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The naked truth is always better than the best dressed lie (Ann Landers)

I'm not upset that you lied to me, I'm upset that from now on I can't believe you (Friedrich Nietzsche)

We need clarification on Sarah Luka as she is not on the General Sabo Presidential Task Force list we use (Oby Ezekwesili)

Those in possession of absolute power can not only prophesy and make their prophesies come true, but they can lie and make their lies come true (Eric Hoffer)

he rescued Chibok schoolgirl met with President Muhammadu Buhari at the Presidential Villa in Aso Rock on Thursday, May 19, 2016. That was a gimcrack at its best! First of all, the president sent a presidential jet to Maiduguri to pick the girl, her family including her boyfriend and the Borno State governor to Abuja; when they met with the president, he, Buhari, was so excited and was laughing it up with his "august visitors" as if that was the best day of his life; the president was also watching and playing with the girl's child as if he's the father. Not only that; the Boko Haram member, who's the girl's boy husband and the father of her child, was among those who met with the president - A known terrorist was allowed into Aso Rock, our seat of government, and the president even took pictures with him, the girl, her family and other officials. I learnt that they have offered amnesty to the terrorist/rapist husband/boyfriend of that girl. This is a president who has refused to visit the families and communities of the victims of Fulani herdsmen's attacks in order to commiserate with them, but was there feting a little girl in Aso Rock. President Buhari took his gaucherie here too far, infact, he displayed his gawkiness.

For me, the abduction of the Chibok Girls was a scam; and the rescues are equally scams done all in the name of politics. I'm also in tandem with those who have been accusing the government of exploiting the so called release of the first Chibok schoolgirl. I don't know what is there to celebrate about here, afterall, Buhari promised to rout the insurgents in a flash when he took office on May 29, 2015, but instead, the terrorists have committed more atrocities under his watch, and are waxing stronger despite the falsehood the government is dishing out to the public. Post Nigeria (May 20, 2016) just wrote that "As the sudden return of 2 out of the 219 abducted Chibok Girls hits the news-stands, barely few days to the one year anniversary of the President Muhammadu Buhari administration, a cross section of Nigerians have alleged that the presidency might be acting a script. Erstwhile President, Olusegun Obasanjo, last February, while speaking at an event organised by the Staff Club of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State, had affirmed that anyone saying the girls would return was simply lying".

What a government? Charles Agum tried to understand the logic here, when he wrote " I saw a picture of Buhari and a "repentant" Boko Haram member who is the "husband" of the young girl who is allegedly one of the Chibok girls said to have been forcefully abducted from her school over 750 days ago.

(1) Why is a man who was part of a terrorist criminal group that attacked and firebombed a school, killing the security guards, and abducting hundreds of young girls in a picture with the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria?

(2) Why is the abductor and serial rapist of a minor being referred to as her "husband" when he traumatised her and her family by kidnapping her and forcefully separating her from her parents for over 2 full years, a man who did not marry her with the approval of her family?

(3) Why was this criminal given a State reception and a Presidential handshake?

(4) Why is this felon not in chains and inside a dark dungeon giving valuable Intel to the security agencies to help them track down his fellow barbarians?

* Is there something I am missing?

Click here to watch pictures 1-14 of the president, the girl and her family attached below the write-up:


I want those who are ICT experts, and can dictate photoshopped or manipulated pictures, or, who can compare features or persons in pictures to know their actual identity, to look at these pictures below, and tell us if the girls is just one and the same person. Oscar Chimezie wrote that "These APC people think we are fools. Same person, but two different realities! She was caught as a bomb carrier; she had been impregnated by an idiot, but now found as one of the kidnapped Chibok girls and introduced to Mr. President with her Boko Haram husband. Who is fooling who?"

To tell you that everything about this rescue was a scam, we were told that the Borno State governor, Amina, her child, her brother, her husband and others met with the president, but, I understand that the Chairman of the Chibok parents said she was an only child. The government didn't cross-check the facts well before "releasing" this Nollywood film. It's a flop!

Then, two days after the "first rescue", we were told that a second girl has been rescued. How did it happen that the girls are now been rescued one after the other, just like that? If this inept government can still remain fantastically deceitful by claiming that a second Chibok Girl was rescued, when that girl wasn't among those who were purportedly abducted from the Chibok Secondary School on April 14, 2014, it then means that this jim-jams government can do anything just to burnish its famously sullied image. How then can Nigerians trust such fallacious government?

What I'm saying is that I have always been skeptical about the whole sad abduction saga, not knowing what to really believe, but now, this government's latest fraud has deepened my skepticism. If this government can be so disingenuous at this stage, it then means that there's more to the abduction and rescue saga than meets the eye.

The Cable wrote: "Is Serah Luka, said to have been rescued by the Nigerian army on Thursday, May 19, actually one of the 276 girls kidnapped from Government Girls Secondary School, Chibok, in 2014? This question is at the heart of curiosity over the identity of the girl who was described as a JSS1 student by the army. Up until now, all the kidnapped girls were said to be SSS 3 students writing their final WASC examination at the Chibok centre. A review of the full list of the abducted girls published by THISDAY showed that there was no Serah Luka on the list. The names with some semblance to Serah Luka on the list included "Serah Samuel", "Serah Nkeki", "Kauna Luka" and "Naomi Luka". The Bring Back Our Girls #BBOG advocacy group faulted claims by the Nigerian Military that the second returnee Chibok girl, Serah Luka, was a student of Government Secondary School, Chibok, at the time of her kidnap. The group, according to The Vanguard, then disclosed that Miss Luka was never abducted in Chibok, Borno State, but in her home, Madagali in Adamawa State.

The Post Nigeria wrote "A quick check on the list of the abducted girls, shows that number 157 on the list made available by the #BringBackOurGirls campaign group is not Serah Luka, but Ruth Lawan. In reaction, cross sections of Nigerians have faulted the claims by the military that the girls were the long sought after Chibok girls. One Moses Okoronkwo said: "The most pathetic aspect of this APC propaganda is that the names of the abducted girls are not in tantamount with the names released in 2014 from Chibok Government College. One Okafor John kingsley stated : "Buhari and Co are rounding up their game concerning Chibok girls and may be included as one of his achievements within his first year in office, the wife has equally settled the actors and actresses and Buhari thanked the girl for playing her script so well for the gullible ones." He added: "is it not the same Sambisa forest that the military have earlier said that they have bombarded, cleared up all the camps, destroyed every food supplies, combed in and out? (why didn't they see her and the others and rescue them before now?)" Braida noted that "It has always known to be untrue that girls were abducted, the northern leaders knows that, they plan and write a script to distract the former government, they only deceive those who wanted to be deceived, not all. The north has started a dangerous political style, now the south is reacting through militancy and they are complaining. The question is; why complaining? Nigeria as a country has missed its track, the direction of decency and fairness to falsehood and propaganda. In one year the APC has failed; they have failed to respect the rule of law, no structural development plan and economic direction. All we hear is rumors and lies and promises. Buhari and his colleagues Fashola and Co has failed their supporters not real Nigerians because real Nigerians know their history".

Something is wrong here: Probably, in the days ahead, we will be hearing that another girl after another girl and after another girl, in a sequence, has been rescued. There is no need for this government to keep Nigerians in a state of suspense; methinks they know the whereabouts of the Chibok Girls, so, let them release all of them at once. The game should be over by now, Nigerians are no longer fools. President Buhari, as a panjandrum, can do anything for politics, but, he's meeting his match in many Nigerians who are wiser and more intelligent than him and his collaborators in this conspiracy.

In March 2015, Fani Kayode stated that the then presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Muhammadu Buhari, and the then opposition party's spokesperson, Lai Mohammed, know the whereabouts of the over 200 School girls who were abducted in April 2014 from their school in Chibok, Borno State. Kayode's words then make more sense now? He said then: "The truth is that they do not want those girls to be found and neither do they care about their welfare or their safety. We say this because this was a man, and a party that complained and protested at the fact that Boko Haram was proscribed by the Federal Government last year. Lai Mohammed proclaimed that the proscription was unjust and unconstitutional. We have always believed that Buhari, Lai Mohammed, Governor Shettima and the APC know far more about the whereabouts of the Chibok girls and the activities of Boko Haram than they have cared to admit".

My advice to this government as it continues with its funny business just to deceive those it can, is that next time, when it "rescues" another Chibok Girl; it should just change her name to the one on the list, so that it will tally. For now, many Nigerians are not buying this cheap crap; in other words, this government should cut the comedy!

Oh for heaven's sake, how did we elect an illusionary as our president in this digital age? Nigerians, unu n'eme k'ife n'eme o o (Nigerians, you are "making things to happen" indeed).






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