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Continued from Part 4

In periods where there is no leadership, society stands still (Harry S. Truman)

One measure of leadership is the caliber of people who choose to follow you (Dennis A Peer)

What is really disappointing about this president is not just lack of leadership, but his tendency to always place the blame for his lack of leadership somewhere else (Carly Fiorina)

resident Buhari has been such a disaster that one keeps wondering how Nigerians were shortchanged by his election. Buhari is not in charge of his government.

President Barack Obama's blunder

President Barack Obama, during a News Conference with the then British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, in London, England, on April 1, 2009, said: "Don't shortchange the future, because of the fear in the present". Ironically, the same Obama aided the election of Buhari, and that turned out to be one of the lowest points of his presidency. Obama was so bent on making sure Goodluck Jonathan didn't win re-election that he failed to condemn the election that brought Buhari to power that was marred by irregularities. We all saw children voting, in some northern states such as Kano, during the 2015 presidential election, and still, neither Obama nor Buhari condemned such infraction.

On the other hand, in a country of intellectuals, Obama supported an illiterate to be our president. Some might argue that Obama didn't vote, and as such we should blame Nigerians for electing Buhari. Nigerians didn't elect Buhari; rather he was rigged into power. The point is that Obama's support for Buhari made the rigging possible, and he never said anything against it. Many can't still fathom why Obama thought that a Tyrant can turn into a Democrat overnight. Even if he didn't know who Buhari was, Obama should have done his homework well by finding out about his past, and then deciphering his future, but his hatred for Goodluck Jonathan, for rejecting his advice to legalize same-sex marriages in Nigeria and his soft spot for Islam, blinded his sense of reasoning, and that made him support a dolt as a Nigerian president.

While President Obama was preaching for Nigeria's unity during the 2015 election, he ended up dividing Nigeria. Before the election, he sent John Kerry, his secretary of state, to Nigeria to meet Buhari and the then president, Goodluck Jonathan. When John Kerry met candidate Buhari, it was easy for any discerning mind to figure out that Obama has taken side with Buhari. Buhari was feted, at the American Embassy in Lagos, as if he was already the president. When Buhari became the president, Obama took side with the Islamic north against the Christian south; he sent his Secretary of State, John Kerry, again, to meet with the Sultan, Emirs and Northern Governors only, forgetting the southern part of the country and its people. Let president Obama see how Nigerians have fared since he helped in giving us "a life snake" as a gift. Despite the fact that I admire Obama and supported him, all the way through, as the president of America, I dislike his attitude toward Africa in general and Nigeria in particular, and I know that he will live to regret his support for the election of Buhari.

Buhari said he didn't know the Inspector General of Police disobeyed his order

At last, due to public criticism or outcry, Buhari visited Benue State, on March 12, and there he "learnt" and lamented that Ibrahim Idris, his Inspector General of Police (IGP), flouted his order of January 8, 2018, asking him to relocate to Benue, after herdsmen killed over 70 residents of the state. The IGP was said to have spent less than a day in the state before moving to Nasarawa. Ibrahim Idris was even accused of taking sides with killer herdsmen. Hear the man who calls himself the president of Nigeria:

"I'm not aware that the I-G did not spend 24 hours in the State as directed by me, I am getting to know in this meeting."

Who can believe that after about two months, Buhari didn't know what his Inspector General was doing? Do you see how Buhari takes Nigerians as fools who can't think? How can a President stare Nigerians in the face and be lying to them every time? Remember that Buhari claimed to be having series of meetings with the Inspector General, and once, the IGP came out of their "meeting" to say that what happened in Benue State were communal clashes and not a terrorist act by the herdsmen. There was no way the IGP didn't brief Buhari where he was coming from to the meeting and where he will be going from there. Buhari just wanted to cover his own incompetence by what he said in Benue State.

Governor Ayo Fayose said: "What manner of a President will give an order to the IGP on January 9, only to be telling Nigerians on March 12 (2 months after) that he never knew that the IGP disobeyed his order? Does this President really know anything about happenings around him, not to talk about Nigeria? I am not even sure that President Buhari is aware of anything about the abducted 110 Dapchi school girls. We are in a serious problem in Nigeria".

For the benefit of a doubt, let's take it that Buhari didn't know that his Inspector general defied his order. It then means that he's not in control of his government. And now that he knows that his Inspector General flouted his order, what has he done about it? In other climes, there should have been a consequence for the disobedience by the IGP, but in an analog country like Nigeria, nothing will happen, and no head will roll. Let Buhari prove it that he was unaware of this disobedience by the IGP by unleashing disciplinary action against him. Let him take a cue from president Trump who fired his Secretary of state for contempt. President Buhari will never fire the IGP because he was the point man who made him the president. Ibrahim Idris, as the then Kano State Police Commissioner, during the 2015 presidential election, supervised the rigging in that state that catapulted Buhari to power.

The 2015 presidential election was won and lost in Kano State, and Ibrahim Idris was the man who made everything possible there. We all saw children voting in that state then, and some of us who religiously followed that election because of what was at stake, still remember that the presidential and senatorial elections were held the same day - people voted simultaneously for the two elections. In Kano State, to know the extent of the rigging there, we were told that a total of about 800, 000 votes were cast for the senatorial election while Buhari got about 1.8 million votes.

How can they explain the disparity? The figures didn't add up! A voter enters the polling booth with two ballot papers - one for the senatorial seat and the other for the president, so, we were expecting an equal number of votes for the two elections even if some were to be declared void later for one reason or the other. The total number of votes cast for the presidential election was inflated in favor of Buhari. Goodluck Jonathan won Kano State, assuming there was no rigging in that state. As we were following the counting of votes after the election, Jonathan was leading Buhari with a wide margin; but then, at a point, figures were cooked up in favor of Buhari, and the man who was comfortably leading was turned into the loser.

ThisDay wrote about an alleged huge disparity in the election results from Kano in respect of the two sets of elections conducted by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) on Saturday, March 28, 2015; i.e. the presidential and National Assembly elections - a potential disparity of one million votes in the declared election results from Kano State: "Go and check the results from Kano. The presidential election and that of National Assembly happened on the same day and same time. The National Assembly result reflected that about 800,000 people voted but that of the presidential election reflected a vote of about 1.8 million".

The INEC commissioner for Kano State, who resisted the manipulated, and his whole family, were killed when a mysterious fire gutted his house while they were asleep so that nobody will reveal the rigging. Till today, those deaths have not been explained. That was what Ibrahim Idris supervised, and that was what made him the IGP today. When Buhari became the president, he rewarded Ibrahim Idris, for rigging the election in his favor, by promoting him, two steps, ahead of his seniors, to make him the IGP. That's why Ibrahim Idris will not be punished for defying him.

On April 16, 2017, The Vanguard wrote that two Kano State governors exposed the 2015 electoral fraud:

"Two Governors of Kano state have inadvertently exposed the smoking gun proving that contrary to the Electoral Act, No.6 of 2010 (as amended), foreigners were illegally used to win elections in Kano and other states. On April 13, 2015, then Kano Governor, Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso (now the APC Senator representing Kano Central), speaking live to Channels TV (he cannot claim to have been misquoted in a live video) said, 'Almajiri votes were used to kick Jonathan out of the villa.' Fast forward to April 7, 2017, and the current Governor of Kano, Abdullahi Ganduje, while speaking at the Kaduna Investment Summit said "In Kano, we undertook a survey and we found out that we have more than three million 'almajiris' and 'almajiri' syndrome is one of the serious problems that we have in the North West geopolitical zone. What we discovered from our survey is that many of these 'almajiris' come from Niger Republic, some from Chad, northern Cameroon ". If according to Kwankwaso, Almajiris were used to win the 2015 elections and if according to Ganduje, most of them are foreigners, it means non-Nigerians decided the 2015 elections. This is particularly crucial considering that President Muhammadu Buhari got his highest votes from Kano, Kaduna, and Katsina in that order and these are the three states also in that order with the highest number of almajiri!"

Buhari continues to play a blame game

President Buhari, instead of facing his incompetence, prefers to engage former President Goodluck Jonathan in a war of words over Dapchi schoolgirls. Any serious president should know that this is time for action and not for a blame game. Unfortunately, Nigeria has no president! A president who is not in charge of anything is attacking his predecessor who was a "light year" better than him. How can a president who didn't know what his IGP was doing, accuse his predecessor, saying he handled the Dapchi girls kidnapping better than former President Jonathan handled the Chibok girls kidnapping? Goodluck Jonathan was on top of the situation during his own time, despite the fact that some northerners such as citizen Buhari sabotaged his effort then. Peter Obi, former governor of Anambra State, and so many Nigerians can't understand why the incumbent is still blaming his predecessor for Nigeria's woes. In his words:

"He campaigned to solve problems and he's now telling us about the rot he met there. What were you expecting to meet there? That is why we elected you and you campaigned to fix problems, right?"

If Buhari is up to his job, he should have been briefed, daily, about the insecurity in the country, by the heads of the nation's relevant security agencies; and he should have been able to know where these officials are, at any particular point in time, and what they are doing to curb the menace. Telling us that he didn't know that the IGP disobeyed him shows that he's not in control of anything - shows how unqualified he is, and makes his re-election impossible.

Let's ask President Muhammadu Buhari, who claimed, in Yobe State, that his government's response to the abduction of 110 schoolgirls of Government Girls Technical College, Dapchi, was better than the "the insensitivity of Goodluck Jonathan's administration" that couldn't do anything when 276 Chibok girls were abducted by dreaded Boko-Haram in 2014, what he has achieved so far. Has he rescued the Dapchi Girls? Where is the trophy he has won for his acclaimed swift action? Buhari should only boast when all the girls are rescued.

While Nigerians condemned his action of attending a wedding ceremony in Kano State while the nation is on fire, he just repeated the same thing by attending, with fanfare, the wedding ceremony between Jamil Abubakar, Son of Former Inspector General of Police, Alhaji Mohammed Dikko Abubakar, and, Fatima Aliko Dangote, Daughter of Business Mogul, Alhaji Aliko Dangote, in Kano State, on 16th March 2018, at the Emir of Kano's Palace. The wedding was a congregation of the crème de la crème thieves of the Nigerian society - the biggest thieves who ruined Nigeria - a president, an ex-president, governors, ex-governors, politicians, traditional rulers, fake religious leaders, dubious business leaders, former and serving senior government officials etc. They were happy taking pictures while the abducted girls remain in captivity and so many Nigerians continue to suffer. Nigerians are not amused. Buhari is out of touch and gives no damn about the suffering Nigerians. Such indifference can only happen in an analog country like Nigeria.


To be continued!






Continued from Part 4