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Buhari and Atiku (Courtesy: COSCON)

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The 2019 election is one of the most depressing elections (Wole Soyinka)

It Is 'Embarrassing' To Claim Atiku Abubakar Is Our Citizen (Cameroon Government)

It's the nationality of those who made Nigeria extreme poverty capital that is in doubt, not mine (Atiku Abubakar)

I'm Nigerian by birth: My father, Garba Atiku Abdulkadir, hailed from Wumo, in the present-day Sokoto State, and my mother, Aisha Kande, hailed from Dutse, now Jigawa State (Atiku Abubakar)

Everything is backward; everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the major media destroy information, and religions destroy spirituality (Michael Ellner)

tiku Abubakar, through his legal team, approached the Presidential Election Petitions Tribunal, with facts and figures, asking it to declare him the rightful winner of the 2019 presidential election. Seeing that Atiku's case has merit and might be granted by the Tribunal, all that Buhari and his All Progressives Congress (APC) did, as a way of defending the mandate he stole, were to file a motion at the Tribunal, in Abuja, on Friday, April 12, saying that Atiku’s case lacked merit as he was a Cameroonian, and therefore, has no right to stand for the presidential election.

The so called ruling party also argued that the votes secured by Atiku in the election are therefore a waste. Lateef Fagbemi, Buhari's counsel, faulted the candidacy of Atiku saying he was ineligible to participate in the election in the first instance. He said Atiku was born on November 25, 1946, in Jada, Adamawa, in Northern Cameroon, and is, therefore, a citizen of Cameroon, and not a Nigerian by birth.

When I first saw the news, I crosschecked it to make sure I was not on another planet. So, that was the entire defense they can put up? It then means that Atiku has a formidable case, and in their desperation to hang on to power, this government has lost its sense of reasoning, claimed that Atiku is not a Nigerian citizen, and therefore not qualified to have contested the election.

Adekunle Shotubo also noted: "For “disputing” his citizenship, I now believe Atiku has a strong case challenging the outcome of the election. Apart from the absolute stupidity of their claims, this is one more act of desperation that now shows that, indeed, the leg they’re standing on may be weak and hiding all kinds of magic numbers.

From asking “Loyal fathers” to prevail on Atiku not to go to court, and accusing him of hacking INEC’s database, and then this harebrained challenge of the passport of a former #2 citizen, while accepting the votes of millions of his kinsmen, they are continuing to grab at even weaker straws.

I wondered, when I read the news, if the lawyer or lawyers who filled this case, on behalf of Buhari, ever went to any law school. Did they ever pass their exams? And who made such people Senior Advocates of Nigeria (SAN)? For filling such a flimsy case, they ought to be chased away from the legal profession, by withdrawing their license.

Ayodeji Ogunsola reacted to the news by calling it funny. He twitted:

"Nigerians can be funny...After being the comptroller general of the Nigerian custom; the Governor of Adamawa State; the Vice President of Nigeria; and more than one-time Presidential aspirant. Now is the time we realized that he is from Cameroon".

If we fail to put in check the impunity this government is perpetrating, something bad might happen. This government has a sinister plan, and if care is not taking, before we know it, the DSS will arrest and deport Atiku to Cameroon, and before he, Atiku, finds his way back to Nigeria, the case he instituted against Buhari must have been over. That’s what Buhari and his Party want to achieve. This ugly incident has happened before, in Nigeria and elsewhere, and it was not funny. It happened in 1980, during the days of Shehu Shagari as the president. That’s what Buhari and his government want to recreate.

Ken Tadaferua wrote about the APC's claim that Atiku is not a Nigerian: "A contentious claim considering that Atiku was the Vice President of Nigeria (1999-2007). It smacks of mischievous political chicanery and is reminiscent of other attempts to strip political opponents of citizenship and right to run for political office. So too was Alhaji Abdurrahman Shugaba Darman, who was elected into the Borno State House of Assembly in 1979, and became Majority Leader. The Shagari government claimed he was not a Nigerian citizen, and promptly deported him in 1980 to a village in Chad until the heartless brutality drew uproarious rage across the nation. So too was Kenneth David Buchizya Kaunda, the first President of Zambia from 1964 to 1991. He was, however, stripped of Zambian citizenship in 1999, until a year later in 2000, when the horrible decision was overturned. Politicians can play deadly games to win elections. Stripping opponents of their citizenship are only one of such games. We await the courts’ ruling on this matter.

Turaki Hassan, who's the Special Adviser on Media & Public Affairs to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, told the story better. Read it at the end of this article.

When the heat of the criticisms became too much, the man they sent to do the dirty job tried to exonerate himself. Buhari's lawyer, Lateef Fagbemi (SAN), who filled the case in court, then said that "the idea of using Atiku not being a Nigerian as part of Buhari's defense, came from Keyamo and Prof Sagay, not me"

Festus Keyamo, remember him. He was the guy who said that Buhari doesn't need WAEC certificate to be a president. Some of the so-called educated and human rights activist Nigerians can be funny; Keyamo, prior to joining Buhari's government, was constantly criticizing the government, but once he was given a job by this government, he changed 180 degrees and started defending all he was against previously. In an interview he granted to The Point, published on January 20, 2017, Keyamo said that Buhari and his economic team has failed Nigerians. Now, he's part of this inept government he was criticizing, and Buhari becomes an economic guru, for him, overnight.

This came from Alex Obi-Osuala of ONTO: "Festus Keyamo since taken government appointments has become a defender of all kinds of policy emanating from government, including the ones he fought vehemently against as a human rights activist. He got corrupted by Egunje immediately he was signed on as EFCC attorney. He got corrupted further when they conferred him with a SAN. Today he is the spokesman of the most corrupt and incompetent government in the history of Nigeria. Yet he struggles every day to defend bad policies, killings of innocent citizens, ineptitude, evil, selective justice, election riggings, etc.

He has even defended the President on his inability to provide WAEC certificate. Keyamo's example has shown that it’s actually poverty and quest for social relevance that leads some folks to activism, NOT a personal conviction. When I look at Festus Keyamo of yesterday (especially the days he was exasperating energy attacking and vituperating IBB etc) I shudder. The SAN is now on the Government payroll, therefore government, no matter their policy, MUST BE DEFENDED, it’s a shame. The SANE WORLD has lost Keyamo. Corruption VIRUS has taken hold of him. IT'S UNFORTUNATE."

Prof. Sagay is an intellectual disappointment. The man many looked upon as one of the few upright fellas in Nigeria has failed himself, his academic qualifications, and his profession. The former law professor of the University of Benin taught a different thing at the University but is acting or saying another thing since he became part of Buhari's government. Many Nigerians never knew he was such a narrow-minded person. The same can be said of Prof. Soyinka, who has disgraced his academic qualifications since after he had the N85 million dinner sponsored by Rotimi Amaechi when he was the governor of Rivers State. In 2015, Soyinka endorsed Buhari's candidature and said so many unprintable things about Goodluck Jonathan. Buhari became the president, and after about a year in office, Soyinka started regretting his support for the candidate Buhari and said that "Nigeria was on autopilot", as nobody's in charge.

Prof. Soyinka lamented about the state of things in Nigeria, and he was quoted (neither yet confirmed nor contradicted. I hope this is not a pseudepigraphy) as having said that GEJ needs to explain to Nigerians how he managed to pay fuel subsidy, and yet sold fuel at N86 per liter. GEJ needs to explain to Nigerians how he managed to control our borders, and yet a bag of rice was sold for 8k. GEJ needs to explain to Nigerians how he managed to build 17 federal universities in 17 states in Nigeria. GEJ needs to explain to Nigerians how he managed to build almajiri schools in all the Northern Local governments. GEJ needs to explain to Nigerians how he managed to hold $1=#165 for 4yrs. GEJ needs to Explain to Nigerians how he managed to push Nigeria's economy to be number 1 in Africa.

Before I conclude, let's see what some of the SANs (lawyers) said:

Mike Ozekhome (SAN) wrote, on APC's claim that Atiku isn't a Nigerian:

“Their claim is hogwash, balderdash, and gibberish of no consequence. So, the entire Adamawa State is not part of Nigeria? People will feel insulted. “So, we had a foreigner as Vice President for eight years, a Presidential aspirant of the defunct Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, and a former elected governor in Nigeria? Haba! There is a limit to which political jokes can be carried.”

Femi Falana SAN said: "APC claim that Atiku Abubakar is not a Nigerian is a joke taken too far. It's the most useless joke I have heard in more than a decade."

Usman A. Usman wrote: "Saying Atiku is not a Nigerian and cannot contest for President because he was born before 1963 when the plebiscite that saw Dikwa, Ganye, Jada, Gwoza and Mambilla become part of Nigeria is like saying a man born in Daura before Katsina state was created cannot contest for governor of Katsina State, because, he was born when Daura was in Kaduna State. To think that these are the people our fate, wealth and security have been handed to is sickening."

Like Atiku, like Shugaba Darman - TheCable

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