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Continued from Part 3

There is no difference between a rabid dog and a warmonger (Mehmet Murat ildan)

The ones who are insane enough to think that they can rule the world are always the ones who do (Stefan Molyneux)

Barely a quarter of a century after the end of the Cold War, we seem to be sliding inexorably towards another (Alex Morritt)

All the war-propaganda, all the screaming and lies and hatred, comes invariably from people who are not fighting (George Orwell)

If Trump is a person capable of becoming a president, I think he should not distort the precious history of another country (Ahn Hong-seok, a South Korean college student)

residents Trump and Buhari, using the words of one Patti, have zero knowledge, education or experience in government, the constitution, foreign relations, world history, geography, and they're pretending to learn as they go along. They're not making decisions which will affect the future of their respective countries, in positive ways. They seem to know nothing about being president, but, unfortunately, some of their citizens are too blind to see this shortcoming. I doubt these same people would allow someone without a medical degree, who had never stepped foot in an operating room, do major surgery on them or their family members. Till tomorrow, unless miracle happens, their respective tenures can ultimately be judged as a failure, largely because they lack the skill with which to energize their administration and pursue a successful governing agenda.

To show that presidents Trump and Buhari know nothing about world history, and they failed to ask: While meeting the Chinese leader, Xi Jinping, about two weeks ago, Trump said that "Korea actually used to be a part of China", but it never was, and that historically inaccurate statement has enraged many South Koreans. President Buhari was in Germany in 2015, and there, he addressed the German Chancellor as the president of West Germany. West Germany ceased to exist since October 3, 1990, when the East and West unified.

Trump claims to be a degree holder in finance, but he's not behaving as one. He has declared bankruptcy six times. Forget that he's a billionaire, as that has nothing to do with one's level of education. Despite his claims of being a billionaire businessman and a master deal- maker, events, since he took office, have shown him that running a privately-held family conglomerate is not the same as ruling a country. On the other hand, what surprises many, as far as Buhari is concerned, is that he was once a head of state, but behaves as if he has never been in any authority position before. Buhari has also learned the lesson that ruling by fiat as a military head of state is not the same as ruling as a democratically elected president.

Presidents Trump and Buhari are in the 70 - 80 age bracket

President Trump was born on 14th June 1946; while President Buhari was born on 17th December 1942. So, they're Septuagenarians. Both of them were just jammy to be elected the president of their respective countries (to me, they didn't merit it). Trump and Buhari are the oldest elected presidents of their respective countries.

Presidents Trump and Buhari started talking about their respective re-elections, even when they have achieved virtually nothing in their still going first term.

Presidents Trump and Buhari's respective presidencies are faltering, as they have been clueless and unable to get things done, but, they've started planning and working for their re-election. And by that, they have slighted the citizens of their respective countries. How can they be putting the cart before the horse? They were elected to get things done, which they have been unable to do so far, and still, winning a re-election becomes one of their major priorities at this time.

The IBT, on Tuesday, April 18, wrote that President Donald Trump is two weeks away from marking his first 100 days in office, but his campaign is already gearing up for a re-election bid in 2020. Records filed with the Federal Election Commission show Trump's re-election campaign has raised $13.2m (10.5m) in the first three months of 2017.

The Nigerian Vanguard, on November 12, 2016, in a report captioned "Buhari to run for second term in 2019, Presidency confirms", wrote that with just one year and seven months into the four years term of the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari which will terminate in 2019, the Presidency has given sure indication that the President would seek a second term in office. It also vehemently dismissed comments that it would be a lonely walk for the President, a development expected to serve as a punishment for perceived bad governance.

Presidents Trump and Buhari said they didn't envisage some of the problems they face:

Presidents Trump and Buhari thought that ruling complex nations such as the United States or Nigeria would be a picnic. President Trump has lamented that he never expected some of the challenges he's facing as the president. That must have been the reason he's flip-flopping, and has been unable to fulfill almost all his campaign promises. On a lesser note, President Trump acknowledged the complexity and political sensitivity of the relationship between China and North Korea, after China's President, Xi Jinping, explained the countries' relationship to him. Trump told the Wall Street Journal, on Wednesday, April 12, that he was previously convinced China had "tremendous power" over North Korea. But after meeting with Xi, the week before, Trump said he "realized it's not so easy." In his words: "After listening for 10 minutes, I realized it's not so easy. I felt pretty strongly that [China] had a tremendous power over North Korea. But it's not what you would think".

President Buhari said that he didn't envisage the magnitude of the problems he's facing. That sometimes, he feels like bolting (from office). That was confirmed when the presidency finally admitted that they underestimated Nigeria's problems when they assumed office. This was the submission of presidential spokesperson, Femi Adeshina, according to naij.com.

President Trump, by his words, emboldened Syrian and North Korean leaders; while president Buhari, by his words and deeds, emboldened Boko Haram, Fulani Herdsmen, Nnamdi Kanu and the agitations for the breakup of Nigeria.

Presidents Trump and Buhari, for the fact of not knowing how to rule, have boxed themselves into a corner. Instead of tackling the myriad problems besetting their respective countries, they continue to chase rat while their "homes" burn. Presidents Trump and Buhari are war mongers; they take to bullying in order to cover their incompetence. I will look at the evolving crisis in Korea peninsula first before looking at Buhari and how he caused his own problems in Nigeria.

The mixed signals from Trump and his officials, even right from the campaign time, must have been one of the reasons Assad gassed his people. Trump's words during the campaign that the United States, under him, would mind its own business and would not be a world policeman did the damage. That sent a wrong message to countries like Syria, North Korea etc, which might have miscalculated that the United States, under Trump, would do nothing if they test its resolve.

Trump has attacked Syria with missiles, bombed a cave in Afghanistan with America's biggest non-nuclear bomb (The-Mother-of-All-Bombs (MOAB)), and is threatening to deal with North Korea for trying to use nuclear weapon. Trump forgot that the "fat boy" of Pyongyang, Kim Jong Un, can't be bullied into submission, as he has seen even more worse. This is a leader who killed his own uncle and brother in order to consolidate his powers; he has no regards for life, and can submerge the whole region into a nuclear wasteland, if he feels there nothing again to lose, because he's stripped of conscience. The North Korea's vice foreign minister, Han Song Ryol, talked tough when he said that the situation on the Korean Peninsula is now in a "vicious cycle," and that Pyongyang won't "keep its arms crossed" in the face of a pre-emptive strike by US. In an exclusive interview with the AP in Pyongyang, on Friday, April 14, Han Song Ryol blamed President Donald Trump for raising tensions, saying that his "aggressive" tweets were provoking."

In an act of defiance, the North Korean state media warned the United States of a "super-mighty preemptive strike". The Rodong Sinmun, the official newspaper of the North Korea's ruling Workers' Party, did not mince its words. It said: "In the case of our super-mighty preemptive strike being launched, it will completely and immediately wipe out not only U.S. imperialists' invasion forces in South Korea and its surrounding areas, but the U.S. mainland also, and reduce them to ashes".

Reclusive North Korea regularly threatens to destroy Japan, South Korea and the United States, and has shown no let-up in its belligerence after a failed missile test on Sunday, April 16, a day after putting on a huge display of missiles at a parade in Pyongyang. North and South Korea are technically still at war because their 1950-53 conflict ended in a truce, and not in a peace treaty.

I wonder why Trump is making empty threat to attack North Korea by sending an "armada" to the Korean peninsula, as he will never use it. Even the "armada" is still not near North Korea yet, and the IBT sees that as an embarrassment for Trump, because the warships intended for North Korea are still thousands of miles away. Imagine the confusion in Trump's government; nothing is co-ordinated, as the president and his officials are giving mixed signals. It shows that nobody's really in-charge. How can Trump mislead the world, about a week ago, when he boasted that a U.S. super aircraft carrier was heading toward the Sea of Japan, while in reality the ship was moving in an opposite direction, and was about 3,000 miles away from the Japanese sea? In his words, Trump said then: "we have an armada going toward the [Korean Peninsula]".

What happened was that Trump gave the military commanders free hand to do whatever they want, unlike Obama who warned the commanders, in the field, to crosscheck with him before engaging in any major action. The Bomb dropped in Afghanistan, (MOAB), was done without Trump's permission, because, the commander of the forces there felt he had the permission right from Obama's time; but, no matter what, that commander should have informed his current Commander-in-Chief, for courtesy sake, before deploying that huge bomb, more especially, as that was the first time in history America has deployed a bomb of that size. Also, when Trump ordered the USS Carl Vinson to the Sea of Japan, the commander of the Strike Group decided to finish the Strike Group's earlier engagements before obeying the orders of his Commander-in-Chief. Too bad!

Trump Administration is now under fire for misleading the public on the USS Carl Vinson Strike Group. The USA Today wrote: The White House and Pentagon had sent clear signals that the Vinson was steaming toward North Korea in the days leading up to its unsuccessful test of a missile on Saturday, April 15. President Trump even boasted that he was sending an "armada" to the waters off North Korea when, at the time, the ship was heading in the opposite direction, still thousands of miles south, after conducting exercises with the Australian navy.

The IBT wrote that a US official has acknowledged that the US aircraft carrier the Navy claimed was headed towards the Korean Peninsula, amid rising tensions in the region, was, in fact, still thousands of miles away. The USS Carl Vinson super-carrier and its naval strike group were said to be heading towards North Korea on 8 April after the country conducted a series of missile tests. The move was billed as a demonstration of US President Donald Trump's willingness to be tough with Pyongyang; however, the vessels were pictured in the Sunda Strait in the Indian Ocean off Indonesia on Saturday (16 April). A defense official has confirmed to AP that the ships have yet to start their trip. The official confirmed that instead of immediately making the journey, the USS Carl Vinson carried out drills with the Australian Navy as originally planned.

Given that the Sunda Strait and the Sea of Japan are over 5,600km (3,000 miles) apart, the Strike Group will not be where it's supposed to be earlier than the beginning of next week. The AFP, on Saturday, April 22, wrote that the vice president, Mike Pence, who's on a visit to Australia aimed at mending fences following testy first call between Trump and the Australian prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull, has just said that the US super-carrier, Carl Vinson, will arrive in the sea of Japan in days. Several US defense officials told CNN that the strike group, which includes the aircraft carrier, its 60-plus aircraft, the guided-missile destroyers, USS Wayne E. Meyer, and, USS Michael Murphy, and the guided-missile cruiser, USS Lake Champlain, are now expected to arrive off the Korean peninsula by the end of April. Trump has been criticised for shooting himself in the foot over the miscommunication. Joel Wit, a co-founder of the 38 North programme of the US-Korea Institute at Johns Hopkins University, said to AP: "If you are going to threaten the North Koreans, you better make sure your threat is credible. If you threaten them and your threat is not credible, it's only going to undermine whatever your policy toward them is."

USS Carl Vinson Strike Group leaving the coast of Indonesia (Sunda Strait), and steaming towards the Sea of Japan (arrival date is probably end of April)

USS Carl Vinson in Sunda Strait, Indonesia (Credit: AP)

(Credit: CNN)

Lawmakers have criticized Trump administration for sending mixed signals about where the ship was. Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine), according to The Hill, said in a radio interview Wednesday, April 19, that the miscommunication was "troubling." In her words: "It certainly shows a breakdown in communications that is troubling because the president is commander in chief and [Defense] Secretary [James] Mattis apparently, according to press reports ... told us that this carrier and the destroyers were headed toward North Korea as a show of force when, in fact, they were headed in the completely opposite direction to Australia. And it's troubling if we don't know where our assets are."

The KLTA, on April 20, 2017, reported about the mockery and anger in South Korea over USS Carl Vinson 'bluffing'. Saying that the no-show of "an armada" promised by Trump has caused some South Koreans to question his leadership and strategy regarding their unpredictable neighbor in the north! And as the country prepares to vote for a new president on May 9, the claim could have far-reaching implications for the two countries' relations. Presidential candidate, Hong Joon-pyo, told the Wall Street Journal: "What Mr. Trump said was very important for the national security of South Korea. If that was a lie, then during Trump's term, South Korea will not trust whatever Trump says".

South Korean media also seized on the conflicting reports on Trump's "armada" -- led by the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson. One newspaper headline called it Trump's "Carl Vinson lie," and speculated that the Russian and Chinese leaders must have had a good laugh at its absence. Meant to present a robust defense against a potential nuclear test by Pyongyang, the report likened the bluff to North Korea's shows of force, where "fake missiles" are paraded through the streets of the North Korean capital. The newspaper asked: "Like North Korea, which is often accused of displaying fake missiles during military parades, is the United States, too, now employing 'bluffing' as its North Korea policy?"

Still on the confusion over the whereabouts of the U.S. aircraft carrier group, China's influential Global Times newspaper, which is published by the People's Daily, the Communist Party's official paper, wondered whether the misdirection was deliberate. In its words, according to The Reuters:"The truth seems to be that the U.S. military and president Trump jointly created fake news and it is without doubt a rare scandal in U.S. history, which will be bound to cripple Trump's and U.S. dignity".

By threatening to attack North Korea, Trump is giving the North Korean leader the limelight the fat boy craves. It would have been better for Trump to have ignored the antics of the North Korean leader, rather than dignifying him with the threat of sending an "armada" to the Sea of Japan as a deterrent.

The above point was made by a former CIA acting Director, Mike Morell, who told the Politico that Trump is making North Korea situation worse by replying with a show of force. He meant that President Donald Trump would be best served to simply ignore the provocations of North Korean dictator, Kim Jong Un. Morell then praised former President Barack Obama for largely ignoring the North Korean regime's efforts at saber rattling. Hear Morell: "We have a new president and Kim Jong Un is trying to challenge him, is trying to get him back to the negotiating table. Kim Jong Un wants to get back to a situation where we give them gifts when they do something bad. And then we are also making it worse, right? With our bluster and by sending aircraft carriers in there, we're raising the crisis.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un waves to people attending a military parade marking the 105th birth anniversary of country's founding father Kim Il Sung, in Pyongyang April 15, 2017. REUTERS/Damir Sagolj

North Korea showed off its new missiles and launchers during its annual military parade. (Credit: CNN)

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Continued from Part 3