ChangeUP Tonic

Gbenga OwotokiTuesday, December 29, 2015
Florida, USA




get most of my inspiration very early in the morning. I am able to write and enjoy a sweet moment of fellowship with the Lord. A couple of mornings ago as I woke up I heard the Lord spoke to my ears "PASSWORD." This is familiar because a few days earlier I was trying to access an account but somehow I could not because for some reason I'd forgotten the exact configuration of my password. The trial and error game started but after 3 attempts I was locked out completely. Now, this is an account I have had access to in the recent past. God is the all wise God, as it has been our custom in fellowship, the Lord drew my attention back to that incident that happened a few days ago and said "I wanted to use that experience to teach you a lesson." And this is it: "If you don't have the code you don't have it. No trial and error can grant you access to the endless riches in me. You may have the password before. You might have used it to gain access before but once you lose it, that is it! There are bounties in my treasure chest but because my people have either lost their passwords or missed the configuration, they have been denied access to these treasures. In fact, these treasures are inexhaustible but since many have lost their codes, these treasures remain unclaimed." Dear friends, without the password we cannot have access. Sin has corrupted many passwords. It has denied us access into the treasure chest. The enemy is on the prowl looking for means to hack into the treasure chest because the 'real owners' have lingered for so long. They have misplaced the 'code' given to them by the Lord. Our God is good and faithful. He is the God of second chance. He said He will be renewing and releasing PASSWORDS that will unlock the TREASURE Chest in 2016 to His people. We must make due diligence not to allow the enemy usurp that which has been given to us. We must make amends. The Bounties are there for us but as it is, if you don't have the password you don't have it. Trial and error will even make things worse. Seek Him in the place of prayer and He will visit bringing the PASSWORD with Him.

No one can put a limit to what you can become. It is only God that have that prerogative and the last time I checked, His thought and plan concerning your life is that of peace with a glorious future. His wish for your life is that you prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers. And don't forget that God can do exceeding abundantly above whatever we ask or think -but remember the caveat to this is- according to the power that works within us. The extent to which you can prosper in God is tied to the depth of God's Power that works within you. There is so much to enjoy in God. Don't allow any man to limit your flow whether through their words, actions and inactions. And if you think a ceiling has been placed over you, you can break through that ceiling and reach for the stars. You will get there. Wishing you a blessed and prosperous 2016