked or not because ours is a just cause. I implore our youths not to look back in anger or forward in fear, but, around in awareness. They must stand straight and should not fear crooked shadows. The “sun” of Nigeria should be shinning by now, but our leaders betrayed and are still betraying us.

Our youths must strive to have a Nigeria where only the best will be the political leaders. For them, it should not matter whether the best is from North-East, North-West, North-Central, South-West, South-East or South-South. What should be more important to them is that “only the best will be good enough for Nigeria”. If the best is being given the chance, I know that a great nation will emerge soon. I know that our youths will not accept Nigeria being a second-rate country. When Musa scored two goals against Iceland during their World Cup group match in Russia, it didn't matter where he comes from, but that he's a Nigerian, and has made millions of his compatriots happy.

Our youths will not be asking too much by demanding that they should be allowed to give Nigeria the best, since the present leaders are failures, as they’ve refused to articulate their stand, dreams, and goals and work towards realizing them for the good of all. We heard so much deafening noises from the present leaders. They are vast in the trade of barking, but unfortunately, they are not known for their biting prowess. They are like dogs that would bark and pretend as if they intend to bite, but when appeased with a bone, they would quickly declare "all is well" and retreat to a safe corner to enjoy the bone. Nigerian youths must talk the talk and walk the walk. They must not be swayed by the allure of self-aggrandizement but rather willed in the mission of self-assertion, justice, equity and equal opportunity for all Nigerians in this new democratic dispensation.

No doubt, it’s time for Nigeria to reverse cause and seek the guidance of our youths! I know they will create a Nigeria where all must have equal opportunity to contribute and make an impact, contrary to what is happening now. We have seen what our past and current leaders can bring to the table; in all honesty, Nigerians are not any better off than they were years ago. Undoubtedly, the time is ripe not only for new directors to assume control of the nation's affairs but for an entirely new direction.

I believe that Nigerian youths if given the chance, will move quickly to dispel this aura of mistrust between the different peoples of Nigeria that has existed since independence. They will move to integrate our people genuinely into the polity and move to solve Nigeria's mountainous problems. Definitely, our youths can step in and lift the country out of the present quagmires it is in.

Nigerian youths must be a pragmatic generation for the old guard to hand over to them. The youths should have a new thinking and should call for a National Conference or for the implementation of the previous reports. They must ask what is there for every region in this country called Nigeria. They must also promise that the killing of people because of their tribe or tongue or religion will never happen again anywhere in Nigeria.

Nigerian youths should take over in order to champion a change in strategy. The days of dreaming and rationalizing are over. It will be their duty to make sure that security is not just promised but guaranteed. They know that Nigeria can be better than it is now, and can be a technological hub for Africa. They know that the ingenuity is there. When this is tapped, Nigeria and Africa can, in the near future, be self-reliant and not dependent on the west for everything thereby compromising our security and independence. Before the Biafran scientists die off, our youths will encourage them to pass the know-how that kept that unfortunate war going, for three good years, to the younger generation. It will benefit Nigeria, as a whole, immensely.

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Continued from Part 1