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Silence is complicity. Speak now or surrender your ground (Michelle Malkin)

Silence becomes cowardice when occasion demands speaking out the whole truth and acting accordingly (Mahatma Gandhi)

It is unacceptable for us to sit idly by as people die. This genocide is one of the great horrors of our day, and we urge people of conscience everywhere to take action now before events force us to one day have to confess our sin of negligence and complicity (Robert Edgar)

here is an accusation that President Bush, for whatever reasons, knew about plans for the attack on Uzo-Uwani, Enugu State in advance. And he did nothing to stop it, and, even when the state governor wanted to reach him, he was evasive. Then, few days after the attack, he ordered the security forces (the police, the military, and the secret police, DSS), to "take all necessary actions to stop the carnage". As Buhari gave the order to stop the carnage after it happened, it then means that he also gave the order to the security forces not to do anything against the attack before it happened.

This was put succinctly by my friend, Dr. Ben Onoh, when he wrote "Why on earth should anybody believe Buhari now? Of cause he knows that the accusing fingers are pointing more and more in his direction. Where has the reports of past investigations been, which one among the previously apprehended culprits had been brought to book and why should one agree with Mr. Integrity that it will be different now? The worst thing that can happen to a public officer is to lose public confidence and more so when one has made the whole noise of being built solely on integrity. I would definitely not want to be in your shoes Mr. Integrity. The very fact that the security officers had to be ordered now by the President to act, when they in reality should be telling the country and the President how far they had gone to either stop such Barbaric act, or how many culprits they have apprehended ,suggests in all seriousness that the command had previously been, not to act". And, Sheila O. added: "I agree with you. Buhari has been coddling these murderous Fulani guys and now it has gotten out of hand. Problem is that Buhari is not a leader, he is an ethnic bigot that prefers and favours his ethnic group above all others. As a matter of fact, he actively works against the well being and progress of Christians and Southerners. Is that a human being? How they managed to elect such a person as president still baffles me".

I and my friend, Dr. Ben Onoh, quoted above, do spend our free time, almost every day; analyzing the political situation in Nigeria (they say that two heads are better than one). It has become a habit for us, as we are not happy with President Buhari's actions or inactions since he took office. The man has consigned Nigeria in the gutter. On the issue at hand, we came to the conclusion that it was a concerted effort and a concerted attack to create pandemonium and plunge a part of Igbo land into anarchy so that the president will have a reason to declare a state of emergency over there, in other to get at IPOB members. Nnamdi Kanu and his case have gotten international recognition, so, there's nothing President Buhari can do again against him, as the whole world is watching.

I was reliably informed that they have promised Nnamdi Kanu everything including oil well or huge amount of money for him to back down, but, the young man has rejected everything done to entice him to back down, saying that it's either Biafra or nothing. The government even revealed to Kanu that Uwazuruike of MASSOB and Asari Dokubo are on the government's pay roll, and, have received a lot from the state, despite the noise they are making every now and then. The government then asked Kanu to take everything he wants, and, can still be making fake noise to deceive his followers like Uwazuruike and Asari Dokubo and other fake agitators, but, Kanu said that he will not betray his people, even if others are doing that. Kanu has frustrated Buhari so far, and, the president doesn't know what to do again with him, as he can't keep or release him, the president is in a dilemma here. To circumvent the obstacle posed to him by Kanu and his IPOB, the president is looking for other ways to achieve his aim. The plan was to unleash terror on a part of the south-east, then, the IPOB will retaliate, and then, the president will use the opportunity to order the security forces to shoot at sight, and, will then declare a state of emergency over there. I and my friend, Dr. Ben, a fellow UNN alumnus and a renowned Vet here, arrived at these:

Remember the Dogs and Baboons that will be soaked in blood, if Buhari should lose the 2015 election, which, in his own conviction, will only be as a result of rigging him out. Remember all other elections that Buhari lost, was in his conviction, due to rigging. Don't forget his jeremiad! An autocrat, who never believed in due legal process and sees only bloodshed as the way to power, can just not be trusted with a country's democracy.

From the inciting statement after the 2011 election, which led to the death of over 800 citizens, including youth copers, without any atom of regret from a statesman like Buhari, it seems quite clear that Buhari and his complots were planning mayhem on the country in the aftermath of the 2015 election, should he lose, and for that, they have gone far to arm the invisible killers we are seeing now. This war rhetoric we also heard from General TY Danjuma (retired) in the aftermath of the election even when GEJ has conceded, when he said "if Ojukwu had surrendered after the fall of Enugu the war would not have dragged for so long". This is a statesman who should know the difference between war situation and democratic election. In 1967, Danjuma and co. were bent on war, which they have of course prepared for. So, the Aburi Accord, for them, didn't matter. Buhari himself went further to buttress this assertion of Danjuma, when he proclaimed that he will kill more Igbos again, if need be, to save Nigeria.

To refresh your memory here: During the campaign leading to the 2015 general election, Buhari gave the reason he has been losing election in Igboland and parts of Nigeria where Igbos are residing, stating that it is because he was involved in the Nigerian civil war. In his words: "the Igbos hate him for what happened during the Biafran war. I don't have any regret, and at such do not owe any apology to them, infact if there is a repeat of the civil war again, I will kill more Igbos to save the country".

The above statement said it all. To continue from where we stopped: With the concession of GEJ to Buhari, his war machines were in disarray! Instead of going to unleash the mayhem they have prepared for, they were confronted with the task of governance which they weren't prepared for. With the diverse economic and security problems and challenges confronting the nation, which Buhari never prepared for, he resorted to travelling around the world, according to him, to make friends and build influence. His answer to the different security treats was simple: Boko Haram has been technically defeated, when according to the Telegraph and US States department reports, he has actually pardoned even the Boko Haram terrorists that were apprehended waiting to be prosecuted. With that, the real problem for Buhari is no more Boko Haram, but, the Niger Delta Militants and IPOB. Of cause, he had already gone further to liken the Niger Delta Militants to Boko Haram which has to be crushed now. The menace of the Fulani herdsmen armed with assault rifles had never been a problem for Buhari for obvious reasons. Of course the Fulani are his kinsmen, and, that is not the problem if they had been going about their nomadic business without the accompanying destruction of lives and property as is obtained in recent times. The problem is that they have been armed with automatic weapons for the mayhem that did not come to pass the way Buhari and his complots expected. Remember that carrying assault weapons in Nigeria without license is prohibited, and only military/para-military people like Buhari's complots have direct access to assault weapons. Now that the command is in disarray, the weapons are still in their hands, and, Buhari seems to need them for some other missions.

With his strategy of arresting Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of IPOB, and accusing him initially of terrorism and now of treason not calming the problem as Buhari had expected; Buhari and his complots are bent on instigating a crisis they will portray as terrorism to justify their clampdown on IPOB. Some weeks ago, after Buhari has kept mum about the atrocities the herdsmen had committed in different places including the Agatu incident, the DSS of Buhari's government fed us with a story of discovering a shallow grave in Abia state containing, according to them, remains of Fulani herdsmen, which they were certain were killed by members of IPOB. With this propaganda basically backfiring in all senses, we are now seeing, as it happened in Ukpabi Nimbo, an orchestrated attempt by Buhari and his complots to instigate uprising which he would tag terrorism or a security breach that will justify his subsequent clampdown on IPOB youths.

Nigerians are now wiser: Although President Muhammadu Buhari has belatedly ordered the police, the military, and the secret police, DSS, to "take all necessary action to stop the carnage", but, Nigerians are not amused, and, do not trust the president on anything anymore. Nigerians know that the Monday, April 25, attack in Ukpabi Nimbo, a community in Enugu State, where scores of people were murdered by armed Fulani militia, a Catholic church burnt, and, hundreds forced to flee their homes, was not the first carried out by the Fulani bandits, and, will not be the last, and, Nigerians condemned the president's silence over the killings carried out by Fulani bandits in Benue State and other areas prior to the Enugu community attack.

The groups marauding as Fulani herdsmen have been named the 4th most deadly terrorist sect in the world, after Boko Haram and ISIS. The president now urges all Nigerians to remain calm and assured of his administration's readiness to deploy all required personnel and resources to remove this new threat to the collective security of the nation, after much damages have already been done without any condemnation or actions from him to nip the attacks in the bud. Nigerians want to know why the president didn't deem it necessary to visit those communities where those attacks were carried out such as Agatu and Ukpabi Nimbo? This is a president who loves travelling all over the world, but, finds it difficult to travel to the affected communities in order to commiserate with them. This negligence on the part of the president says a lot more to justify his complicity in these issues.

To be continued ASAP (as soon as possible)!


Many Nigerians are re-acting:

Jude Ndukwe wrote: Although Buhari has expressed his sympathy over the unfortunate incident that took place at Ukpabi Nimbo, we want to strongly urge him to keep his sympathy to himself and concentrate more on flushing out the criminals behind this dastardly act. This is not a time for niceties!

What is the essence of the sympathy when no action was taken to prevent its occurrence despite the outcry that has greeted the fast-growing needless murders of innocent Nigerians by the herdsmen? Can anyone imagine the disaster that this nation would have been turned into if an emir was abducted and killed by any group from the south eastern, south southern or south western part of Nigeria the way a fully beaded monarch in Ubulu Uku area of Delta State, HRM Akaeze Edward Ofulue 111, was abducted and killed by these same Fulani herdsmen on January 5, 2016? Time and space would not allow us talk about the two-time attack on Chief Olu Falae and the killing of one of his guards nor would we be able to talk about Agatu and others.

I, therefore, find it very curious that Garba Shehu, in his statement following the Enugu attack, say that "Ending the recent upsurge of attacks on communities by herdsmen reportedly armed with sophisticated weapons is NOW a priority…" Does this then confirm our earlier position that this, despite its recurrence and the danger it poses to our nation, was never a priority of this government? Your guess is as good as mine.

Mr. President, sir, we want action, not sympathies"!

Cheta Nwanze while reminding Buhari of his oath to protect all Nigerians including victims of Fulani genocide, wrote that "Your primary duty as C-in-C is to secure the lives of ALL Nigerians. All the dead are Nigerians. People you swore to protect. That you have not said a word about their fate, is a gross dereliction of duty. It's one of two things Sir, either you let us know that you are incapable of protecting the lives of Nigerians which you swore to defend, and resign, or you kick your security team into shape. There really, are no other options. The only other option is eventual anarchy, and I am certain that having done so much to get into this office, that is not what you want to be remembered by".

Mike Ozekhome, a human rights lawyer, wrote: "the modern Fulani herdsmen constitute a bunch of rampaging, combatant armies, wielding modern day sophisticated weapons. They invade whole communities as they did Agatu, take them hostage, maim, kill, set their houses ablaze, rape their women and daughters and shoot down the youth, escaping the inferno of homes they set ablaze. In their orgy of violence, armed robbery, carnage and bloodbath, comparable only to the invidious and insidious Boko Haram insurgency, they kidnap and murder in cold blood, traditional rulers, women, men and even clerics. No one is safe. No farmer escapes their unprovoked wrath.

They leave their host communities dehumanised and traumatised in pains, pangs, sweat, tears, sorrow and blood. Indigenes become strangers on their land, sleeping in the forests, or where they still do, in their communities, with one eye open. Farmers are wholly displaced from their ancestral lands. From Agatu to Agenebode, Ubulu Uku to Okada, Lokoja to Ondo, Mbaise to Oyo, it is the same story of palpable neo-colonialism and recolonisation, by a new set of acolytes of powerful mechantilistic cattle czars. The traditional ruler of Ubulu Uku was killed in cold blood, in most horrendous and horrific circumstances. Sophisticated weapons are freely brandished and used, perhaps, the only set of Nigerians that can wield weapons openly and brazenly, without sanctions or repercussions. Elder statesman, Chief Olu Falae, was kidnapped, right in his own farm, by these terrorists. His family paid ransom for his release. The herdsmen have only recently just descended on the same farm and killed Falae's security guard. The septuagenarian nationalist cried aloud that he did not know what they want with him.

These few examples are only known because of their high profile nature. Thousands of Nigerians undergo this new orgy of violence every day, without mention".