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In periods where there is no leadership, society stands still (Harry S. Truman)

Be at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let every New Year find you a better man (Benjamin Franklin)

Leadership is an elusive concept, hard to describe and impossible to prescribe. It is more evident in its absence so that when leadership is needed, its lack is sorely felt (Patrick Dodson)

The continuous violent attacks by suspected armed Fulani herdsmen on many communities in Nigeria and the seeming helplessness of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) to tackle the menace are gradually becoming campaign issues as next year's election approaches (The Guardian)

fter the Fulani herdsmen killed so many people in Benue State, Buhari sent the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, there. Instead of condemning the killings, and then sympathizing with the victims' families, the IGP insisted that the crisis between the herdsmen and the farmers, on the border of Nasarawa and Benue States, is a communal situation. Unbelievable! I'm not surprised. This is a man who promoted his mistress, Amina, from a Police Corporal to Police ASP within 12 months. Also, the lawmaker representing Bauchi central, Isah Misau, alleged that the Inspector-General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, impregnated a serving deputy superintendent of police (DSP), Esther, an act which he said contravenes the police act (PM News).

Apple doesn't fall far from its tree; we all know how this man became the Inspector General. He was the Police Commissioner for Kano State during the 2015 election. The rigging Idris supervised in Kano State was what made Buhari the president. If Kano State wasn't rigged in favor of Buhari, Goodluck Jonathan would have remained the president until today. So, Ibrahim Idris helped in putting Nigeria into this calamity of Buhari today. In order to pay him for a "job well done", he was promoted rapidly and made the Inspector General ahead of his seniors in the police. When such person is the head of the police, that's supposed to maintain the security of lives and property, then we're in trouble. It's just like asking a robber to be your guard. For now, there's no government in Nigeria!

After former President Olusegun Obasanjo advised President Muhammadu Buhari to wither the thought of contesting in 2019, because he's not up to the job, and needs rest, Professor Itse Sagay, the Chairman of the Presidential Advisory Committee on Anti-Corruption (PACAC) said that Buhari has achieved more in two years than Obasanjo did in eight years. Hear him: "I want to make a clear statement that in my view, what the Buhari government has achieved in two and half years is far more than what Obasanjo achieved in eight years. He (Obasanjo) has no right to start writing public letters and running down other governments simply because he's no longer the one in power."

Who did this to Prof. Sagay of all people? What was he talking about? That's the problem with the Nigerian educated class - a disappointment. I implore Prof. Sagay to show us the results he was talking about. What the Professor should have said is that what Buhari and his officials have stolen in two and half years is far more than what Obasanjo and his officials stole in eight years. And that should be a true statement. For now, there's no government in Nigeria.

The presidential spokesman, Femi Adesina, had the gut to tell Nigerians that the military has nothing to do with internal matters, so, the president cannot send in the army to Benue State. But Mr. Adesina didn't explain to us what the military was doing in the South-East, with their Operation Python Dance, when they went to arrest Nnamdi Kanu. The same Femi Adeshina said that over 756 people were killed by herdsmen in two years under former President Goodluck Jonathan, and wondered what the fuss about the recent herdsmen's killings is all about. Does Adeshina mean that we should not condemn the recent killings by the murderous gang, simply because they were also killing people during Goodluck Jonathan's time? Wonders! For now, there's no government in Nigeria.

The Minister of defence, Dan-Alli, has ordered the nation's security agencies to clamp down on those propagating hate speeches through the social media. The same Minister of Defence, Col. Dan-Alli (rtd.), on Thursday, January 25, also claimed that the enactment of the anti-grazing laws by some states was the immediate cause of violence by herders. Instead of the minister thinking of a way to tackle the herdsmen menace, he was talking about controlling what people say, and that not his job. It's the Fulani herdsmen who need a clampdown from him and not people expressing their opinion that hurts nobody; his job is to use the security forces to secure lives and property, and as he allows the Fulani herdsmen to go about killing people and destroying farms unchecked, he has failed. His military can't use "Operation Python Dance" to stop the unarmed Igbo youths, while he does nothing against the deadly Fulani herdsmen marauding with AK-47, machetes, and other deadly weapons. For now, we have no government in Nigeria.

After my post, in Facebook, about Cattle Colony, a friend, William Femi Adeleke, commented thus: "Eminent leaders of the north, including El Rufai, have claimed the belligerent Fulani entered illegally looking for land in Nigeria. Ok, we assume this is plausible, but why would we cede vast land for them to wander? Is claiming Fulani suffice to entitle people to land in Nigeria? Where is the logic?"

Although I will write extensively on Fulani herdsmen and the Cattle Colony later, for now, let me say that the problem is lingering in Nigeria because president Buhari hasn't shown leadership here. Because we have no government in Nigeria, Buhari has refused to address the issue of Fulani herdsmen, and because he's their patron, he has refused to take actions against the menace. Look at how Ghanaian president showed leadership by being forceful in dealing with the herdsmen in his own country because he's not an accomplice like our own Buhari. The Ghanaian president, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, was quoted as having said: "Execute and barbecue any cattle on the streets of Ghana. And I command the immediate arrest of any herdsman seen parading any cattle on the street of Ghana. This is not Nigeria". Look out how the Ghanaian president derided Nigeria because we have no government. What a shame!

On January 16, president Buhari received the visiting Gambia's President, Adama Barrow, at the Presidential Villa, Abuja; and he had the audacity to tell him that Nigerians are appreciating his good work. I re-read it to make sure I wasn't missing something. Which good work was Buhari talking about? Maybe, to Buhari, good work means other things such as creating hunger, unemployment, insecurity, poverty, ignorance, and diseases. The same Buhari who was quoted above as saying that he was not in a hurry to do anything good for Nigerians, was the one lying that Nigerians are happy with his government, as they appreciate what he is doing for them. Buhari should know that what he does well is the creation of chaos and hardship for Nigerians and for that, Nigerians wants to see his back by 2019. For now, there's no government in Nigeria.

We don't have a government in Nigeria; otherwise, only the best would have been good enough for every post or appointment. Recently, Buhari appointed a new DG of National Intelligence Agency, (NIA), Ahmed Rufai Abubakar, who studied French and Arabic. His only qualification for the job is his Fulani origin. The same way, a French degree holder was appointed the Agriculture Minister. The same Agriculture Minister, who's from Benue State, is the one proposing cattle colonies when the Fulani herdsmen are killing his own people. Do you know that Audu Ogbe, the Agric Minister, advised his Benue people, after the latest Fulani herdsmen attacks, to pray and seek divine intervention? He added: "We hope as the economy grows and people get busier this degree of desperation and anger and venom will definitely decline".

Look at what Audu Ogbe said (courtesy of Linda Ikeji's blog):

The Minister of Agriculture, Audu Ogbeh, has said that the lingering crisis between herdsmen and farmers in many parts of the country is because of the long-term neglect of cattle rearers by the Federal government. According to him, successive governments in the last 50 years have focused their attention on other sectors in Agriculture like rice, cassava farming, and others and have continuously neglected herdsmen and their needs. Hear him: "Over the years, we have not done much to look seriously into the issue of livestock development in the country. I am sad to tell you that in the last 50 years until recently, we may have done enough for the rice farmer, the cassava farmer, the maize farmer, the cocoa farmer, but we have not done much for herdsman and that inability and omission on our part is resulting in the crises we are witnessing today. In Europe, every cow that is farmed gets a subsidy of 6 Euros per day, we have done next to nothing for the cattle rearers and as a result, their operations have become threats to other farmers".

Ogbeh said plans are on the way for cattle rearers to stop roaming the streets and that pastures will soon be made available. Hear him: "At least, five thousand hectares of land would be made available, adequate water, adequate pasture would be made available. We also want to stop cattle rearers from roaming about. The cattle will be provided with water and adequate security by the Agro Rangers".

After reading what a person who calls himself an Agric Minister, and who happens to be from Benue State, said, it became clearer to me why we have no government in Nigeria. This man was saying things he has no knowledge about. Who told him that each cow in Europe receives 6 Euros per day? Cattle rearing is a private business; just like any other private business, the owners of cattle should take care of them, it's not the government's business to take care of people's livestock. Can the government take care of everybody's business? Does Ogbe know that in Europe cows are ranched and do not roam about?

Then, Reno Omokri posted this: Audu Ogbe, the minister of agriculture, who happens to be from Benue, says 'herdsmen deserve more from the Federal Government'! Do you see the level that sycophancy has taken some people to? In the face of the death of his kinsmen, Audu Ogbe's loyalty is still to Buhari rather than to Nigeria! Anyway, it is not surprising. This is what you get when you make a French graduate an agriculture minister!"

No matter how 2019 plays out - whether it will ever come or not, who will contest and who will not - what Nigerians need now is to survive till then. Nigerians want their tomorrow right now, as a saying has it that only those who are alive today can plan for tomorrow. Till now, Buhari has provided no government or leadership for Nigerians; and they are asking him to start from this new year to be a president for all Nigerians - Buhari should start doing for Nigerians now what he "plans" for them as from 2019, because for Nigerians, Buhari's 2019 as president will never come.






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