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Continued from Part 11

FBI Director as Factor:

A camel standing amidst a flock of sheep (Chinese Proverb)

Intelligence agencies should never have allowed this fake news to "leak" into the public. One last shot at me. Are we living in Nazi Germany? (Donald J. Trump)

The fact that Donald J. Trump seems to give greater credence to the Kremlin than to United States intelligence agencies is precisely what has set off so much speculation about his real motives in cozying up to Vladimir Putin (The New York Times)

hat did Hillary Clinton do that got her entangled with the FBI? Short and simply: She wittingly ignored State Department's guidelines by using a personal email server while working as the secretary of state. She was investigated, and the FBI said she committed a clear error of judgment, but that no charges will be filed against her. Then, few days to the election, The FBI reversed itself, and wrote a letter to the Congress, stating that it's still investigating Hillary Clinton. Till tomorrow, Hillary Clinton will blame the FBI rogue director for her loss. She still believes that James Comey, the FBI director, who notified the Congress, on October 28, that he was reopening the inquiry into her private emails, did the damage. She complained about the timing of the renewed investigation few days to the Election Day, and sees that as a major reason for her losing.

Hillary Clinton and her team thought they had the election in the bag, and even Trump thought so, too, as he has reluctantly acknowledged that he never hoped of winning. The problem was that Hillary Clinton ran against many forces which overwhelmed her. Despite her own faults and shortcomings, her "foes", during the election, were formidable, and coupled with the fact that she was the first woman to get to that stage in a "men's world", she ended up blowing a winnable race.

Just as I wrote in my article, published a day to the November 8 election, Hillary Clinton ran against Putin, Julian Assange of WikiLeaks, a rogue FBI director, etc. Although many have judged Hillary Clinton as a terrible, awkward, robotic, inarticulate and unlikable candidate, a wrong pick by the Democrats, and perhaps the only candidate that could have lost to Trump, but just as dailywire.com wrote, "the evidence is clear that when Comey re-opened the case, the later deciders in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania broke for Donald Trump. Before Comey's announcement, "Clinton would almost certainly to be President-elect". Also, Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin, Clinton's personal assistant and her former husband, can certainly be blamed, since they shared the laptop that came under scrutiny, and forced the FBI to re-open the investigation, but ultimately the blame falls on Clinton. She is the one who defied federal law in using a private email server to handle classified information. She should have known better!

James Comey, the FBI director, affected the outcome of the election, because, there were allegations against Hillary Clinton and Trump, but the FBI investigated her while ignoring him, so, in other words, the FBI director was partial against Hillary. We have been inundated with reports about how the Russians interfered with the election in favor of Donald Trump, but, new facts are emerging that the Russians might be possessing compromising materials, salacious in nature, to be used in blackmailing or manipulating Donald Trump.

The 2016 United States' presidential election is unprecedented in history; very intriguing indeed, and we might not have seen the end of it all yet. New facts and information continue to emerge, and more might be on the way.

How did this latest start: According to Yahoo News, a former British intelligence operative, and a longtime intelligence source for the U.S. government, identified by the Wall Street Journal as Christopher Steele, a former Russian operations officer for Britain's MI6 intelligence agency, who also worked as a consultant for the FBI's Eurasian organized crime section, helping to develop information about ties between suspected Russian gangsters and FIFA, who had been hired originally to investigate Trump by his political opponents, then decided to share a dossier, filled with uncorroborated "raw intelligence" about Trump, to one of the bureau's agents in Rome last Summer.

Steele, who now works for a London-based intelligence firm called Orbis Business Intelligence, passed along reports of sensational - and unverified - accounts of compromising material that the Russian intelligence service had supposedly obtained about Trump during his 2013 stay in Moscow, when he was overseeing the Miss Universe contest. One of the operative's reports, which was published Tuesday night, November 10, by BuzzFeed, reads: "Former top Russian intelligence officer claims FSB [the Russian intelligence service] has compromised TRUMP thorough his activities in Moscow sufficiently to be able to blackmail him".

The credibility of some of those allegations is now in question, after Trump, at a news conference, denounced the claims as completely false, and attacked the news media for circulating them - and the intelligence community for including a two-page summary of the explosive charges in a classified briefing that was given to President Obama, to congressional leaders, and to Trump himself.

Trump said, at his Trump Tower press conference, on Wednesday, November 11: "It's all fake news. It's phony stuff. It didn't happen. It was gotten by opponents of ours. It was a group of opponents that got together. Sick people, and they got together and put that crap together."

But Still, U.S. officials said the allegations were not easily dismissed, in part because Steele was a known quantity who had produced reliable information about Russia in the past. One U.S. official, who has worked with Steele, said: "He's a meticulous professional, and there are no questions about his integrity. The information he provided me [about Russia] was valuable and useful." A senior law enforcement official declined to talk about the nature of Steele's relationship with the FBI, but the official confirmed that he was known to the FBI, and that the bureau had already obtained copies of his reports months before Sen. John McCain handed FBI Director, James Comey, a dossier of Steele's material in December (So the FBI director knew about this and did nothing all along?).

The controversy isn't letting up, as the CIA reportedly still believes Russia has 'more than one' compromising Donald Trump sex tape. According to the BBC's Washington Correspondent, Paul Wood, active duty CIA officers passed messages on to him saying there was 'more than one tape', 'audio and video', on 'more than one date', in 'more than one place'. They then apparently told him the 'kompromat' - compromising material - was 'of a sexual nature', and took place in the Ritz-Carlton in Moscow and also in St Petersburg. Amongst other claims, it also made the (unverified) allegation that Trump had hired prostitutes to perform a golden shower show on the bed in the Moscow Ritz-Carlton's Presidential Suite, because he knew the Obamas had previously stayed in it. According to the memo, the hotel room was allegedly bugged by Russian spy agency FSB, with covert audio and video recording equipment capturing the entire thing. The explosive dossier, which was handed to the FBI by former Republican presidential candidate, Sen. John McCain, was reportedly compiled by a former MI6 agent. However, Wood also writes that the British agent 'is not the only source for the claim about Russian kompromat on the president-elect'. 'Back in August [2016],' he continues, 'a retired spy told me he had been informed of its existence by "the head of an East European intelligence agency".

The Week, writing that the FBI might have sat on the Trump dossier, because they were distracted by Clinton's emails, noted that what began as opposition research became a potential national security concern last summer, when a counter-intelligence official hired to dig up dirt on President-elect, Donald Trump, stumbled onto the alarming, but unverified, allegations that Russia has material it can use to blackmail Trump. The counter-intelligence contractor handed the information over to his former colleagues at the FBI - but the organization reportedly sat on the tip because it was distracted by newly-discovered Hillary Clinton emails. As summer turned to autumn, the investigator was asked for more information by the FBI but heard nothing back about any investigation. The bureau seemed obsessed instead with classified material that flowed through a private email server set up by Clinton's aides. The FBI's director, James Comey, threw the election into a spin, 11 days before the vote, by announcing his investigators were examining newly discovered material.

But, is Russia holding compromising information about Donald Trump, as was released by media agencies? The release and subsequent furore, according to IBT, prompted Trump to confront certain media agencies in a press conference, on Wednesday, January 11, accusing them of being "fake news". The Paper then quoted a former British Ambassador to Moscow, Sir Andrew, of saying that he thought the possibility of Russia having compromising material against Trump was "logical", and that he informed Senator McCain previously that "Mr. Trump may find himself in a position where there could be an attempt to blackmail him with [compromising material] and claims that there were audio and video tapes in existence. My view is that these are serious matters, and that they should be investigated".

Trump has denied everything, and has accused the Democrats and Republicans of plotting against him. But who should believe and trust him, when lying is one of his trademarks? Trump loves women; he gropes them, he frolics with them, he sees them as objects for sexual pleasure, and can do anything when it comes to women. Don't forget that his former wife accused him of raping her, while they were still married. According to CNBC, Trump, in his latest tweets, has hit out at his opponents. And it is political opponents from all sides, as well as the security services that are in his line of fire. He's again dismissing as fake a document alleging Russia has damaging information about him. Trump tweeted Friday morning, November 13, that the dossier includes "totally made up facts by sleazebag political operatives, both Democrats and Republicans - FAKE NEWS!" He added: "Russia says nothing exists," and that the allegations will never be proved. Trump also said Democrats shouldn't be "complaining" about the FBI's handling of Hillary Clinton because she is "guilty as hell" and shouldn't have been allowed to run for president in the first place.

If the allegations turn out to be true, then everything will fall into place (become clearer). It then means that after Trump won the GOP nomination, and Putin of Russia, knowing that he has lascivious materials to blackmail Donald Trump, worked hard to make sure he was elected, so that he can use him to bring America to its knees, but unfortunately, the American intelligence agencies didn't see the handwriting on the wall, or did play politics with such a serious national security threat. Putin is power drunk, and wants to put Russia back on top as the most powerful nation in the world. Just like during the cold war era, anything that will diminish America politically or militarily, will be an advantage for Russia (During the cold war, Russia, the former Soviet Union, operated socialism and hated capitalism operated by the west, and vowed to bring the western system down)

I pity the United States; I might be ready to forgive the voters who voted for Trump, on November 8, despite his shortcomings, for their ignorance, and for being crass politically undiscerning folks; but the worst culprits here might be the 538 Electoral College voters, some of whom promised fire and brimstone, on December 19, when they congregated to rubber stamp Trump's victory, but failed to deliver in stopping Trump from getting elected.

Hillary Clinton might have been a "bad" candidate, but, knowing what we now know, it would have been better to put her in the White House, than the scandalous Donald Trump, and now is just the beginning, as what we are hearing now, if proven, is just the tip of a huge iceberg. Trump, if the allegations are true, might not last as the president. Trump's family might have seen it coming, and who knows if that's not the reason his wife, Melania, doesn't want to relocate to Washington D.C. from New York permanently, knowing that Trump's stay there might be short-lived. Hayley FitzPatrick wrote that "As the future first lady of the United States, she will reportedly split her time between Washington, D.C., and New York City - where her son, Barron, goes to school". Her thinking might have been that there's no need uprooting her son from his school, environment and away from his friends in New York, only for him to return back in a short time, assuming that Trump would be impeached. I hope my premonition misses here.

To be continued!






Continued from Part 11