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Continued from Part 1

One of the reasons we are in this mess as a nation is because the military, starting with that self-righteous, self-admiring and ungrateful former President - Obasanjo - had roped our Federal Republic into a unitary political structure which has saddled the FG with more responsibilities than any other FG in any federation in the world (The Vanguard Newspaper)

Forget about the story that we are the largest economy in Africa. It is an imagination of numbers. There are so many people in Nigeria and even if we are doing nothing, it will still be the largest economy. But in terms of productivity, we are nowhere...it practically explains where we are and what we have to do; the need to work as a coalition and change our nation (Former Cross River State Governor, Donald Duke)

Nigeria Under President Buhari Is Categorised As A Failed State By An Internationally Recognised Agency. Buhari must be stopped before he pushes Nigeria further down the rank of the worst failed states to which Zaire, under Mobutu, had been reduced. God forbid that he (Buhari) should ever get a second term. Or Nigeria will cease to exist, except in the sense in which Zaire, under Mobutu, existed. That is as an idea without an existential content; a state existing only in name or on the map as a mere geographical expression (Elder statesman and renowned constitutional lawyer, Prof. Nwabueze)

nless my premonition misses, there will be no election in 2019, as Nigeria will cease to exist as a nation by then, judging by the events of these days. But if Nigeria should make it through till then, nobody should appeal to Buhari not to contest; let him try and fail. Obasanjo, after describing APC and PDP as "wobbling" and unfit to run Nigeria, is mobilizing politicians and other Nigerians to sign on to his Coalition for Nigeria project, to oust President Muhammadu Buhari from office. Obasanjo should be ashamed of himself, after supporting Buhari in 2015.

Premium Times writes that Obasanjo repeatedly discussed his concerns with Mr. Buhari, and then decided to go public after he noticed no improvement in the way the country is governed. "Frustrated by the worsening political and security situation of the country, Mr. Obasanjo spent the last few months consulting key political leaders in the country. Mr. Obasanjo has held meetings with former Nigerian leaders, serving governors, lawmakers and other key leaders across the country before arriving at the decision. At the last count, seven governors, 20 senators and over 100 House of Representatives members have agreed in principle with Baba to go into this coalition. The personalities have chosen to remain in the shadows for now but have signaled their intention to move in to what is envisioned to be a mega coalition at some time".

Obasanjo spelled out his concept of the movement. He said it would provide Nigerians a window to determine their fate and chart a new course for the country, away from the now dominant political parties. Hear him: "This Coalition for Nigeria will be a Movement that will drive Nigeria up and forward. It must have a pride of place for all Nigerians, particularly for our youth and our women. It is a coalition of hope for all Nigerians for speedy, quality and equal development, security, unity, prosperity and progress. It is a coalition to banish poverty, insecurity and despair. Coalition for Nigeria must be a Movement to break new ground in building a united country, a socially-cohesive and moderately prosperous society with equity, equality of opportunity, justice and a dynamic and progressive economy that is self-reliant and takes active part in global division of labour and international decision-making."

Now, Obasanjo is getting the picture clearer, after helping to put that dunce in office!

2019 will be different from 2015. If Buhari tries to rig the election again, as the former INEC Chairman, Prof. Jega, did for him in Kano State, he will meet his waterloo or stiff opposition to that. Nigerians, irrespective of tribe or tongue, are feeling the hardship - and for that, not many want Buhari, as president, again in 2019. I implore the opposition to bring out a credible candidate who knows what leadership is all about, and then the game will be over.

Let's not dissipate our time and energy on this issue, because, Buhari will not contest in 2019. I was informed of the APC Plans for the 2019. Unless it was false information, Buhari has ruled himself out as far as 2019 is concerned. It's clear that Buhari, as a candidate, will not fly giving the age and health considerations. I was told that Buhari begged 7 loyal Northern Governors to support any candidate he endorses among them. The plans in place already are for Mallam Nasir El-Rufai to be the preferred choice for the APC Presidential Candidate. As of his running mate: Due to the fact that APC is not popular in the South-South, Rotimi Amaechi was not considered as a VP candidate. There is the plan to still look within the South-West for a VP candidate who must be a Christian, preferably, a pastor - in order to garner the Christian votes. It was insinuated that this was the reasons Mallam Nasir El-Rufai visited Pastor Bakare, in his church, few weeks ago. Let's keep our fingers crossed!

Let me touch on this: Many Nigerians, even those we thought had common sense, were deceived by Buhari in 2015, and they started fronting for him - even when few of us discerned him to be unfit for that office. Today, from "ride on, ride on, in majesty", in 2015; those people are now singing "crucify him, crucify him". From Sai Baba, in 2015, to, Sorry Baba, in 2018! The Nigerian clerisy is deceiving the illiterates who look up to them for direction. Why have the Nigerian elite and intelligentsia failed to be role models for the other classes? It irks me that the educated class in Nigeria has lost it all, and is now celebrating thieves. Look at Prof. Sagay, whom we all respected as a man of conscience, not knowing that all that glitters is not gold. I still can't fathom why it was so hard for anybody, with a brain, to decipher, in 2015, that Buhari is hollow, and will offer nothing to Nigerians. Anyway, we make mistakes sometimes!

Look now, all those who sheepishly supported Buhari, against Goodluck Jonathan, in 2015, are now against him (Shame on them): Obasanjo, Soyinka, Tunde Bakare, Father Mbaka, Ghali Umar Na'Abba, Senator Misau, Femi Falana, Shehu Sani, Junaid Mohammed, Aisha Buhari, his wife, Pat Utomi etc are all saying "NO" to Buhari's second term ambition. And many of them have formed a coalition to "rescue Nigeria" in 2019. So, thing is bad that Nigeria must be rescued? This is where Obasanjo is coming from. Most of those who formed the new group are his friends or officials, during the time he was the president. The group calling itself the Nigeria Intervention Movement, (NIM), said it would be providing an alternative to the All Progressives Congress, APC, and the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, with the vow to rescue Nigeria in 2019.

The group has Chief Emeka Anyaoku; Prof. Wole Soyinka; Femi Falana; APC Board of Trustees member, Buba Galadima; former governor of Osun State and Chairman, Board of the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC), Olagunsoye Oyinlola; Pastor Tunde Bakare; Fela Durotoye; former PDP National Chairman, Amodu Ali; former governor of Cross River State, Donald Duke; former Kano State governor, Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, currently the senator representing Kano Central; former governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Charles Soludo; Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Olisa Agbakoba; Tafawa Balewa; Prof. Pat Utomi; former Education minister, Mrs. Oby Ezekwesili; former Information minister, Frank Nweke Jnr; Col. Abubakar Umar (retd); Ayo Obe; Rabiu Ishyaku Rabiu; former presidential adviser, Akin Osuntokun; General Alani Akinrinade; Najatu Mohammed; Balarabe Musa; Dr Garba Adamu; Professor Attahiru Jega; Fola Adeola; Mallam Nuhu Ribadu etc as members (I wonder what Profs. Soyinka and Jega are doing in that group - the betrayers).

The Nigeria Intervention Movement, NIM, said that it was compelled to evolve the movement as an alternative to rescuing Nigerians from existing leadership incompetence and impunity in the country. A statement from the NIM secretariat in Abuja, On Wednesday, January 17, described the group as a pro-democracy movement and pressure group of like-minded Nigerians who are committed to changing the political order, which has failed to fashion a Nigeria that works for all.

In its words:

"NIM is concerned that the political elite, since independence, and particularly, since the exit of the military from visible power in 1999, has proved that it is ill-equipped and unprepared for the challenge of transforming our nation from its under-developed status to one that is prosperous and can create a veritable environment for the realisation of its citizens' potentials and well-being.

It is clear that the political elite, as currently represented by the two dominant political parties, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the All Progressive Congress (APC), among others, have failed Nigerians, for lack of clear Ideology and principle on how to run the country.

Concerned that left to their schemes and antics, this class of entrenched leaders will lead Nigeria into a state of indescribable human misery, characterized by death, hunger, disease, illiteracy and manipulation.

Therefore, the NIM, being unable to continue to stand aloof, has decided to create a third political force, a platform to mobilise all citizens of goodwill and conscience towards engendering a new political system and culture in Nigeria, capable of bringing about the desired opportunities for all to actualize their dreams and potentialities; a nation where no man or group is oppressed."

I see few upright Nigerians in this group: Men such as Donald Duke, Col. Abubakar Umar (retd), Olisa Agbakoba, and Nuhu Ribadu may have my vote, if they're a presidential candidate, in the absence of a credible alternative.

It doesn't matter what Buhari's plans will be in 2019, but for now let him justify his election in 2015, for once, by creating jobs for the teeming unemployed. That's not too hard for a government that knows what it's doing. Internationalize the Warri, Port Harcourt, Calabar, Akwa Ibom seaports by dredging them so that bigger vessels will be berthing there straight from all over the world. Then, create dry ports in the north and connect the seaports with the dry ports with railway lines for cargo and human transport. Dredge the Rivers Niger and Benue as inland waterways, so that smaller vessels will be using them in bringing goods from the seaports to the hinterland. Many jobs will be created here. Check out the jobs that will be created from the seaports to the major cities - hotels, mechanic workshops, Filing stations, transport companies etc - it is those who employ 3 to 8 people only who create most of the jobs and do help in bringing unemployment down, all over the world.

Internationalize many airports in Nigeria so that planes will be flying in there straight from other parts of the world, and this will also help in creating jobs. But, first of all, those airports must be upgraded to meet international standards. In Nigeria, we submerge everything in politics. There's no sense in sending all major flights to Lagos, when the routes for the international airlines can be sequestered or shared to cover all the major airports. Then, railways will be built to connect the airports. That will decongest Muritala Mohammed Airport and Lagos City, and will also create so many jobs. The government should also build steel plants, good roads and bridges and improve upon power supply, as all these will help bring unemployment down , and people will start feeling the positive impact of the government.

Buhari and his government officials are behaving like little brats. This government is evil and seems un-necessary, making one to think that we could do better without it. Buhari and his officials are useless to Nigerians, as they're not honest, not just, do not uphold biblical or koranic morality. This government lie, passes laws for personal gain, is repressive, perverts its roles, does not maintain dignity, does not uphold justice, does not uphold freedom for the oppressed, does not uphold the protection of citizens, does not uphold the economic health and stability, does not punish the corrupt, does not restrict the practice of evil, does not enforces law against murder, vandalism, bribery and fraud, and most of all, gives no value on human life. What we have is a brutal dictator and grossly immoral elected officials.

This government is a tool Satan is using to corrupt every element of our society. Buhari is not governing wisely, because, he not a wise man, and he does not promote truth and justice, because he has no truth in himself. Everything he does is self-serving and he has been throwing his weight around. He is an oppressor of the people, and has no fear of God in him. And just like the biblical Saul, the first king of Israel, power has gone to Buhari's head, and he has been ignoring why God puts him there. Very soon, the "Samuels" of Nigeria will tell him that he has lost their support, and that God was no longer supporting his rule, as his replacement, as president, is coming soon!

The Nigerian citizens must play a part to get the government they need next time. We need a government that will uphold justice, give freedom to the oppressed. We must be willing to use every legal channel in expressing our protest against the bad leadership Nigeria has been known for. I implore Nigerians to register now in order to vote during the next general election, as that will be our weapon then against those misruling us now. The decision is up to you. Your future depends on your choice right now. We must make sure that our votes will count next time. We can't sit back and let the people's enemies dominate the political forces. We must get involved, in our own small ways, to influence the government and its policies.

What we should do to influence the political process is to be informed; speak out for what is true and just; vote whenever we have the opportunity; write or speak with the government officials; seek political office, if so desired; spread the message to those who have no access to this information.etc.

We, the writers, should continue getting the people informed, as we're the Samuel, Elijah, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Amos, Zephaniah, Haggai and other prophets of our own time. Those prophets made sure that political leaders heard clearly what is needed of them in terms of justice, the right way to rule, caring for the poor in our society. Of course, we should be ready to pay the ultimate price, if that will help in ushering in a better Nigeria. Let's be like John the Baptist, who, as it was written in Matthew 14:1-12, spoke out against the immorality of King Herod and was imprisoned and then beheaded.






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