Monday, April 15, 2024
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Molfetta, Bari, Italy

ach of us can report to inner our joy
Yet, only a few are aware of self-love.
Why don't you love yourself?
Self-love explains the love of self
Inner peace and self-esteem.

Self-love is not selfishness or conceit
It is not boasting or thinking of oneself
Or putting oneself above all others
In self-love, you can share, reach out
Give and receive from others.

Have confidence in yourself
And increase your self-esteem
You cannot change others to like you
You can change attitude to what happens
Self-love is a daily journey to self.

Self-love is the strength to attain happiness
It is an internal push to fulfil birth promise
Listen to the urge that whispers from inside you
Self-love can be more rewarding and satisfying.

In self-love, your self-image is high
In self-love, your self-esteem is high
Your real self is given in love for love
Love and accept yourself as you are
As only you can declare your admiration.

Share with yourself
How you care for yourself
Express your tender joy for all
That you mean to yourself
Spend much time in self-dialogue
As you would do with others
Self-love will enable you to share
Loving thoughts with yourself.

Self-love is unconditional feeling
Of love for you and yourself
No matter what happens
Always try to love yourself
With the same strength
Control of your inner voice

Look at yourself without judgement
With self-love you can cherish another
Self-love begets a happy life
Don't wait for others to explore
Express your true feelings and desires
In self-love you treat self like a child.